• Yes, everyone deserves it.

    Everyone deserves to have children, people deserve the right to look over at their future self when they wake up in the morning, we deserve the right to know that we have made a normal body production successfully, we deserve to know that ourselves and most likely the one we love have made the future, that we have provided for our future. Why shouldn't we be allowed to have a child? Yeah maybe some people might be quite immature at times but why should that stand in the way of us ladies and gentlemen that are the complete opposite of those immature kids? It has been said y many people and parents included that no matter how much of a struggle children can be, they are always a source of support and happiness for adults. Children can show us what we need to improve on as parents, they show us what were doing wrong and what we do right. Everyone deserves a child and to become a parent.

  • Yes, but some people aren't mature enough.

    While I would normally lean towards no since there are so many parents who endanger their kids and abuse them, regulating which people have children and which don't is basically a eugenics program (like when the US sterilized many African-American women against their will and is now compensating the families with $50,000). People should be able to choose whether or not they want children (and should be provided the options to prevent/terminate a pregnancy if not mentally/financially prepared to raise a child).

  • All people should have the right to be parents.

    All people should have the right to be parents because it is a natural part of life. A government that does not let someone be a mother or father is being barbaric and unnatural. Often, people have children without planning because this is a natural occurrence. Everyone should have the right to reproduce.

  • Free Will in America

    Everyone has the right to be parents unless they break the law. Clearly, people in jail for life don't have rights whatsoever and won't be procreating. Child molesters and sex offenders should have limited rights. But in general, everyone in America has the right to be a parent either biologically or otherwise.

  • Maybe

    I think that's kind of hard because yes everyone should get at least a good chance to be a good parent. But people that have mental illnesses such as schizophrenia may not be fit to be a parent and no amount of trying could change that because they're not right in the head whether they're on medication or not. If the person is normal and maybe had a bad past, they should still get a chance.

  • Yes, parenting should be left to the individual

    Becoming a parent is an extremely personal decision that should be left to an individual. Who are we to try to determine who can and can not have kids? If anyone were to ever have this power it could destroy society and be used to discriminate against others. It goes against nature to restrict the right to have a child.

  • Yes

    All people should be born with the same rights as everyone else, not one person is more important or deserves more than the next. Who is capable of determining which people have the right to be a parent and which ones do not? I am not sure there is anyone that can make that decision so while there are some people who really shouldn't have kids, it is not our place to judge someone and tell them they can't.

    Posted by: jus
  • Not everyone deserves to be parents

    I think the majority of people should be allowed to be parents unless they have a history of being drug addicts or heavy alcoholics or being in jail. Anything other than that is fine. Some people may have a genetic disability and it would cruel to give that to someone else. Some people may abuse their kid.

  • Not everyone should be given that right.

    I am not saying that I can be a great one and you cannot but what I am trying to say is that the upbringing of the child depends on the parents. If a person's daily life is among drugs, liquor, cigarettes and prostitutes whether it is a man or a woman it is preferable to get the parent thing out of the picture. You cannot nurture a child if you yourself need nurturing. There are a lot of parents who are totally worth it but others who are so deep in sun shit that they should be given capital punishment for what they are doing to their kids.

  • Not everyone should be a parent

    Alright alot of you on the yes side are saying it is inhuman to not let someone have kids now what is more unhuman? Not letting someone have kids because that child can be in danger or have a very hard and painful life or not letting someone have children so no one gets hurt? And I am not saying that everyone shouldn't be allowed to have kids in saying that I think that our country our government should start checking people before they have children so we decrease the risk of child abuse, foster children , crimes (kids who grow up in a hard childhood are much more likely to commit crimes when they get older), and even decrees the risk of suicides. In the end yes I believe not everyone should be a parent.

  • Neglecting their resposibility

    People who have babies and then not wanting to take care of them and push their responsibility onto someone else to take care of the babies needs is not right. Babies need care 24-7 and if you feel that this is something that you are incapable of doing, than you have no business having a child.

  • Neglecting their resposibility

    People who have babies and then not wanting to take care of them and push their responsibility onto someone else to take care of the babies needs is not right. Babies need care 24-7 and if you feel that this is something that you are incapable of doing, than you have no business having a child.

  • Basically bare gyal skets dese days

    Deres bare skets about init dem cyahh have a child man cah obvs lyk dey cant look after da likkle baby init an it jus aint fair on da child cah obvs it needs its mums breast milk but her tits are flat irs bare deep on them bruv kmt

  • Not if you don't want it or need it

    If you don't want to have kids then don't
    If you want to have kids then have kids
    It's really as simple as that, so long as you and whoever you're raising the kid with have had some thought over it.
    So really, it's all your choice, something you pick.

  • Definitely not, duh

    The people who want the child may not be adequate to care for the child, they may not have sufficient money to care for the child. The people may be child abusers, which would make it unfair for the child. Also, the people who want the child could be paedophile.

  • No Not Everyone should be allowed to be a parent

    This is a difficult topic to talk about because its hard to say that I believe not everyone should be allowed to be a parent without violating basic human rights and equality. Taking away a persons right to be a mother or father is immoral and wrong, right? But, is it not immoral to just allow someone to have a child just to use them as a little slave in the house or to take out your anger on or use as an emotional blanket? Some people are not emotionally stable, and they should not be allowed to raise children who aren't able to help themselves. These children, depending on their sensitivity or will may grow up to lead horrible lives full of pain and anger because they never had the real support or guidance of a parent. Unstable, broken homes and bad childhoods are what make a lot of criminals. Every child should have the right to a good parents and a healthy family, but thats not possible because some people who shouldn't have children are having children, and a lot of the time not even just one or two they could be ruining 5 people before they even got the chance to be people, and whats moral about that? Whats okay about letting that go on? However going about this issue is an issue in itself? How would we determine whether someone is mentally able to be a parent? Some people are really good at hiding their bad sides, some are narcissist who don't even realize they waver from the path of perfection. And, yes there are child protection agencies that are to investigate households and determine whether or not it is suitable for children, but most of the time the children are to afraid to say anything or to mentally damaged or brainwashed to worship their parent and think they're the problem, and there are even times where they come to investigate but are swayed by the parents themselves. So , that doesn't seem very effective. Just because anyone can have a kid, doesn't mean they should.

  • No, but how to enforce that?

    Couples that can't provide a decent level of emotional stability should not have kids. They're popping out kids that are bound to be abused and even worse are going to perpetuate that behaviour and probably pass it on to their kids. However there'd be no way to enforce that except under a totalitarian regime. Public campaigns might help I guess.

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