• America should be the world's police.

    America should be the world's police. It’s only natural. America has a reputation to uphold in the
    world. It’s like when anything happens,
    the rest of the world just stops and looks to us to see what we’re going to
    do. Since we have the strongest military,
    we should put them to good use.

  • If not us then who

    America is the world's police. We send troops over to other nations to protect them. If we did not millions of lives would be lost. If we abandon the world all the terrorists will take over our allies and kill millions of innocent people. Then eventually America would also fall. We need to police the world. If not us, then who?

  • We should be the police

    We should be the world police. Reasons stating this is that we have the NATO. With stats "a treaty between united states and other foreign countries". Therefore if we were going to war of some sort, then we would have help from other surrounding countries that could be a great ally.

  • No, we should NOT be the "world police"

    How are we to police the world if we cannot police OURSELVES? We can't just go around shoving democracy in the faces of other nations if we can't get it to work back at home. I believe we need to stay out of their business and, if they fall, that's their problem...Not ours.

  • More like a BAD CORRUPT police force

    United States is maybe the biggest terrorist in the region , it creates fights then support both sides of wars , besides it has always been using the Veto to liberate itself from all the crimes it's committing , remeber IRAQ ? 1000000 victims because of a LIE , and they don't even blink an eye , what kind of police force are we talking about ?

  • Why is this a relevant question?

    1.) This is so irrelevant because who can give a country the right to police everyone else?
    2.) Can y'all write more clearly (bullet points) so I can use this information for a debate?
    3.) Thank you in advance for your cooperation people of the debate dot org (sorry I am trying to make sure I get the word limit to write on here)

  • This isn't a united states of earth

    The united states should focus on defending our own land and working on our own lives...We shouldn't but out completely but we also shouldn't be the "world police". We should only intervene with other countries affairs when American "property" is at risk or if it includes an American allie or if American lives are in danger.

  • No, America should not be the world police

    With so many problems within its own borders and so many botched attempts at democracy outside them, America has proven that it is not capable of policing the planet like at times it has tried to. It is not beneficial to America, and in many cases not beneficial to the country they are in either.

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