Should America place landmines on its northern and southern borders?

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  • Cheap and effective

    Mined northern and southern borders would send a message quite different from the one sent by a partially completed fence along America's southern border. Whereas the fence simply says, "Latinos, keep out, or we'll catch you and bring you back to the other side of the fence," a mined border says, "Stay out, or you could end up losing your legs, if not your life." People would be much more likely to risk the consequences of the fence than they would be the horrors of a geographical game of Russian roulette. On top of all that, it would cost a lot less, in both materials and salaries to mine the border than it would to build a fence and patrol it. When it comes to a comparison between solutions, it's easy to see that the wall is no competition to "mine". Get it?
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  • If you really care about our southern neighbors secure the border by any means available including landmines.

    The boarder, the way it is, is causing severe damage to both countries but particularly so to Mexico. Drug cartels and coyotes use children to cross the boarder. The crazy lucrative drug and illegal immigration trade is destroying Mexico boarder towns turning them into war zones. Yes many people perhaps on both side would be hurt by land mines but far more people die as rival cartels fight for the best crossing routes. Its not a good choice...I would but its a much better choice then what we have now. A wall is to expensive, and who is going to actually shoot another person crossing? Secure the boarder and you will SAVE many more lives then are currently taken. The drugs you stop at the boarder may be the drugs that would have made it into your town, into your community and eventually cause the traffic accident that takes your loved one. Google the amount of drugs and guns that have already been seized this year and you won't believe how high it is. Then remember that's only a fraction of the drugs and guns are seized the rest are here now. Mines...High voltage (lethal) fences and means to help both countries. Yes Mexico benefits from a wall...But how can they be for it politically...The cartels control the government to come out and say "your for the wall" as a Mexican official is like a death sentence. Secure the boarder now...Today..By any means needed including land mines if it gets the job done.

  • More effective deterrent than a fence

    It's legal and humane. It would cost less than a few million dollars. Fewer people would be hurt because it would severely curtail the smuggling operations, by which hundreds of illegal immigrants die each year. Additionally, people (such as Pueblos Sin Fronteras" should be banished from the US for undermining our country's sovereignty.

  • Cheap and effective.

    People are predictable in that they all react to incentives. Planting landmines along the border puts a real cost to any illegal trying to cross, i.e. the cost being their limbs/life, so obviously this would be highly effective. Not to mention landmines are cheap, much cheaper than building a high wall all across the border.

  • Landmines are an argument against the high cost of the proposed US border wall.

    If the major argument against a border wall for the US is the high cost then landmines are cheap. There are no innocent people crossing the US border. That's why there are border crossings manned by officials. In the desert, there are few animals. Landmines are area deniers to people.

  • The US has the right to protect it's borders

    Land mines are a cheap deterrent solution to animals, persons and vehicles crossing from the US to Mexico or Mexico to the US without authorization or documentation, There would still need to be a fence either side of the mine field with warning signs in both English and Spanish warning people of the mines, but this would cost a fraction of the proposed $30 Billion for the border wall.

  • A great deterrent! Will also cut down on the drug trade.

    I would leave the Canadian border alone. Works just fine the way it is. From Berlin to the Korean peninsulla mines worked to keep people in or out as a matter of perspective. I would never want to see anyone hurt and would highly recommend massive fencing and notifications to hinder anyone from even considering a crossing. A strong stance on illegal crossing will be better for everyone in the long run when talent isn't lost from one country to another without proper vetting.

  • A great deterrent! Will also cut down on the drug trade.

    I would leave the Canadian border alone. Works just fine the way it is. From Berlin to the Korean peninsulla mines worked to keep people in or out as a matter of perspective. I would never want to see anyone hurt and would highly recommend massive fencing and notifications to hinder anyone from even considering a crossing. A strong stance on illegal crossing will be better for everyone in the long run when talent isn't lost from one country to another without proper vetting.

  • Put land mines on the Mexican border

    Why not put land mines on the border. We put millions of land mines on the South Korean border and nobody is b i t c h i n g about it. They should also put automatic infrared machine gun towers also. Korea does it, why not the United States. If someone has the balls to walk across the border with land mines and gets their leg blown off, then leave them there. It will send a messege not to cross. I don't agree putting it on the Canadian side.

  • Within our own borders we protect zones such as area 51 by fences shoot to kill warnings and landmines. Why wouldn't we protect our border.

    Landmines should be used as well as drones fences walls and natural barriers. With fencing on the outer perimeter drones and warning signs It will be their mistake to hop the fence in a landmine zone not ours. So they would have to get through the fences then the landmines then over Trumpwall.

  • Is the Zimmermann offer" still on the table???

    If we put landmines on are boarders , might as well start segregation all over the United States again . What's the difference between a landmine & KKK? Mexican/American are still treated as second class citizen in the United States, in Vietnam 70% of casualties were Latinos & afro/American . Is Mexico the Poland of ( 1939 ) do we start marching the SA of Nazie Germany & bashing heads in patrolling are boarders to the south of are Neighbors. Landmines are just slogans for Sieg Hial & Racism is alive and well in the USA (keep out )

  • Even Aside from being Horribly Unethical, It Wouldn't Work

    First off, this is absurd. There is no reason why simply crossing the border illegally should get you killed. These mines would also likely kill wild animals, people living along the border, and maybe border patrol themselves if they aren't careful. But even then, do people not realize how long the American-Mexican and Canadian-American borders are?
    The American-Mexican border is 1,989 miles, and the Canadian-American border is 5,525 miles. It would take an absolutely absurd number of landmines to make this an effective way to reduce illegal immigration. Besides, 25-40 percent of illegals from Mexico arrive here on airplanes, so even after spending billions upon billions on these landmines and having innocents die from them, illegal immigration would still continue.

  • They are illegal by international law with good reason I simply can't fathom a reason standing to reason as to why this would be supported. You say you want to "protect America" but few can say that when met with the harsh reality. When they must face a child who lost their legs and will never again be able to play with their friends. And in the situation of Mexicans trying to seek what opportunities they can crossing the border, they will never be able to work, forcing their families to pay for them. Perhaps I should end this with aomething that will resonate with those on the yes side. A child needing to be supported by parents on the border means they will seek jobs here.

    P.S canada...Just why...What could possibly give you the notion of this unless you just hate our more liberal and prosperous neighbors to the north

  • The gift that keeps on giving!

    I have seen the effects of landmines in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Landmines become very unstable after several years. Betty busters and toe poppers are not the answer to keeping our borders secure. However I believe that securing our borders is a top priority to the National security and job security of legal living Americans in this country. People claim it is insensitive to not grant amnesty and want to have full open borders to all people of the world. This is simply a fantasy of delusion and misunderstanding of what is happening at our Southern Border. There are rules and regulations to allow immigrants into this country for a reason. There are millions of people waiting patiently to come to America using the proper channels of entry and citizenship, why should some people be allowed to skip the whole process entirely? I am sincerely sorry these people were not born American but this is not a Welfare or Charity site. This country is Home to 300+ Million citizens and if you are trying to come to our country, DO IT THE LEGAL WAY. Look at all the crime on bordering cities of Mexican border and tell me that open borders are a good idea. Personally I wish we would stop the Billions in Foreign Aid, giving Billions of dollars to green energy, Global Warming and make a Demilitarized zone for the Southern Border. Let Mexico deal with its own problems and we will deal with the vast complications we have in out own country. If we are going to waste Billions anyways we might as well be paying OUR troops to secure our border. If you want to talk about serious problems take a moment and look into the facts about our Homeland Security Snafu with 'Fast and Furious' scandal and the death of ATF agents on our border! Fix the problems here before you fix the worlds.

  • That doesn't even make sense...

    Why would the U.S place landmines on its north and south borders. Canada and Mexico are peaceful towards the U.S and are also no real threat at the moment. Not only does this plan make absolutely no sense, it would be costly in maintenance and could all but destroy diplomatic relations between these nations. It also sounds kind of paranoid if you think about it. If you were going to do this you might as well throw up a massive wall not unlike the Berlin Wall, place a net of sea mines across the coast and while your at it maybe just strategically bomb them as precaution. It would be utterly pointless to go through with that plan.

  • What is wrong with Canada?

    What is wrong with Canada? It ain't a hostile country and is frequently an ally and a major trading partner. If anything, place mines in those underground drug tunnels between the US-Mexican border to blow up them murderous gangsters. And no for the US/Mex border overland, you gotta understand impoverished Mexicans only come to America to get whatever menial/low-paying job they can get to feed, clothe, house and educate their own family and kids. Just blow up them Mexican dirty sanchez drug cartels that murder everyone one and drug people up.

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  • Killing people is frowned upon by most societies.

    Killing people is morally wrong. This is not even a disputed fact. Land mines are extremely dangerous and volatile. In addition, the mines and their necessary maintenance would be absurdly costly. This is one of the least efficient methods of controlling illegal immigration. The U.S. would benefit much more by increasing immigration limits so that those who would normally attempt to sneak in to the country can just become registered citizens.

  • Most of the world has banned landmines

    Land mines are banned for a simple reason - after the war, everyone loses. Everyone. You can't keep track of land mines, and swaths of people will invariably die from them. You planting mines in your own country means your own people will die if the enemy does not. Besides, the US putting mines along its borders would just create needless tension between Mexico and the US and Canada and the US. The costs, many more than listed here, do not outweigh the benefits.

  • Of course not! What are you, crazy?

    Do you know how many people could die? The Mexican-American border isn't just barren desert, it's right near San Diego, and other urban areas. And the northern border with Canada is an open border, and is the longest undefended border in the world. People cross over on foot all the time, in fact there are towns that are split by it. Think maybe putting land mines in the middle of a town would be a bad idea? <---(The answer is yes)

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