• Yes, Norman Doors cause problems.

    Norman doors cause problems and replacing them with better models would improve safely and might reduce accidents. They should be phased out in favor of better designed doors in order to help reduce the cost, because replacing them all at one would be rediculously expensive and might not have as much of an impact.

  • Doors should not be confusing

    Norman doors which are poorly designed and confusing can lead to accidents and occasionally injuries. If a door really needs printed instructions before we understand how to use it, then it should be replaced. Also, if the door's usability signals conflict with printed instructions, it should be replaced. No reason for confusion in entrances and exits.

  • No one has time to figure out how to open a door.

    Norman doors are ambiguous, people get confused whether they should pull or push to open the door. I think as human beings, we've evolved to the point where we can design a door that can be easily opened by everyone. It's time for these confusing Norman doors to be changed.

  • No, they are just fine.

    Norman doors are perfectly designed to give a stylish look that complements the structural design of any entrance. The designed should be maintained for the longest time possible. The only substitute of the Norman door is the wooden framed doors and it can not beat the Norman because of it is durable.

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