• Any set of humans who close themselves off from the outside world ends up with a seriously warped sense of humanity.

    Too much of anything is a bad thing, being true for morals & religions as well. Any closed off community exists by enforcing rules that end up enslaving and abusing its weaker members. Hence all the abuse, especially of females, that run rampant in all cult-societies. Its strange but true that the more "moral" people get, the less "human" they become. That only gets multiplied within a cult, just as a pool of water stagnates and goes bad after being left alone for too long. They eventually end up so warped that they begin to believe inhuman things as being "good", such as child marriage, forced marriage, slavery, ostracism and many others. And end up being societies that benefit a few while exploiting the majority. They must be banned.

  • Yes ban cults

    Cults have a have habit of causing both physical and emotional harm. Most true religions have some evidence supporting them. Those that have absolutely no evidence whatsoever should not be considered a religion and therefore illegal. I also believe that religion itself is a choice (i.E. A choice to believe) and should not necessarily be protected by the constitution. I believe a better definition of a cult should be something along the lines a religious organization that defrauds the government and taxpayers or otherwise teaches false or unhealthy beliefs (like killing other people of other faiths) or breaking any laws.

  • Indoctrination of the absurd is child abuse.

    All religions are cults. "Belief" is a choice. Choices should not be protected by the constitution. Race, age, ethnicity are not choices and should be protected. Brainwashing children to believe the absurd is evil, detrimental and dangerous. Those who can be led to believe absurdities can be led to commit atrocities.

  • Yes boi l

    Cults are bad they do bad things and are bad so get rid of them cuz they hurt people and drink punch that kills people to go to an alien ship like thats so fake no way they arent real get rid of them pls thanks alot and good bye

  • Yes boi l

    Cults are bad they do bad things and are bad so get rid of them cuz they hurt people and drink punch that kills people to go to an alien ship like thats so fake no way they arent real get rid of them pls thanks alot and good bye

  • Only if harm to others is a part.

    Obviously the first amendment allows for any religion to be practiced within a peaceful manner. But what happens when that religion turns to being non peaceful and starts murdering thousands because they do not convert. That's where the problem with religious freedom and cults lays. I for one feel that a religion that teaches and glorifies the killing of innocent people should be banned. And yes I'm talking about Islam or any other religion that believes killing others is the responsible thing to do. I say ban the Quran and it's teachings. Islam only causes hatred and death.

  • Battle of the Gods

    All of this stems from the belief in this god or that god. For me I let history decide. Of all that has been written and with all that can be proven by hard facts and eye witnesses "The Great "I AM" and "Jesus" stand on solid proof of their existence. Much of which is given by non believing witnesses and written testimony which can be seen even to this day, Our dates are set by only two...The Jewish calendar and Jesus.

  • Religious fraud renders it illegitimately protected by the first amendment.

    Just as there are counterfeit Christians, there can be an entire institution manufacturing counterfeit Christians. Or any fraudulent service or product that is criminal. False prophets tend to break their own rules which leads to breaking other rules, mainly ones exposing their evil nature. Why is a cult religious fraud and not all religions for that matter? Because, religion is a contest, and cults are cheating. False prophets are on steroids, their manhood deteriorating with every foolishness they engage in.

  • Cults should not be illegal

    Cults should not be illegal because it is peoples beliefs and should be able to follow through with their beliefs. The only thing that shouldn't be allowed is human sacrifice. That is when the cults go over the top. When the cults do go over the top the people should go to jail. But that doesn't mean all cults should be illegal.

  • Our Rights.(First Amendment)

    America can not ban cults because that is violating the first amendment. The right to have any religion and also practice it, but if it harms people and there rights something obviously has to be done, but overall all we have the right to have any religion even cults .

  • Cults are not very different from religions

    The term 'cult' is just a euphemism for ' less popular religion'. The dictionary actually says a 'cult' is a 'system of religious beliefs and rituals with a great devotion to a person, idea, or thing'. If we ban cults, that way we will have to also ban other religions more and more, which will eventually ruin so many people's reliance on religion. That's really too risky for numerous people.

  • One would have to better define cults to make any sort of headway on this idea, and we all know that wouldn't work anyway.

    The definition of a cult, according to most sociologists, doesn't sound nearly as frightening as the popular concept it. More often than not, the word "cult" is used to describe any religion one does not happen to like. Banning cults would create a huge, huge problem in which religions are "good" and which are "bad". There would be no satisfactory result. Should the government step in when religious groups are truly dangerous? Sure. But otherwise let's allow freedom of religion.

  • Religious Freedom For All

    Religious freedom doesn't not only extend to the big three; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It protects all, even the one small sect that wants to believe in a spaghetti monster set to rain down terror the day after tomorrow. Banning cults is slippery slope that threatens to compromise the whole countries guaranteed religious freedom.

  • No, banning cults will not make them dissappear.

    No, banning is not a fool-proof way to stop anything from happening. As you know, many states have banned the use and distribution of marijuana but that obviously hasn't stopped people from using. America can try as they might to ban cults, but the truth is that will not accomplish anything.

  • No, cults can't be banned.

    Cults can't be banned in the United States, because freedom of religion is one of the basic rights in the U.S. This would also infringe on freedom of speech. That being said, if a cult appears to be dangerous or is otherwise abusing the law, such as forcing young girls into marriage, it definitely should be investigated. So while a cult itself can't be illegal, aspects that it teaches possibly are.

  • That isn't freedom

    Americans are supposed to have the freedom to believe what they want, they are supposed to have the freedom to group together as long as it's peacefully, this includes cults. If a cult is getting out of hand or causing problems within the area, then the authorities should get involved and look into shutting it down.

  • It's free speech.

    No, American should not ban cults, because people have the right to believe the things that they want to believe. That is true even if the things they believe are strange, and even if people end up being taken advantage of. Of course, we should always monitor abuse of children and step in if that happens.

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