• The human race

    We are a human race no matter what and it’s wrong how the world lives and how corrupt people are and we should be able to live peacefully and happy the world isn’t fair but we can at least try to be fair amongst are brothers and sisters and unite

  • Yes!! Ee e

    Then everyone will be happy because no more wars but you need a good government to hold people so i think CAILLOU could be dictator-- i mean president of the earth! Then he could eat john cena and grow buff mustaches and fart bald heads lololo imagine what a fun world we live in!

  • Yes it's likely

    Yes o bye to me that I don't think I might have been the same as a result of the day before the end of the year and the other hand is not an option for a long time to go back and forth between the government has been the most important and the other hand is not an easy way to get my hair is so cute and funny and I don't know what you want to go to sleep in the morning to all my life and the rest of the day before I have a great way of life in prison.

  • Of course yea!

    We are all friggin humans and earth is our planet! I don't get it, British saying Africans are disgusting ( and vice-versa) , Indians saying Europeans are disgusting, Russians saying Americans are disgusting.
    Even other species of animals don't do this! Just unite everybody and every country, there will be much more progress in the world....

  • Think Of Your Kids Kids Kids future kids.

    Think of all man has dont and think of what man has not done. Think of how man has constant war homeless people and food shortage. Think of man venturing into space and meeting another species. Think of man makeing important scientific discoveries and not sharing them with the rest of their species. Think of the end of man. The end of man is something many people simply think "must happen" because a god they believe in said so. They submit themselves to slavery to being a mindless drone simply living their lives by a book thousands of years old not thinking of the consequences their actions have on the man of tomorrow or how the world will be when they are gone. Some people simply dont consider the question out of cowardice, fright, and most of the time pure ignorance. Whilst it isnt the way were heading it is the only way for the human species to survive as a whole into the future. The problem is you cant unite all countries peacefully it would take years and years of getting your allies and large military powers to join youre country and many rules/laws changed as well as uniting under a single flag not made by any one country but a representation of the species. Once you have the most powerful countries with you make sure you have laws in place to preserve the environment and expand scientifically. Then ask smaller countries to join you offer them things acceptable. If they do not accept the options are destroy or conquer. It is either unite the world or die as a species

  • It is Inevitable

    All nations will unite into a global government in the distant future. We can already see the aggregation of independent countries in institutions like the EU. Consider this, 2100 years ago humans were experimenting with the social institution of democracy in Greece. At this rate 2000 years later we will have made leaps and strides in areas of governance. Globalization, growth of global finance, growing interdependence on foreign economies will lead to the need to have a strong central authority in place. However such an institution will only gain real power in case of extreme situations which threaten human existence and mandate a global response.

  • It’s a plausible Idea but No

    It might be beneficial for peace but it would need something you can’t just unite people of different cultures, globalization of English is very beneficial to uniting but the government would HAVE to resemble the United States government, which is a very perfected system, the solution would be a National Representative Monarchial Republic, agree with me there is no way that the entire world could unite peacefully it would need military intervention by a conqueror and it would be fair for him to be a constitutional monarch though holding no power his job would be to be a national figure, you would also need to give ALL nations representation which would be at least more than the countries today, nation-states would mostly stay the same, but would this happen... No very unlikely.

  • Cultural Identitiy matters

    No We need all nations to unite full force to destroy India, Mexico, Cuba, North Korea, Africa, and the Middle East. We've got USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Russian, China, South Korea, Japan, Austrlia, NZ, PHillipines, and Israel on one side, destroying inferior races. See, Russians and Maoris don't mix, Chinese, and Ghanians don't mix, and Swedish and Mexican don't mix.

  • To much power to abuse.

    First of all, there is NO WAY all nations will peacefully come together. People are too diverse and too culturally and religiously divided to ever come together and unite as one. I know this sounds antagonistic, but this is reality. I wish everyone would come together and live peacefully, but there will always be hard headed people. There is also another side to this coin. Let's say we do all unite. What happens if the ruling class decides freedom, as we know it, is no longer in "our best interest"? What will happen then? There is no other nation to run to. I could go on and on, however, in conclusion, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Seems pretty unlikely.

    I don't think that's the direction we're heading. The EU is not really popular in many of the member countries and they haven't figured out how to make a multi-national federation of states democratic. Every chance they get, citizens vote against the EU - and it's rarely about the specific issue they're voting on, they just feel they don't often get a chance to express their feelings about it. Countries are dividing pretty quickly. Kosovo. Montenegro. South Sudan. There are separatist movements in nearly every country on earth. I would love for a reconfiguration of the idea of state so that it's not based on ethnicity. But we don't seem to be moving in that direction.

    I'm also not sure a one state solution would be good. Even a multinational state faces huge challenges. Yugoslavia fell apart after Tito because nobody else was able to maintain that delicate balance. The most dominant groups would dominate politics. Austria-Hungary had to go to a dual state system to avoid falling apart and even then was plagued by mistreated minorities until it did finally collapse. I think it couldn't work on such a large scale. I believe in creating a civic rather than national identity and believe that we should have multinational countries - but on such a huge scale, I think it would be very dangerous. Too much potential for abuse, too little potential for adequate representation.

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Tomjackson4562 says2014-12-10T22:04:26.687
Why not, imagine technology if we all put our brains together, the thing is humanity just cant get along :(