• For people not wanting to read the long (pretty biased) post below me

    The United States is required to pay a tax to the United Nations. The United States is then required by terms, to assist in U.N. Business with no reward. The point is, there's no benefit.
    The U.N. Also disagrees with our constitution on multiple levels.
    1. The U.N. Can declare "war" on any nation it sees fit, bypassing our president.
    2. It is capable of taxing the United States. (I believe the founding fathers had a problem with taxation by outside bodies.)
    3. The U.N. Has a statue of a defunct revolver in their headquarters, what does that say about our 2nd amendment

    The U.N. Is effectively a world government, not of the people, by the people, or for the people.

  • As soon as possible.

    United Nations is established for world peace. American like to invade other country, so it is not suitable to stay in UN now. If American want to be the king of the world, like to dominate the earth, US should leave the UN. America also can find some reason to invade the other country one by one later. The earth will become USA empire.

  • As Soon As Possible!

    The U.S. Has a Department of State, an embassy in nearly every country on earth, and an extensive diplomatic corps...All are more than sufficient for conducting foreign relations with other nations. Here are a few facts: 1) The Socialist People's Republic of Albania, in 1945, introduced UN Resolution 2758 that passed causing the first signatory of the U.N. Charter, the Republic of China, to be removed and permanently banned from ever rejoining. It was replaced by the People's Republic of China, a communist dictatorship that murdered more than 40 million of it's people. 2) The Second signatory of the United Nations was the USSR, and a permanent member, that had killed tens of millions of people. It was able to mantain it's gulags and keep captive many other nations that formed the Eastern Bloc. 3) The average nation is more likely to be represented in the United Nations by an authoritarian regime rather than a democracy. 4) Rwanda was a member of the security counsel while it was actively engaging in genoicde. 5) When Hungary was invaded in 1956 by the Soviet Union, it asked the United Nations for help that would never come. 6) The U.N. Was hapless in Afghanistan when the Taliban entered a U.N. Compound and removed President Najibullah who had sought sanctuary; he was seized, castrated, and dragged behind a truck. 7) Of the UN's nearly $8 billion peacekeeping budget, half is funded by NATO members, another quarter by the United States, showing that essentially America and NATO are left to do all the funding and work. 8) The UN has only called 10 emergency sessions, and five of them were against Israel, where it failed to do anything to stop the planned genocide of Israel but had an emergency session after Israel's victory but when Indonesia invaded East Timor killing 200,000...No emergency session.

  • UN is Satans Baby

    The US leaves the UN, read the book of Daniel, and the Anti Christ will somehow be involved with the UN. So basically its not a matter of should we, but that we will leave the UN, when that happens I do not know. It will happen though, it is prophesied. Daniel 7:4

  • UN is Satans Baby

    The US leaves the UN, read the book of Daniel, and the Anti Christ will somehow be involved with the UN. So basically its not a matter of should we, but that we will leave the UN, when that happens I do not know. It will happen though, it is prophesied. Daniel 7:4

  • Wake up America

    If you haven't served this country you have no right to have an opinion on any policy the United States has because you don't know and you don't want to know. If you've seen it first hand you know what I'm talking about. Our countrymen are dying because we don't control our own destiny anymore.

  • Stealing from us

    Have anyone noticed that when a tsunami or earthquake hits a place America is there to help, while some Americans don't have water like in flint or California or even the wildfires, no other country is there to help. The pulse night club in Orlando Florida we needed blood for the victims we received no help. Our 9/11 world trade center attacks where was the help????? While America still funds the U.N. 73% of all supplies and there is 193 members. If divided evenly that mean the other 192 members pay 0.14%. The five permanent members of the U.N. are united sates, France, united kingdom, china and Russia, these countries all have a place in the top 15 wealthiest countries in the world. A lot of people may respond to this saying well America is self-sufficient but there is a principle to the whole situation. If someone is crying or about the hurt themselves and you approach them and say "are you ok" they respond " yes' do you just leave and give no second thought at all...... No you do not and that's what America is doing hurting themselves, also think about this the 73% of supplying done for the U.N. comes out of the American tax payers pocket

  • UN is hostile to usa

    The UN is inherently Anti US because they tax us, and control us against the will of the American People. In other words, the UN is the tool of foreigners that is destroying our nation. We are a country founded on Western values and democracy, not failed liberal ideas. And, even if the U.N. was not so anti-American, it should still be disbanded as it has accomplished almost nothing, and, in fact, has failed at preventing many wars and genocides.

  • No, the United Nations should kick out the US instead

    We all know that the US has been a sh*tty boyfriend to the UN, but the UN shouldnt let the US simply walk out on them and leave them even that more beat up, the UN should man up and kick the stupid US out on his a** for being such an a**. FEMINISM RULES!!!!!!

  • Saying yes is ignoring the fact that our world is Globalized

    Our world is globalized. We make negotiations and trade with other countries. Through the UN we can find a dignified way to do that. The United Nations was created after WWII. We needed an international organization that bonded us all, so we could avoid as much violence as possible through peaceful discussions. You can pull up as many fail stories as you can but so much violence has been avoided. Through the UN we are working towards a peaceful wold.

  • No. There are many reasons...

    The United Nations has its headquarters in New York City.
    The United States is a democracy and with a big military, should help the UN.
    The United States is in the permanent security council
    China and other countries would probably beat us.
    So stay United States for as long as you can deal.

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