• Zoos must Go

    Zoos should be banned because all animals should be left to live freely in their own environment. Many animals in the zoos die from sicknesses caused by the unsuitable climate, use of drugs and sedatives, unfamiliar parasites and also contact with humans.
    Alot of people think that zoos are good because they help repopulate etc/. But did u ever think. That the only reason why we need to repopulate some species, was because of poaching
    All animals should live freely in their own environment and not be restrained by human barriers.

  • I think zoos are bad

    How would you like if you are in a cage with a bunch of people watching you. I wouldn't like it. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want that. Also zoos sell older animals to laboratories that experiment on them and they also sell animals to game farms that pay to kill them.

  • Yes they should be closed

    I say yes. The zoos should be closed the animals are being held captive and it is not fair for them. Yes it may help us with diseases but we should keep them in a small facility that holds 2 to 6 test subjects at a time and after a year or two the subjects would go back in the wild and then they would get more subjects. That is what I think of this debate

  • Zoos are horrible!!!

    Zoos should be closed because all animals should be left to live wherever they want with a suitable climate and the place god made them to be. Many animals in the zoos die from parasites, sicknesses caused by the different climate and also contact with humans. Most of people think that zoos are okay because they help repopulate and blah blah blah!, But did u ever think that the one and only reason why we need to repopulate some species was because of us killing them... Every animal should live wherever they want in their own environment and not be restricted by humans. This does not mean that I am against pets… but zoos are just plain cruel. How would you feel if you had been in a contained area until you die? How would you feel if you had a bunch of people just staring at you 24/7? Zoos should not be allowed. Animals can give children and adults a variety of diseases. They are just containing animals and then killing them! Zoos keep animals in captivity making animals in zoos practically prisoners. We need to be done with zoos!

  • Zoos Kill Animals

    Animals can get depressed which may lead to obesity or try to attempt an escape out of their habitat, leading to people getting hurt and police may shoot them hurting both animals and people. People can also get diseases from people and sold to owners that may abuse them like a circus or worse zoo.

  • Do not close all the zoos.

    All Zoos should not be closed because animals are kept in all the zoos and people like to visit them. If you close all the zoos people can not see the animals. Because of that all the zoos in the world should be open every day but only for day btime.

  • Close all zoos!!

    How would you feel if you were trapped in a cage that barely allowed you to move? How would you feel if you were in an open glass tank with a sign that read "TOUCH ME :)" and with a dozed chubby little fingers poking at you in various places? Would it feel nice? Well, obviously? NO! Some people also says that zoos help children learn things about animals. Well, if you want them to see these animals so badly, why not take them into the wilderness and see the true beauty of nature, when cheetahs run like lighting bolts and elephants herds move across grasslands, shaking the ground with each step they take. That is what you want kids to see. That's what I, as a kid, want to see instead of sickly animals locked up in a cage. I want to see lions hunt instead to people throwing meat chunks at them. And I think most children do too.

  • We must change the way we treat ecosystems and the planet!

    This ain't the '90s, folks! We have had better technology to teach children about animals since the late '90s. Zoos are no longer needed. Maybe not all zoos harm the animals they confine. Bottom line the animals are being kept in an UNnatural habitat and that in itself is harm enough.

  • Zoos are ridiculous!

    How would you feel if you had been in a contained area so much that it started to affect your health? How would you feel if you had a bunch of people looking at you all the time? Zoos should not be allowed. They cause Zoochosis and other mental diseases. They will drive animals insane! Zoos keep animals in captivity. Animals in zoos cant be animals. They are prisoners. Zoos should be SHUT DOWN!

  • Zoos are Animal Prisons

    Zoos are prisons for animals, plain and simple. Animals that pace back and forth or sit there an do nothing are bored out of their wits and need to live in the wild to fulfill their natural instincts. Imagine if you, as a human, lived in one place your entire life and weren't allowed to travel, drive a car or see your friends in another town. Think about how humans would feel locked up in a pen for 80 years! That's how zoos work. It's animal cruelty. Humans should travel to different places in the world to see animals, not the other way around.

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  • No. Not all zoos are bad.

    Many many many countless zoos are for rescue animals or orphan animals. Animals that are left by their families or born with problems and animals don't exaclty know how to take care of those problems. These zoos are safe havens for these animals that are goners without someone taking care of them.

  • Some zoos should be closed.

    Zoos like road side zoos should be banned but zoos like kansascity zoo are very good because they teach kids bout animals and people that work at zoos take good care of the animals and give them plenty of room to run around in. That is why I think zoos shouldn't ever and I mean never be banned.

  • No they should not.

    Zoos should not be closed down. The zoos are there to help the animals and it helps people have a job that they love and a place for families to visit and give money to the government which in turn helps the economy. There is no reason to just shut down all zoos.

  • All zoos should not be closed.

    All zoos should not be closed.Zoos play an important role in American society.They help prevent endangered species from becoming extinct and help city children see the wonder of nature.They also develop breeding programs to help certain species to remain in existence so future generations can enjoy their beauty and majesty.

  • Some zoos house endangered animals

    No, I do no agree that all zoos should be closed. Some zoos, just as open sanctuaries, provide a place where endangered or almost extinct animals are able to dwell and build up the species. I believe that if the animals are being treated well and have sufficient room to dwell, the zoo is an acceptable area for the animal live.

  • Zoos Are An Asset

    I do not believe that all zoos should be closed. I believe zoos are great assets to cities, especially for urban populations. For many people zoos are their only source for seeing a variety of wild animals. Zoos also provide a fun and entertaining, yet educational outing for kids, families, and adults. There may be some people who severely disaprove of zoos, but overall I'd imagine they are in the minority.

  • No, zoos can stay.

    They provide recreation for all ages to adore. They can also educate children somthimes better than schools. And it allows scientists to be educated on animal behavior. Just because they are caged, they can also learn to make cures for their species and maybe bring endangered spiecies back. Hence, the zoos should stay open.

  • No way jose

    Zoos are great place. They are educational and they help conserve animals. If there weren't any zoos Arabian oryx would have extinct. Also zoos only have captive animals since it is illegal to catch any wild animals. So they trade animals from other zoos. But I think zoos that have enclosures covered with concrete should be closed.

  • No, zoos are fun.

    No, zoos should not be closed, because they help the children learn about animals. Some zoos are oppressive, but others treat their animals very well. Some zoos treat animals humanely, and the ones that don't should be treated harshly and penalized. Having zoos can even save some animals from going extinct.

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Logical.Assasinator says2013-12-03T13:39:13.353
Not all Zoos are horrible. Zoos often rescue or foster animals that would not be able to live successfully in the wild or those that have been mistreated or injured in the wild. Animals in captivity have been shown to live longer and healthier lives than those in the wild. Zoos promote the health and wellbeing of animals. All zoos in the USA are required to be accredited by the AZA, which has strict standards.