Should all students be required to participate in community service?

  • We should have to do community service.

    I agree that everyone should do community service because they want to, but it also could help us find our places in the world. Community services aren't just for the less fortunate, they can be helping at a nursing home or animal shelter. When we do community services, we learn strengths, weaknesses, and possible career paths. When I get to college, I want to be that one person who has everything they want to do in their future planned out so they have guaranteed success. I do community services and its helped me learn about me. Who wouldn't want to know that. I know most of it from doing services. You don't just help others, you help yourself too.

  • No, community service should not be a requirement for students.

    It would be good for all students to be encouraged to be involved in their communities and caring for those less fortunate than they are. However, this is something they may already be involved in through their parents or houses of worship. Putting additional pressure on school aged children, in addition to all they already have to do, from school to homework to possible jobs, puts added pressure on them and may make them resent an additional time-consuming activity. While we should all participate in acts of charity, these acts should ideally come from the heart, not from being required to do them.

  • Community Service Should Be Voluntary

    Despite good intentions, any extra curricular activity in school should be entirely voluntary. Community service should come from a place of generosity or empathy. It should not come from a place of involuntary servitude by children. Students should not be any more compelled to perform community service simply because of their age.

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