Should America spend less money on its military?

Asked by: Britboy803
  • Our military budget is bloated to the point of absurdity.

    We spend over half of our national budget on the military- more than the next nine top spending nations COMBINED. It's grotesque.
    Other developed nations have proper healthcare, excellent education, better standard of living...We spend billions on experimental fighter jets that never even see a test flight. But screw programs like Head Start and paying teachers what they're worth.

  • Why keep it so high?

    I really can't see any reason that America's military needs a 400% bigger budget for their army than China (the second highest budget in the world). I think they should concentrate on funding other more important things like maybe public healthcare and proper education, maybe even free university or paying of the debt.

  • Military isn't the only thing we need on this plant

    People have been recently asked and most people said yes. The question is Does the military spend too much money on military. Yes, because people get hurt. And does the military give you a bandage? OHH Hell NO. All the military needs to do is protect us. The asses from North Korea think they can beat the POOP out of me

  • Trillions of dollars in debt, and we increase spending on an already inflated military? Ok. Sure. That's sound reasoning.

    We already spend well over $600B on defense. This is more than the next half dozen countries on the list COMBINED.

    We are surrounded by water on both sides, and neither Canada or Mexico is going to attack us. No one will invade us, so why exactly do we need so much money when we are trillions in debt? Because we want to assuage some alpha male fantasy of having lots of guns and things that go "pew pew"? Probably. It's a waste of time, and waste of money, and honestly pathetic that lawmakers would rather polish more guns than spend money on domestic issues.

  • Not by much, just reorganize current funding.

    I understand that we spend much more than everyone else and absurd amount. I feel like we should redistribute money ($700,000 for running shrimp on treadmills) into more useful things like our nuclear branch and use the savings to educate people on how to avoid war in the first place.

  • America spending by the billions.

    America is spending over half of the fiscal (600 billion dollars)on its military which is way do too much. I'm fine knowing that we have a good military but if most of my tax money is going to pay for it instead of it being used for better thing then I mite as well not pay my taxes.

  • We DON'T need to spend that much money on military

    Looking at the amount of money the U.S. spends on its military anyone in their right mind would deem it as absurd. Politicians on all parties are always complaining about the terrible infrastructure in our country. This can easily be solved if money is taken out of the military for uses in other fields in our country. To counter the argument that North Korea and terrorism are the reasons why we need to spend so much on military, let's take into account of all the other nations that are threatened by this as well. Technically speaking, anyone in the NATO agreement must go to war if one of the members in the treaty are attacked. This being said, many other countries are also threatened by North Korea and terrorism. However, these other countries in NATO are not spending more than half their tax money for their military. In essence, the U.S. needs to cut back on its military budget. Also, if we take into account the most successful countries based on their economic stability, foreign relations, and domestic spending, many of these countries do NOT have a powerful military. On top of this, if these peaceful yet economically stable countries were to be attacked, their current military would give them enough time to build up a powerful military to fight back its opponents. Yes, there are threats of nuclear weapons and having a powerful military could counter that threat, however, any nation is sensible in that launching a nuclear weapon would most likely destroy the world.

  • We should reduce spending on offensive weapons of war

    It is true, we need to fund our military for defense but how much money should our tax dollars go to experimental fighter jets who never see even a test flight? How much money should we spend on bombs so we can bomb some poor village because there might be some terrorists there. Even if we cut 100 billion from a six billion budget we would still be able to defend ourselves. Imagine what that 100 billion could go to, More space research, better education funding so school's could afford air conditioning and proper teachers. And free health care, all that could increase our standard of living. Why should we, as a nation fund weapons of mass destruction that would kill everyone on the planet.

  • Why do we need it?

    We spend more money on our military the any other nation in the world. You know why China and Russia don't spend too much? Because they don't need it. They released that military conquest, or at least the military, is just a waste of time. Although however flawed they may be to our perspective, they spend less on their military and still have the best troops. Russia has its Spetsnaz soldiers which are probably the best. China has over 2 million troops, more than the United States, but still spends less. Why need a military anyway? I don't see any actual wars going on. Terrorism isn't a war. It's just a problem of violence within society. And who the hell said we, the American nation, had to travel half way across the world to go to a desert waste land where the people there don't even care. I don't see any Muslims or Muslim nations asking and begging for American aid, dominance, and control. The only, true reason we have a military is do dominate the world and control it. Our own US foriegn policy is to spread Democracy. That's similar to what the USSR did, spreading Communism. But, to get to the point, America doesn't need a large nor any big government spending unless their is an actual need for it. But who's gonna stop the US government when we're all sitting on our devices and looking at these arguments and not taking a stand for anything?

  • Stop spending money on the military.

    You don't have to spend more money on the American military because America already has 800 bases and all the other countries added together only have 30 bases. You could spend the money on education and you can donate them to the poor because they have barely anything they need. You can also spend money on people who have to go to college or schools and hospitals to heal people. Please agree with us!

  • We need to keep our military because there are terrorist and north Korea that we have to worry about.

    We have multiple enemy's and the only way that we can stay on tho of them is by building a better military for at home and around the word. The smart choice would be to keep up the growth of our military and keep up on the advancement of technology.

  • We are using it for protecting out soldiers and paying them

    We pay them and train them which is expensive, and if we didn't give them such good weapons, I wouldn't have a father. So excuse me if I want a dad. Call me selfish all ya damn want but I need my dad. So we need to spend this much.

  • We are using it for protecting out soldiers and paying them

    We pay them and train them which is expensive, and if we didn't give them such good weapons, I wouldn't have a father. So excuse me if I want a dad. Call me selfish all ya damn want but I need my dad. So we need to spend this much.

  • Why don't we keep what we worked for?

    You are basically saying "let's have ill equipped troops and ruin this great nation"! If that sounds good to you then you're either stupid or a democrat. We need more, not less! Lets develop the F-35, lets come up with replacements for our bombers, come up with alternatives to the LGM-30, not the exact opposite

  • What Would Defend Us

    If we didn't spend as much as we do on our military it wouldn't make us a world super power. If we quit spending money on our military it would make us to easy to take over, no one would be afraid of us anymore. To be able to defend and protect our citizens and other countries citizens, is great for us because then we don't seem weak and to strong because we have other countries just as or little worst than our military.

  • Nope we need the money

    We are america we need a strong military because are the strongest ans will remain the strongest and ever since the american revolution we have continued to grow i i i i i ii ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

  • Nope I think not

    Because if we spend less on our country, then we would no longer feel safe! We are the land of the free because of the brave. If we cut their funding, we endanger our freedoms! No one would feel safe enough to go outside if we spend less on our country.

  • No, America should not spend less on its military.

    The military is one of the most important departments in our country. The department of defense is our safety net in the event that we are under attack. This is why we cannot reduce funding to the military. We need to focus on providing the right amount of money to our military to keep us safe.

  • No way in hell

    How can someone say we need to spend less money on the military and focus on more "important things". What is more important than providing the safety of our country. It is a slap in the face to say that we should spend less money on the military to all the men and women who gave there lives for the freedom of this country.

  • We need to keep up are defenses. Just because we haven't been attacked yet is no excuse to spend less money.

    The military must be kept as strong as possible. Are soldiers fight to keep us here and there should less money spent on the military that is just ignorant. Ask a solider who has fought in Iraq. He would agree with me. Also spending less money would weaken our defenses. Look what happened at pearl harbor no one expected it to be attacked and that is what happened. Don't use the excuse well what is the chances that what happen today watch the news you'll see chaos. Also the military is the tool that keeps the country alive and should be invested the most money. So someone who would agree with spending less money to the military is basically like removing there front door and allowing a criminal to walk into their house.

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