• Cutthroat Capitalism only benefits the wealthy

    Scandinavian countries have picked the best of right and left. It's time we re-defined the word "Swedenization" – instead of a slur, it's an example of smart economics. The far right thinks that by crying 'Socialism!' they are ending the argument. And yet, the countries that run on a democratic socialist model (Sweden, Finland, Norway) boast a robust economy, and routinely score at the very top of the international 'happiness index' where the US scores much closer to the bottom.


  • The Nordic Model Works

    I think the worst fear of the conservative right is that the Nordic model works. Yes, Nordic countries don't have nearly the same population as America does. But Nordic countries are some of the happiest on Earth, they have some of the best healthcare, and have some of the highest standards of living in the world. We can learn a lot from them, specifically Sweden.

  • Hell no, be like a country that has a racism problem, no thank you

    Sweden has the KKK, a brutal history of conquering other countries. Hatred of tomboys and autistic people. No, sir, that's not a country to emulate. Orthodox Lutheranism, no. England, Germany, France are more worth emulating that Sweden or Denmark. There is no Nordic model (who came up with that). Only a Nordic model of conquest, rape, lynching, racial violence -- that's what.

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