Should all schools provide students with music and art education?

  • Art Clubs are good for kids

    Art clubs help kids express themselves in way in ways they cannot without things like a pencil or music. If kid can't express themselves they could become depressed and horrible things could happen to them and the people that are close to them. Also kids need to make friends with the same interests as them, and joining art clubs that they are interested in they will meet others with those same interests.

  • Schools should provide students with education in music.

    Students should have art and music because it lets them come out of their shell and interact with people. If schools didn't have music and art it would be anarchy!!! Without art and music people would loose their sense of imagination and creativity!! People would be boring and dull and be kind creepy.

  • Music and the arts help everything.

    As a young violinist, I know for a fact that music benefits all areas of study. It is proven to raise grades and help disruptive behavior. Yes, it costs money, but instruments do not need to be replaced constantly; therefore they can last forever. If a student has a five-page essay and a concert on the same night, he should know what to do. After a while he should know how to handle these types of situations. Take Venezuela for an example: one of the poorest countries in the world with one of the lowest GPAs ever. The children were skipping school and robbing stores at the age of five. The government came up with the idea of letting kids start music at the age of four in pre-kindergarten for free. They begin by singing and eventually moved up to an instrument, all government funded. Students began attending school because of their interest in music, the crime rate dropped drastically, GPAs skyrocketed, and now they have some of the world's greatest musicians, artists, scientists and professors. Music and the arts seem like a little thing but why don't you take a look at the schools who do drop music from their education? They actually lose money! Student behavior begins to become violent, causing the schools to get less pay and funds; therefore they can't use extra money to help the students. As for schools with music, well, Venezuela is a good enough example. Music gives kids a purpose in life and it keeps them away from bad influences. Music should always be kept in school, no matter what.

  • All schools should give children a chance to learn about music and art.

    I think it's important for kids to learn about music and art. They need a chance to shine and to show others what they've got. Otherwise, how will they learn that they have talent? They should be able to show people what they can do, and inspire others to go and get it! Plus, it's always important to have fun in school amongst all the more stressful subjects like algebra and science.

  • Art should be included in education

    Is the study of art and music important enough to keep within the US educational system? I believe that it is. Schools within the United States have not properly addressed the importance of art and music in education. Many American states have either already gotten rid of their arts programs or will be getting rid of them in the future. This will not only prevent some children from pursuing a rich career in the arts, but also hinder some people’s ability to learn and retain information. The arts have been proven to expand and enrich the mind in ways that math, science, and history cannot. They are languages that all people speak that cut across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers and enhance cultural appreciation and awareness. It is unreasonable to completely get rid of these very important subjects in the educational process.

  • Yes, Art and Music Should Be Included

    Yes, all schools should provide students with music and art education. Students should be exposed to art and music classes to give them a well-rounded education. Teachers will also find students who will enjoy and excel in these classes, and could possibly go on to careers in art or music. We should provide children with the broadest education possible, not only to give them a good education, but to give them a variety of subjects to sample – one of them could end up turning into a passion for life.

  • Music and art education help to enrich students

    I believe all schools should provide students with music and art education. These subjects help to enrich a students mind, and brings out potential that may be otherwise missed without it. School is tough enough nowadays with "difficult" subjects, but art and music help to break up a school day and allow students to enjoy themselves and be creative.

  • Art and music are critical to civilization.

    The teaching of art and music in schools is part of a well-rounded education that prepares kids to understand and reflect on society. The humanities serve as a complement to math and science, and these disciplines work together to produce holistic education. Society needs people who can be creative, expressive, and innovative. Some appreciation and encouragement must be provided or else culture will be lost.

  • The arts matter - for a lot of reasons

    Yes, every student should have the opportunity to learn about music and art. These are important parts of culture that all individuals need to understand. Furthermore, they help students understand other subjects, like math and problem solving, better. We know students who are good at music perform better in other areas as well. Finally, many kids enjoy these subjects and they may not enjoy other parts of school. Its important that students have a positive view of education if we want to create lifelong learners.

  • The Arts are Important

    Yes, music and art education are an important part of every education. Studies have been conducted that show that students who participate in music and the arts do better in their other academic classes and are better adjusted socially. The arts are an important part of our world and can be a legitimate career path, so children shouldn't be prevented from exploring that and using their creativity.

  • Too Expensive for the Benefit

    I took art off and on in elementary and junior high. I never learned to draw and knew no one who enjoyed it. If you are an artist, it will be evident and you can receive training outside the public school system. If you have no talent, do something else.

  • We Should Provide Our Youth with Value

    I am of the opinion that art and music, which I don't know anyone who ever failed either class, are a waste of time. If we are going to teach an Art or Music class, shouldn't the grades be fair and the children who aren't skilled at these fields be given poor grades? I believe that our children would greatly benefit from the cutting of such programs as classes. However, I think it would be good for these activities to be provided as an after school extra curricular activity similar to an athletic activity. I think that the addition of foreign languages or legitimate computer programming classes at a young age would help provide our children with more value in the future. In European countries children begin learning their first foreign language at the age of 8 or 9. According to Europa website 58% of students learn 2 OR MORE languages. In a rapidly expanding global economy these children are being provided a basis with which to become more competitive in achieving employment, and better employment. The teaching of art and music is much less appealing to future employers than second languages.Governments across the world are already looking into teaching children how to code in elementary school. Currently some of the most rapidly growing companies are mainly based in computer sciences, and it is one of the fastest growing fields. Teaching children to program will be much more beneficial in the long run than having art and music classes.

  • Waste of time

    It waste our time and we are back in studies .Instead of this if we learn gk it will helpful in our whole life.We can go in kbc and there we will get money and it would be helpful in whole life .So we pay our attention on studies not in this

  • It has no benefit.

    Art and music class contribute nothing to the well being of the student. They are a drain on the economy, they cost far too much to run and what do they get us? They give us a generation of kids who are banking on a music career when they should be counting on a career that actually pays with money and not weed.

  • No, music and art education should not be provided at schools

    Music and art can sometimes get in the way of students educations. When the chorus club is singing at the local mall but the student has a 5 page essay due the next day! Students should focus on their classes that they are required to take and pass. I don't think schools should provide music and art education

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