Should America apologise for what happened on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

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  • An apology must be made

    Firstly, bombing innocent civilian areas is no response to bombing a milatary base in the United States of America. If the American army wanted to fight a fair war, then why didnt they attack Japanese naval or army bases? Why attack innocent civilians who had nothing to do with the war. Killing innocent civilians by no means is justified and is none less than an act of extremism. America has committed a major crime, and the least they can do is apologise for what they have done. And to answer IntellectVsSpirit5000 who says that an apology wont do any good, I'd like to say this. An apology will show the world that what America did was immoral and unethical and prevent future such attacks from happening. If another war happened, all countries; taking Americas example will kill innocent civilians and only cause death and distruction in this world. An apology would strenghten relations and also prevent such things from happening again, If Germany can apologise for what they did, then why not America. America must apologise.

  • America must apologise

    When Japan bombed Pearl Harbour only around 2500 people died from the bombs. Compared to 90,000–146,000 people in Hiroshima and 39,000–80,000 in Nagasaki. This shows that the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were far more brutal compared to Pearl Harbour. Also, the atomic bombs caused a lot of radiation and cancer causing a lot of people to die slow deaths while the bombs on Pearl Harbour didn't have this extreme effect.

  • How Can Including Future Generations in an Attack During War Be Justifiable?

    Many submissions show how today's Americans fail to understand the long-term impact of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The question of how close the Japanese government was to capitulation prior to the bombings not withstanding, the use of nuclear weapons on Nagasaki and Hiroshima not only killed countless Japanese civilians of the day but also affected the lives of generations unborn. Is it fair for the children and the children's children of the civilians who lived during the years of Japan's expansionist fervor to pay for the fact that their parents and grandparents either participated in or stood by and allowed their government to commit atrocities? Should those of us of Turkish, German, or Chinese descent living in the U.S, today pay for the sins of their fathers or their fathers' fathers for the genocides of the past? It is easy enough to condemn the Japanese living during the 30's and 40's for their involvement in Pearl Harbor or the rape and murders committed in Asia, but, decades later, when children are born with genetic defects resulting from the effects of radiation, who can look coolly at the newborn's anguish and say "Look at what your grandparent's did. It serves you right." War, indeed, brings out the ugliest side of humanity, and few countries can state with impunity that their people have no history of cruelty and wanton destruction. Nevertheless, there is a line that, when crossed, takes one into the territory that legal minds have called crimes against humanity. There is a very good reason why the Bomb was only used those two times: all of on the planet have come to realize the injustice and horror of the use nuclear weapons. God help us all if any country ever makes the mistake of using nuclear force again.

  • It was unethical and uncalled for.

    I think it's time we put away our giant egos and admit Nagasaki and Hiroshima were HORRIBLE. Whether it was needed or not isn't the issue here. If we ever want to survive as a race of humans we need to view all lives equally. Be the bigger person here, everyone

  • All is fair in love and war.

    Quite frankly, it was a warranted attack. I get that so much Japanese people died that day but it was war and they did provoke us. Nagasaki didn't even need to happen if Japan gave up earlier but they were insistent that the US only had one atomic bomb, little did they know that we had another one. If you ask me, I won't say they deserved it but I will say it was justified.

  • Japan deserved it

    The main casualty of the atomic wasn't civilians; It was that people forgot about the horrible Japanese war crimes. A few of the Japanese crimes include: Prostitution, experimenting on the Chinese + Americans, creating an Asian Genocide, Kamikazees, the Bataan Hunger March, and Pearl Harbor, the equivalent of 9/11 for Americans in WWII. People complain about internment camps for Japanese Americans, except the Japanese SPIED ON US, INVADED THE US (Alaska), and BOMBED IT (West coast balloon bombs). Clearly, Japan was full of monsters at that time, and they deserve to know not to mess with America.

  • Nothing to apologize for

    There was a war. THEY attacked US. We stopped them. They didn't attack again. Mission accomplished. They exited the war and left us alone. Afterwards, we helped them. It's over and done. The US owes no one an apology for defending itself against attack. Especially when none of the people involved are alive today.

  • There is no need

    If Japan still actually cared they would no longer remain in contact with America. It appears that America is forgiven and besides, it wasn't the current president of America's fault that bad decisions were made in the past. I do believe that the bombing were justified but I wont go into detail on that. Even if I believed that they weren't there is no need to apologize - Japan aren't seeking an apology. Bringing up the subject may remind Japan just how wrong America was to do that sort of a thing. This may lead to more distrust and hatred.

  • No, notta, and never

    Should Japan apologize for Pearl Harbor? Would an apology do much good, even if warranted, at THIS point? My current generation apologizing for an action/event from our grandfather's generation doesn't seem like a very valid or honest apology and is intellectually dishonest. I personally am 1/4 Japanes, my mother is 1/2 Japanese, and my grandmother, an immigrant from Japan have never felt any such apology has ever been warrantrd or is even appropriate. I am also part Cherokee(Native American). Shall the "white man" apologize to me taking my forfathers' land and pushing them into Oklahoma on the 'Trail of Tears'? No. Who exactly would apologize to me and my Native American forfathers? Perhaps I should apologize to myself for the bombings in Japan and the Trail of Tears, seeing I am also Caucasian. That would be very intellectually honest, me going on a rebutal and apologizing in split personality-like form to myself and accepting my own apology.

  • What good would it do at this point?

    This is Modern 2015,It's been 70 years since this event back then,we were both enemies and it needed to be done,Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and wanted us dead,They was also allied with the Nazis and wanted world domination,Japan's hands are dirty too you know,If we did not use the atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,it would have resulted in a land invasion in which who knows how many lives that could have taken. Yes,it would horrible many died,but believe it or not,it was the best option out of them all.

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