Should America have an open-door policy to immigrants?

Asked by: Bu
  • It would benefit the economy.

    I believe if the United States were to implement an open door policy, it would benefit financially in three ways. One, there would be an influx of workers willing to work for minimal pay, nonetheless this would help the employer and encourage american companies to base their manufacturing centers here. Two, the tax revenue would increase due to a higher population, allowing us to either use that money to pay off debt, create federal subsidies, repairing our infrastructure which would add jobs to the market, etc. The third reason is more of a population issue, the US like may other first world nations, is facing a rising aging population, if this is not addressed urgently there will be a great burden on the future working class. This burden would come in the form of higher taxes in order to pay off the Social Security,Medicaid, and Medicare. Now if we had immigrants coming from all parts of the world, this age gap would be closed relatively quickly.

  • Everyone in America needs to be here legally.

    Everyone in America needs to be here legally. Democrats need to chill the hell out and realize we can't have every person in the world come here if they want. We need to keep the values the founding fathers wanted. They certainly didn't want illegal immigration, and nor do I.

    Posted by: Bu
  • What's the point of having laws if we have no borders!

    Very country has a population limit. If you have too high of a populace than it will have great effect on economy and environment. The immigration limit on a country is key, there needs to be enough people to thrive but not so many that is hurts the citizens. A country should always help the citizen first, that's what the government is there for. If you have too high of a unemployment rate or too many homeless then you should lower the immigration limit until it is adjusted. In order to have a sovereign country you need borders period

  • It Would NOT Support the Conomy

    1. We don't need an influx of workers. We already have an extremely saturated market, all this influx would do is drive down wages, which I would actually be okay with if the government didn't put in price floors in the form of minimum wage. This will simply cause mass unemployment, as the market will have no ability to adapt. 2. You assume that the tax revenue will increase.... Now this may be true, but expenses would also increase at an increasing rate. Because of the unemployment, many may end up receiving subsidies in order to survive, not to mention they now also have to be educated and will put increasing stress on an already overburdened welfare state. Also keep in mind that even if they do get jobs, the amount of revenue they produce will be extremely minimal. Believe it or not the wealthy contribute the vast vast vast majority of America's tax revenue... And the people that you would want to let in are most definitely not wealthy, because if they were they would already have come here. 3. As for your population issue.... This is an entirely flawed argument. You argue that because a ponzi scheme is too big, we should make it even bigger in order to protect the people, when in reality the best course of action is to let the bubble pop before it becomes even larger, as popping is inevitable. That aside though, keep this in mind. If you let in enough migrants to the point that they can pay for these retirees, then you also have enough to form a coherent voting block capable of blocking out the political environment. Do you honestly think this group will consistently vote for people that will take their money and give it to the retirees? All in all, I have no problem with open doors, I would love it actually, but not while there is a welfare state and economic regulation. Make up your mind. Do you want the welfare state with minimum wage? Or do you want immigrants, because you sure as hell can't have both and expect a nation to survive.

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