Should all schools provide students with music and art education?

  • It's a waste of time

    Because music is boring and it's a waste of time and energy. So we should not have music class. Music needs to be gone because we need more time for other classes. Music class takes a way time for other classes like math. I don't think it is important to school and collages.

  • Yes they should be allowed

    The arts help students learn more faster, and it helps children have more focus. And if students are not good, at sports and things like that, they could be good at that. Students can make more friends, by doing the arts in school. The arts also help students express themselves.

  • It helps succeed in high school

    If you take art or music it allows the brain to adapt. By that I mean it physically helps you, it also gives you an opportunity to create beautiful things. Scientists have proved it helps have higher standardized test scores in Math and in English. People who also stay in art or music are more likely not to drop out as well. All in all fine arts is an amazing thing and should be apart of everyone's life.

  • Music and Art should be provided in all schools!

    I believe that the activities music, and art should be provided in all schools because it allows kids to express their ideas! I think that is something that all kids should get an opportunity to do. These programs can also help children realize a talent that they didn't even know that thew had!

  • Helps students express themselves

    They are able to be creative in their own way. Not all students are able to do sports, either they have an injury or are just not able to participate because of their parents work or they don't want them to. Students can express themselves in other ways than in sports. May be able to let energy out if they needed to. Music can make students use their brain more using hand-eye coordination. Sometimes you might get a break with their school curriculum.

  • Art Clubs are good for kids

    Art clubs help kids express themselves in way in ways they cannot without things like a pencil or music. If kid can't express themselves they could become depressed and horrible things could happen to them and the people that are close to them. Also kids need to make friends with the same interests as them, and joining art clubs that they are interested in they will meet others with those same interests.

  • Schools should provide students with education in music.

    Students should have art and music because it lets them come out of their shell and interact with people. If schools didn't have music and art it would be anarchy!!! Without art and music people would loose their sense of imagination and creativity!! People would be boring and dull and be kind creepy.

  • Music and the arts help everything.

    As a young violinist, I know for a fact that music benefits all areas of study. It is proven to raise grades and help disruptive behavior. Yes, it costs money, but instruments do not need to be replaced constantly; therefore they can last forever. If a student has a five-page essay and a concert on the same night, he should know what to do. After a while he should know how to handle these types of situations. Take Venezuela for an example: one of the poorest countries in the world with one of the lowest GPAs ever. The children were skipping school and robbing stores at the age of five. The government came up with the idea of letting kids start music at the age of four in pre-kindergarten for free. They begin by singing and eventually moved up to an instrument, all government funded. Students began attending school because of their interest in music, the crime rate dropped drastically, GPAs skyrocketed, and now they have some of the world's greatest musicians, artists, scientists and professors. Music and the arts seem like a little thing but why don't you take a look at the schools who do drop music from their education? They actually lose money! Student behavior begins to become violent, causing the schools to get less pay and funds; therefore they can't use extra money to help the students. As for schools with music, well, Venezuela is a good enough example. Music gives kids a purpose in life and it keeps them away from bad influences. Music should always be kept in school, no matter what.

  • All schools should give children a chance to learn about music and art.

    I think it's important for kids to learn about music and art. They need a chance to shine and to show others what they've got. Otherwise, how will they learn that they have talent? They should be able to show people what they can do, and inspire others to go and get it! Plus, it's always important to have fun in school amongst all the more stressful subjects like algebra and science.

  • Art should be included in education

    Is the study of art and music important enough to keep within the US educational system? I believe that it is. Schools within the United States have not properly addressed the importance of art and music in education. Many American states have either already gotten rid of their arts programs or will be getting rid of them in the future. This will not only prevent some children from pursuing a rich career in the arts, but also hinder some people’s ability to learn and retain information. The arts have been proven to expand and enrich the mind in ways that math, science, and history cannot. They are languages that all people speak that cut across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers and enhance cultural appreciation and awareness. It is unreasonable to completely get rid of these very important subjects in the educational process.

  • Why people don't like art and music

    A lot of people in my class groan when my teacher says we have art and music. We need more time on life skills like math and spanish. A lot of paper from art ends up in the trash not the recycleing! There is more learning derections than doing art and music!

  • Absolutely, music has been proven to improve brain function.

    There are many studies proving music not only improves brain function, but also improves productivity and mood. Yes there are many classes that students could take to increase their knowledge base. However, music will help students achieve more in other subjects. Without healthy minds, students are limited and won’t reach their full potential. While practicality is good, shouldn’t we set the future generations up to explore new horizons and push beyond the existing boundaries? Without music, would Einstein have proposed the Quantum Theory of Light that led to the invention of television? Do we really want to rob future generations of advancements in Science, because Europeans are speaking 3 languages?

  • Music classes should be cut down

    The quality of music classes is not an extraordinary one and its more of just a free unit for students put in the middle of school timetable. Secondly it takes up a good amount of time where students can actually practice something they need extra support in. Schools should plan something like a support session for all twice a week rather than music.

  • I just do not like it

    When I was a small boy I was molested by a tuba. I took the tuba to court but they let that tuba walk away a free man. Ever since then I have hated arts, and it horrifies me that people could potentialy be required to take these classes, and risk being molested by a tuba also.

  • Wasting the school`s money.

    If a student can get an art and music education from out of school sources, then why do schools need to teach it to students. If a student is really interested then they should be using their free time for that, not in school time wasting the school`s money. It`s that simple.

  • No, I should say, for music and art are lives themselves, no matter what all or any of schools are.

    1 of 3 advantage of art and music education would be actually that these, art including music and others are good and established way to educate people about how to enjoy. Enjoying life, sensations, emotions, effects of the works of other art creators need training, so as not to go into unsustainable (inconvenient, evil) style, but correctly (harmlessly, and hopefully most enjoyably).
    2nd of 3 advantages will be as an occupational training. Think about drummers, painters, poets, and else.
    3rd of 3 will be creativeness development. Art and music areas are quick to find comfortableness than other subject like mathematics. That means people, even in the first stage of learning, acquire the basic level of evaluation skill about what is right and what is wrong. Just think of harmony and cacophony, for example. People know the difference. What is important is the cacophony can be creatively merged into sparks in harmony. Actually art education is mostly about the established methods, but with deep capacity to find total innovations. And the situations are the same in other subject other than art and music, like the beauty of mathematics formula.
    1 of 3 disadvantages of art and music education will be the very fact the systems is in the form of education. Education assumes perfection, mastering, graduation, grading, and often investment. Who can define perfection? Or has ever been able to?
    2 of 3 will be money, while people can just sing and paint, why can it ever be spoken in relation to education fees?
    As for the 3rd of 3 disadvantages, I would append the risk of surrounding people to expect too much out of the art and music education. This expectation can easily grow into greed when combined with money and speculative investment. Too much expectation is actually killing chances of making mistake, being creative, enjoying good wills of the creator of the works.
    Ryousk. Fjii

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  • I'm doing a debate lol

    Art should be discouvered by oneself. Teachers should not force their kids to do art because true art comes from inside. It shouldn't be forced apon students in the form of stressful assignments, it should be discouvered by the student in their own time. Art is also taking precious time that could be used for more useful classes such as math and science. Imagine being a straight A student and getting held back because you couldn't shade properly! In conclusion, art should be optional not nessessary.

  • Music kills peoples gpa

    Some people just don't have time for it.If you have a performance and a huge amount of homework music could take the time needed up with useless education.Also people don't use music i their everyday life.School should focus on subjects that can have an effect on life.These include science,and math.It can also kill peoples gpa,especially on those who are not as skilled at it

  • Music kills peoples gpa

    Some people just don't have time for it.If you have a performance and a huge amount of homework music could take the time needed up with useless education.Also people don't use music i their everyday life.School should focus on subjects that can have an effect on life.These include science,and math.It can also kill peoples gpa,especially on those who are not as skilled at it

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