• The World Is A Mess

    Why don't we look at the world without America. Russia would be the superpower of the world. The whole Middle East would already be in hell.
    Hitler would have won.

    A whole lot of help we would have dealt to the world by "setting the high standard".

    A lot of comments have said we should worry about ourselves before we worry about other people. This would make sense if Americans were subject to the problems of the rest of the world. However, our economic problems do not come before people's rights to live.

  • Attack or be attacked

    This isn't a debate of whether the U.S should or should not start policing the world. It already has been policing the world, for quite some time. And from it, America has developed quite a few considerable enemies. If America pulls out of all the unstable areas like the middle east that foster terrorist groups, America will undoubtedly have a target on its back that it will just have shown to organizations it has been fighting for decades. Isis has clearly stated any American they can kill they will. And that won't stop if the U.S leaves them alone. If America stops policing the world, it is asking for another 9/11 situation to occur and allowing terrorism to grow in the world

  • America Should Police the World

    Yes, the United States of America should police the world. The United States is one of the world's only superpowers and therefore it has much responsibility. The United States should use this power to help the rest of the world. Part of that helping includes policing the world and protecting other nations.

  • Cold-hearted realism is out-dated in our globalized world.

    Yes they should. Why? Because the U.S has the worlds biggest, without comparison, military force on this planet. One should ask himself why the U.S shouldn't act as a policeman since they spend so much cash on military? Do you just want these purchases go to waste and focus on americas own silly problems? No, we live in a globalized world, where we simply don't have the time to believe in pure and cold-hearted realism.

  • Only people who can.

    Any American should be ashamed as a mother or daughter is raped or murdered in a country where their only crime is failing the lottery of birth. If you can live with that, then we don't need to speak. But if you can't, then we need to think about how this can be remedied on a world wide basis.

  • America must protect its interests

    Its not the business to invade nations we dont "agree" with? When has that ever been used to justify military intervention? Its the duty of the government to protect the interests of the nation both domestically and abroad. The harboring/funding of terrorists, violation of longstanding treaties & ordinances, violent suppression of democratic movements, and territorial aggression all contribute to worldwide instability. The US should act to protect us and our allies and do what it can to foster peace and liberty in the world.

  • Countries need stability and the U.S. can provide that.

    . America protects its security and interests by getting themselves involved in “other countries problems and working on a better governing system”. America’s organizations like, “NATO, Latin America, and the Arabian peninsula” gives it lenience to make calls on the American security. Not one nation has “taken charge” and done it successfully without the help from America.

  • Countries need stability and the U.S. can provide that.

    . America protects its security and interests by getting themselves involved in “other countries problems and working on a better governing system”. America’s organizations like, “NATO, Latin America, and the Arabian peninsula” gives it lenience to make calls on the American security. Not one nation has “taken charge” and done it successfully without the help from America.

  • We are not starting wars

    Well, should America police the world um I do think we should because someone has to and at this point, we don’t do anything truly bad like we are at the places that need us like places in poverty. So that's what I have to say about it so please take and think

  • Avoidable blood shed

    We, (America) have poked and prodded our way into many situations we did not need to be part of. Just think, if we did't go into the vietnamese war, or the Iraq, or Iran, how many american lives could have been spared. These countries have appointed leaders, and should be able to figure THEIR situation out for themselves. We should not feel the urge to go and jam our toe in the door, just to try and help out that country. Not only is this endangering lives of americans, but it is also weakening our countries defense. If worst comes to worst, and we must go in, we should at least go in with our full force, wipe it out, and then return back. No mess no clean up.

  • The Bad Economy

    We cant police the world until we fix our world. How are we going to police the world when 49.7 million people live in poverty? 16.1 of those people are kids, our babies. America needs to work on fixing America then try to fix everywhere else. All I'm saying is that America just needs to worry about America and not everybody else.

  • Military is Not the 9-1-1 Service of the World

    Every sovereign nation has the right to govern itself. It's not the business of the United States to invade countries we don't agree with such as Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Libya and Iran. It's not even our job to provide aid to allies such as Israel. The United States should be an example to the rest of the planet by taking care of its own citizens first before being haughty enough to police the rest of the globe.

  • Nosy nosy America

    THAT'S THE PROBLEM! America feels it should babysit everyone! However it SHOULD use that time to fix its own domestic issues! We need to be able to fix our own problems before we go butting into other people's problems! WAKE UP AMERICA! Sheesh, when will we stop being so nosy!

  • The United States needs to fix its own problems before it can "police the world".

    The U.S. has its own problems on its own soil that it must work on before it can go fixing everyone else's problems. I do agree that the U.S. should protect its overseas interests, but that is something completely different that actually policing everybody. The United States was founded on the belief of freedom. If we were to police the world, wouldn't that infringe other countries' freedom?

  • America should concentrate on its own domestic problems

    Policing the world would mean an even larger defense budget then currently in place. There are numerous cases where that money can be spent in the United States. Unemployment is reaching record levels and closely related is skyrocketing crime. Policing the world would mean a bigger military and more wars to quell violence overseas. I believe that America should play a key role in working to resolve issues around the world but in the context of working with its International partners. The money is better spent on domestic issues then the over inflated military.

  • No we should set the standard

    America is a world leader and should lead by setting a high standard for other country's to follow but we should not feel the need to police the world.

    The rest of the world may look to us for help, but we can help with the use of the United Nations instead of thinking we need to jump into the middle of everything like we have done under some of the Republican Presidents of recent times.

  • American should take its nose out of foreign policies.

    America has enough problems to deal with domestically so it is not right for American leaders to try to police the world. Some of these problems include unemployment, gay rights, as well as problems such as peoples right against TSA. America should first fix some of these problems, and maybe after that, they could tell other countries what they can or can't do.

  • America Should Not Police The World

    I do not feel that the United States should be the sole police enforcement for the whole world. There certainly are circumstances where it is necessary or prudent for the US to be involved in other countries' conflicts, mainly when it either significantly affects, or could affect our economy or security, and also when serious citizen abuses (i.e. genocide) occur, but not as a general rule.

  • When it comes to opinions...Absolutely not

    America is loud and biased.
    And having America, that's currently being run by a cheeto, tell óther countries what to do and how to do it, is just insanity.
    It's like an overweight mother at Wallmart, with about 10 kids, that are loud and noisy and breaking stuff, that goes up to other adults and says; 'Youknow, I'm sorry for that time I dumped my gasoline on your flowerbed. And that oil in your fountain wasn't polite either. But you're smoking marihuana and I think that is bád.'
    America has become (more and more) a country you just want to smack in the face untill they stop talking.

  • No blood for the ungrateful. Also, we can't even police ourselves.

    It isn't my countryman's place to die in a fight some sycophant picked with another. Look at the D day grave vandalism: that's exactly how much gratitude that a coward who cannot fight his own fight for the white knight that took a bullet for them. It's the same around the world.

    Also, we can't even police ourselves. We don't have the budget, and since WW2 every conflict we have stuck our busy-body noses in has gone from bad, to worse. We're not as good at this as we think we are. We prop up regimes that are worse than those of our "foes" just for a short term gain and then wipe our asses with them and leave: Everywhere we've meddled, South America, the Middle east (WE TRAINED OSAMA BINLADEN) has been left worse off than it was before we got involved.

    It's in EVERYONE'S best interest if the "sleeping giant" went back to bed. Except for the domestic military industrial complex... In which case, cry me a river, you merchants of the earth.

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