• I think schools should have a dress code

    It should because it can lower the bullying percentage down and kids wont get talked about or messed with because of their clothes.... I think it would also prevent girls from having ripped jeans or ripped shirts... Also the girls wont come to school with heels on or grown up things on...

  • Yes every school needs a dress code

    Schools need dress codes the same as any other public place needs a dress code. If you don't have a code students could show up with whatever they want. Too many students would wear indecent clothing that can take away from learning. No dress code would only lead to disaster.

  • Yes they should.

    I don't think the dress codes should be super strict, but there should be some code in place. Students shouldn't be allowed to wear shirts with cuss words or sexually explicit images. They should wear skirts up to their crotch, etc... I think those types of things should not be allowed in school.

  • They Probably All Do

    I believe all schools probably have some sort of dress code in place, already. Some dress codes may be simpler or less limiting then others, while some may implement uniforms. I think this has become necessary because students constantly feel the need to experiment and try new things. I also think this in necessary because students can't always clothe themselves appropriately.

  • Yes, professionalism is important.

    Yes, all schools should have dress clothes, because students should not have to deal with other students dressing in an offensive manner, or of not looking appropriate and ready to learn. Students also have one less thing to think about if there are rules for how they should dress. Students should dress professionally so they are ready to learn.

  • How about the opposite?

    Rather than all schools having dress codes, or some schools, how about no schools have dress codes? Dress codes and uniforms violate a person's inherent right to self-expression, and there's nothing about expressing yourself in an educational setting that somehow devalues schooling. If anything, it promotes the diversity and individualism that we should strive for as a society.

  • Public schools, no.

    This is a question that I think will continue to get tossed around for years to come; however, when it comes to public schools have a specific dress code, such as a uniform, I do not think that is necessary. Students in public schools should have more freedom when it comes to dressing.

  • Ummmmm, Heck no!

    No way! Schools are always telling us that we have the right to express ourselves and making us wear uniform is just contradicting yourself. And whatever happened to freedom of expression? Also, whats the point of making us go out and buy a whole new wardrobe that we can only wear at school? Bottom line, making us wear uniform is downright unfair and stupid.

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