• Votes Should Always be Counted

    I think it has come to light to everyone that the voting system in America is rigged and often unfair or unclear. All voted should be counted, and the media should have nothing to do with the process. Their only responsibility should be sharing the results- not influencing them. Every vote should be counted, and everyone's vote should hold the same weight.

  • That is democracy!

    All votes should count. It is a foundation of the American democracy, and the media projection is merely a competition between outlets to report the news first. Every person who takes the time to vote should know that their vote is counted. The media doesn't choose our leaders, the people do.

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    According to the Chicago Daily Tribune on December 3rd 1948. See, at the time, it took longer to print the newspaper so in order to report the election results first and on time for the readers that morning, they had to go with what they felt was going to be fact. Problem is, by the time the final results were in, the paper was already in print.
    Why is this relevant? Because, even tho the media claimed a winner, that does not mean they just stop counting votes. The media just wants to be the first to report results so they make assumptions based on what they know so far and go with it. I would guess that most of the time, they are right but obviously, as the Tribune demonstrates, they are wrong.

  • It's not over until they are all counted

    All votes are counted, whether the media has called a race or not. The media has a complicated algorithm to decide whether a candidate has won without all the votes being counted, but that does not mean they stop counting at that point. With a large enough margin, the media simply knows who will win.

  • Yes, that's ridiculous and undemocratic.

    How can we pretend to have a democracy where "every vote counts" if that just isn't true and some votes are literally not even counted? What motivation is there for someone to vote if their vote might not even be counted? People are already largely uninterested in voting in the United States, as evidenced by the consistently low voting numbers. The news that some votes go uncounted will not help this.

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