• A reason that we need to raise NASA's budget is that NASA has many economic be benefits.

    According to Micheal Mcbrien of the Northeastern writing said "the cost of NASA, as is true for almost any government agency, is worth it, because it can benefit the economy directly through the purchase of goods and creation of jobs, and indirectly by inspiring people in industries that spawn from invented technologies or materials." He also said, "Some estimated ratios of revenue generated compared to spending have been as high as 14-to-1” for NASA. This indicates a very high return on the money spent by the government on NASA... There have been more conservative results that are closer to 3-to-1 or 2-to-1. Even if these conservative estimates can be believed, it still means that NASA ultimately provides more money to the economy than the government spends on it." This is important because with even the more conservative return rates NASA is boosting the economy. Some people believe that NASA is a waste of money and that we shouldn't spend more money on something that doesn’t do anything but this shows that NASA not only is boosting the economy but is working on many big milestones like a manned mission to mars while doing so.

  • 25% of federal spending should go to NASA

    We must do all we can to catapult society into space. The technologies NASA will develop will better our lives here on Earth. Scientist and Engineers are what made America exceptional. American technology set us apart in the 20th century and is exactly what will do the same for us well into the 21st. 3D printing food, solar powered flight, Nuclear Fusion and new concepts not yet realized are exactly why we should give NASA all we got.

  • I think America should

    Because without NASA we wouldn't have the technology we have now, and we wouldn't know the things we now know, and because of NASA we know way more about outer space. NASA only gets 0.48% of the Federal Governments budget and I don't think that's fair, that they get so little when they have done so much for us.

  • NASA is good

    I think that the US government should increase NASA's budget because NASA is a really great thing. You cannot put a price on the type of thing that they do. They gather all kinds of scientific information that is invaluable. Space is the final frontier and the more we explore, the more we can learn.

  • Yes, space exploration is neat.

    Yes, America should increase NASA's budget, because space exploration is captivating. Exploring space is a natural thing to want to do. Humans have always wanted to go and experience frontiers. Exploring space can help us learn about ourselves, or find new things to invent that will make our lives better. NASA is a good way to explore the universe.

  • Increase Nasas budget

    I think that increasing NASAs budget is an absolute priority. The earth is not an infinite object. It will end. And when the time comes that the Earth is dried up and we need to go to the stars to continue as a species I would be happy for NASA.

  • America should increase the NASA's budget.

    America should increase the NASA's budget. It is a shame that we had such a good space program going and just because of the budget it is now gone. I think we should have kept doing the space program and investing in it for space exploration and learning all that we can.

  • Two words: Warp Drive

    I read an interesting article a while ago where NASA had figured out, at least in theory, warp drive. I think we should make an announcement that "We will go to the stars. We will go in this decade." That should get the ball rolling. Still have to work out that pesky prime directive though...

  • NASA does more than just "space exploration"

    Many people forget that we have NASA to credit for a majority of everyday items that we all, (yes, even us non astronauts) use frequently. To date, NASA has documented 1,800+ 'spin off' technologies for Earth based use. I won't list everything that NASA has developed which has helped improve our everyday lives, but all you have to do is carry out your own research. Start with wtfnasa.Com and Google "What has NASA done for us", and see for yourself.

  • Sure but not top priority.

    I agree they should increase the budget, although i wouldn't raise it to high. I would think NASA is more long term beneficial to the country. I would like the government to focus there money in more recent problems. Using the government money recklessly would make it worse for funding NASA. So do whats beneficial for the country that is more short-term first.

  • No way hey

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  • We shouldn't continue NASA just because it's "neat".

    Art is "neat", a lot of things are "neat". Just because something is neat doesn't mean we need to increase their budget. Music is neat. Does that mean we should increase how much singers/musicians are payed? NASA has asked for $17.5 billion this year. Does that $17.5 million allow us to visit another planet or another galaxy even? No.

  • No, America should not increase NASA's budget.

    No, America should not increase NASA's budget. Space exploration is not as important as solving the problems here on earth and giving more tax payer money to NASA will use up funds that could be used to fund schools. We aren't any closer to be able to live on another planet so giving NASA more money is useless.

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