Should America become a totalitarian communist state?

Asked by: swgject2
  • Income Inequality now is at dangerous levels for society to maintain itself.

    I recently saw a special that clearly explained that 400 people in the U.S. right now has the same amount of wealth as half of the country.
    That means that 400 people have the same approximate wealth as 150 million people.
    There is something really wrong with that reality. These people do not feel they owe anything to the U.S. or to provide a living wage to normal people so that they can live more properly, yet this country allowed these people to make the kind of money they made and at this point, a-lot of their wealth accumulation just seems to show off to one another, not actually for them to use or will enhance their life anymore than it already is.
    Perhaps then not a totalitarian communist state, but we could have a hybrid communist America in the future that would still give people freedom of speech, freedom of prosperity but that certain caps would have to be in place, so that no particular small group of people or individual can eat up so much wealth that it starts to severely damage the overall general economy of the normal citizens who were born here and have a right to be able to live a basic life to ensure that our country continues throughout the future.
    The real problem is human greed, and perhaps the government now has to intervene to a point to keep it in check, because wealth inequality is almost at South American levels between Druglords and normal people now.
    Rich people cannot continue to ask normal citizens of the U.S.A. to keep taking cutbacks after cutbacks diminishing their quality of life while they keep getting bigger and bigger bonuses.
    Yes so maybe it is time for some authoritarianism in the U.S. because the U.S. and the global rich have used up America as their personal plaything while completely disregarding the natural citizens that were born here.
    That needs to stop and will only be achieved when the natural citizens as a collective class group rise up and force new laws to regulate not greed but insane levels of greed.
    To give a point, I have a B.A. And a Master's degree in a field at the time I thought I could make a career of.
    I spent a considerable portion of time and money obtaining these degrees, and besides the fact that I after graduating I was unable to get a job in the profession I went to school for, the kind of money I make now is barely livable. People with my education levels should not have to say this, yet I hear these kind of stories over and over again.
    Secondly, more and more jobs are going to be automated in the future, which will leave a large portion of the population jobless. You can't have a large population of people who need to make money to live just sit on their hands all day.

  • Freedom is good

    Studies show that people in totalitarian communist states are less happy, less fulfilled and less likely to feel that the state has their best interests in mind. The people of America do not want it to become totalitarian or communist, so it should not become any of those horrible things.

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