Should all video games have time restrictions?

Asked by: mrparsons
  • Games are stupid

    They make the children stupid and mindless !!!!
    When kids play them everyday they forget about everything around them and their familly, plus they get blind from sitting there at the games eberyday. I mean seriously video games? To me video games should have restrictoins because the children who play the games everyday get stupid and dumb and wont make it through school too. So i say YES!!!!

  • Games rot brains

    Unbelievably, in the last five years, multiple clinics and specialist services have been set up solely for the purpose of helping those with game addiction. This is a sad state of affairs for our community that would be solved by restrictions on time in games. Eamon Austere, gaming psychology expert, proved last year in his study of 2056 teenage children that 68% were regularly gaming for 40+ hours per week. "Children simply cannot function as a learner and normal citizen in their everyday life under the conditions of so much gaming," Austere explains. "We are creating a generation of zombie-like children who live in a different world as if the Matrix were reality."

  • Definitely not !

    If your reading this you should understand its not about limiting video games. The reason you shouldn't is because kids need freedom. Adults are always the boss. You don't want your parents coming in being like GET OFF THE TV!!! We need our own free time just to be kids!

  • I don't think that all video games should have time limits.

    What if you are playing an exercise game, like Just Dance. A time restriction comes and then your workout is over. Another reason is the parents should limit their kids or the person who is playing should know their limit. This is the reason why video games shouldn't have time limits.

  • It is your choice what you do with your life.

    It is bad for you in some ways for too long, sure, but that being said, time restrictions on ALL games would just frustrate people. And some people have gaming as a job (like on youtube and so on) so no, I think leave people to be responsible for their own lives, they are adults. If you are not an adult, then your guardian should monitor what they think is a good amount of time to play.

  • People will attempt to ban anything which does not coincide with their "virtues".

    There is one instance where a restriction should be placed upon a person, when they are violating three principals: Violating one's life, liberty, or property. However, video games are not actually as harmful as people make them out to be- as long as it is not a downright addiction. A nice RPG is quite similar to a book- a book which the player manipulates to their will, following the parameters which the game offers. It would be foolish to assume all video games noneducational; in fact, most offer a sense of an educational experience, even if not always apparent.

    I am not exactly inclined to restrict humanity. After all, restriction is what suppresses innovation. Even in a virtual reality, creative complexion remains apparent. Try not to contain such a flame, else it will extinguish.

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