• Yes they should

    The War on Drugs has been a miserable failure, as entire nations are now recognizing. Uruguay, Washington and Colorado are just the beginning, soon more jurisdictions will legalize marijuana and others will go forward and decriminalize harder drugs, as we should be doing right now. Prohibition just doesn't work ever.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    Although I don't use illegal drugs myself I believe that if they where made legal It would mean quality controlled drugs that could be sold at pharmacies, it could be taxed to raise revenue, it would mean an end to the drug barons, it would significantly reduce crime as users would not need to go a commit crimes to pay for their habit, it would mean reduced deaths because drugs would be pure and not mixed with things like baby milk powder and talcum powder, it would also mean reduce health spending and reduce costs to the justice system, its a radical solution but one that would be a win win situation.

  • With the Right Regulatory Scheme

    Even with the most dangerous drugs it would be better to allow but limit it to licensed locations where professionals who understand the way the mind works on drugs are able to babysit the people while they take drugs. Leaving it illegal means people go out and find them anyways and then there's no way to restrain them if they freak out, no way of controlling dosage and purity and no way to administer an antidote if they overdose.

  • Decriminalized, yes.

    I am not certain if I believe all drugs should be completely legal, however. Certain drugs, such as heroin, are so inherently dangerous that every step must be taken to combat their use in society. Does this mean that when police catch someone using or selling heroin that they should send them to jail? Absolutely not. We need to have a system in place where people who are caught abusing truly dangerous drugs are given the assistance they need to break their habits and get their lives back on track. Other drugs, however, such as marijuana, LSD, mushrooms, ecstasy, etc., should be decriminalized, legalized, and regulated. These drugs, when manufactured correctly, are relatively safe (at least when compared with alcohol and tobacco). They are only dangerous when they are not regulated. When they are not regulated and you are buying them from some random guy on the street, you have no idea exactly what you are ingesting in terms of strength and substance. People are going to do these drugs regardless, and considering that they are relatively harmless, we should try to make them as safe as possible, and try to keep nonviolent offenders out of jail and off the taxpayer’s payroll.

  • Yes

    The question we should be asking is not, "Are certain drugs bad?" We already know the answer is yes. The important question is, "Is the prosecution, long-term incarceration, and denial of certain civil liberties and employment opportunities for the consumption or sale of drug a good idea?" Based on the success of countries, such as Portugal, that decriminalized drugs and treat addiction as a social issue, I say yes, we should decriminalize.

  • Crimilized for taking drugs recreationally

    So drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes (proven to kill you) is ok but taking mdma at the weekends makes you a criminal. Legalise it, tax it and get rid of the worldwide gangs and killing crime. Allow citizens to take pure drugs and educate them on how to not abuse. Too many youngsters dying at the moment as market os flooded with unpure drugs. Taking drugs recreationalyl is a culture, its fun. People have done it for ever... Drug policies dating from 1971 needs reviewing. Money taken for taxing drugs can be used to help people with serious addictions to opiod drugs.

  • They did it in portugal and it decreased ods by a lot, and deaths.

    Lsd and ecstasy can treat ptsd nd depression. Nd shrooms is safer thn weed. The most dangerous drug is alcohol which is worse than heroin. And ibogaine, a drug tht can treat heroin addicts, are illegal... Like what?? Also drugs are rooted in racism. From the white house ''We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities," Ehrlichman said. "We could arrest their leaders. Raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did."

  • Drugs are not inherently bad.

    The Federal government of the United States views marijuana as a substance that has no medicinal value whatsoever. This is clearly, CLEARLY, not the case. LSD is also a schedule 1 controlled substance, but LSD, or acid, has not been the sole reason for anybody's death. The amount of LSD that would be necessary for a human to lethally overdose is ridiculous when compared to it's active dosage. People who have reportedly overdosed on "LSD" most certainly did not. What happened, then, if LSD is not the culprit? 'Bunk Acid' is what happened. Due to the difficulty and risks involved with producing legitimate LSD, street dealers have turned their eyes towards chemicals that produce similar effects, but are much, much more unstable. It is those chemicals that people have died taking. They probably didn't know that it wasn't real LSD, and their friends didn't know either. Why didn't they know? That's simple, it's because LSD is more expensive than the chemicals they're actually paying for. So what do they say to the doctors when their friend is in the process of dying due to unstable research chemicals? They say that they were taking LSD, and nobody questions if LSD was actually the chemical that was ingested. Situations similar to this are common among psychedelic substances, and putting people in prison cells for providing chemicals that might cause a minimal amount, if any amount, of bodily harm is a waste of the American tax dollar, and it fills prison cells with people who were not only not endangering other citizens, they were also not endangering themselves. It is absolutely and completely ridiculous that the government continues to ignore the fact that a lot of the drugs they've made illegal cause less harm than alcohol, even when you combine a lot of them. It is sad, and it is pathetic.

  • There's a difference between decriminalizing all drugs and making all drugs legal

    We need to stop being blind to the real issue, and thats the addiction aspect. We need to educate non users about the dangers and harm drugs can do, but we also need to help those with their respective addictions rather than sending them to jail and ruining their chance for a new life. I also believe we should have the ability to choose what we put in our own body. Not some government officials that know nothing about the average man, and only focus on making money. We need to bring awareness to this issue, because the way we're going about this is all wrong.

  • Keep it controlled

    Decriminalization does not mean the legalization of these drugs, it means they are regulated yet still made available to anyone who wants them. If you make the laws, so that these substances can be used in a safe controlled environment and not in public it only becomes as dangerous as alcohol. It would reduce gang violence over drug warfare, it reduces the black market trade of drugs, it reduces violence caused by public drug use. Change the laws not to focus on the drugs themselves but the way they are used.

  • No they should not, it would be social suicide.

    Hell no, I AIENT letting these mofos roam my world cause all they do is cause harm to people. As well as that, they lead the world to be dependant on them once used as medication. Most would use drugs for bad uses, not medical purposes anyway. Drugs increase crime and death rates. Therefore it should NOT be decriminalized 👎🏼

  • No, but I do believe the legal process needs to change.

    US law is largely left to the context of a situation, which is why police have discretion. Which is why I believe that drugs users caught by police should be sent to low security centers to help they kick their habit. On the other hand though I believe we should continue to prosecute those who sell the drugs and are apart of the dangerous hard drug culture (gang members, drugs lords) in law. The hard drug culture isn't going to stop simply because its not legal anymore, your just making it 10 times easier for those selling these drugs. I believe regulating it is just stupid unless helping to wean drugs user off of drugs. Otherwise you are just enabling drug use, maybe people don't realize this but these drugs literally destroy peoples lives! They have no place in a supposedly intelligent and progressive country.

  • No, not all of them.

    Legal drugs and illegal drugs are not treated them same for a reason. It is because no drug can be treated like another. Decriminalizing all illegal drugs would not be right because some do not need to be. If a state wants to legalize marijuana, they shouldn't also legalize cocaine just because it is illegal at the time.

  • No, not all

    Some should be decriminalized, of course. However, fully decriminalizing all of them in a blanket statement would be the wrong way to go about the issue. There are certain drugs that cause too many problems. Still, it would be good for others to be legal so they can be better regulated.

  • No they should not, it would be social suicide.

    Hell no, I AIENT letting these mofos roam my world cause all they do is cause harm to people. As well as that, they lead the world to be dependant on them once used as medication. Most would use drugs for bad uses, not medical purposes anyway. Drugs increase crime and death rates. Therefore it should NOT be decriminalized 👎🏼

  • No. They should never be. It supports the misuse of drugs.

    Drugs shouldn't be decriminalized as its like the government is support the use of drugs, educating children at school to say no to drugs but decriminalizing them as well? What are you trying to do? Drugs will be even easier to gain access to, which means it's easier to be misused. It's as if, everywhere will be a drug haven, imagine going to a chemist and saying "Hey could I get a dose of cocaine?" And actually receiving it. This is pure stupidity.
    People might think this will stop the drug war, that drug suppliers and dealers will be put out of business because the governments themselves are supplying it. However, this just means these drug dealers will go on and find another thing in the underground, black market to do. Selling illegal firearms, human trafficking — these dealers may turn to any of these things. Which could ruin more lives than drugs do.
    And dealers have been put into jail for selling drugs, is the government simply going to let thousands of drug dealers go and roam the streets in freedom? I mean, you're basically making taking drugs legal, what the hell are you going to do about people in prison who are are there because they sold drugs? Th government is decriminalizing drugs.
    They have sent people to jail for supplying drugs, robbing them from multiple years in their life or their entire lifetime.
    Decriminalizing drugs is stupid, and will only further cause more problems.

  • NO PLease no...

    The problems society already faces due to drugs already illegal will cause more problems such as homeless, unemployment, high-school drop outs and murder will worsen if we legalise drugs. What kind of society would want that. IT’S PREPOSTEROUS how million of young and old lives are ruined every year creates a generation of homeless and reckless individuals that don’t even realise their problems. About 3.9 percent of the world’s population suffer from drug addiction, these people are 15 to 65 year of age. Even some people believe in an unconventional culture such as the term ‘yolo’, but it does not mean they should be wasting their lives at 15 years of age whilst breaking the law. And if we simply legalise all illegal drugs, the trade would increase and eventually the whole world will be using drugs.

  • No they should not be.

    Coming from a personal prospective, I have watched close friends become highly addicted to drugs. Yes, some drugs like cannabis srooms, etc. could be decriminalized, but lets be honest, those are considered the surface of the iceberg. I've seen harder drugs take over an individuals life, causing countless amounts of dollars spent. And ON WHAT?? In addiction that may or may not be killing the individual? I don't believe it is logical for all drugs to be decriminalized based on the many different levels of drugs there are.

  • People who want no decriminalization are making erros think of the future not the general purpose.

    Their is licencing that is involved this is only for the licenced of those who are sick. So why just the general oh people are sick they need it to ease the pain that's not their excuse they show a licence first. How would the future look death rates 49%

  • The Dangers of Drug use

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