• It's time to shelve "Amazon Prime Day"

    Amazon started "Amazon Prime Day" last year and it returned in full swing this summer. The "holiday" allows individuals who subscribe to their Prime service access to a myriad number of deals. People do not need another company-sponsored excuse to purchase unnecessary products - a practice the "Prime Day" encourages. This means that Amazon should stop having this "holiday."

  • Yes, Amazon should stop having "Amazon Prime Day".

    Yes, Amazon should discontinue their "Prime Day" celebrations. "Prime Day" is supposed to be full of deals that an Amazon customer would not be able to find anywhere else, and these deals are supposed to include a wide variety of items. Instead, "Amazon Prime Day" consists of only a few offers active at a time, and these offers are only for specific items in limited categories. Amazon should just have more deals available a few times per year in broader categories.

  • No, it is an effective promotion for a profitable program.

    Amazon Prime is an innovative and powerful tool for building customer loyalty to Amazon and undercutting the competition, and Amazon Prime Day is an excellent way to bring attention to the Amazon Prime program. As long as there is still room for growth and potential customers who are not yet enrolled in Amazon Prime, they should continue the Amazon Prime Day program.

  • All companies have sales.

    Amazon Prime Day is really no different from the sales offered by any company. Sure, the sale is overhyped, but the fact that people are posting about it and talking about it shows that Amazon accomplished its goal. The important thing is that people don't buy things they don't need simply because of the sale.

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