Should America strengthen its alliance with Britain?

  • Yes, most definately

    A strong alliance between two strong countries is very good, and has a lot of benefits. Also remember that if one country already has alliances, such as if Britain and Asia are allianced, then America would be more likely to form an alliance with Asia, causing a super strong bond between lots of strong countries.

  • Yes, we back each other.

    We have been allies since WW1 and continue to back each other to this very day. Though the alliance is strong, it is important to continue to keep the relationship with them strong. They can help the United States preserve her interest overseas. Also, our military benefits from training and serving with their Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers and Marines.

  • Yes America should strengthen its alliance with Britain

    Yes, I think that America should do all that they can to strengthen the alliance with Britain. Britain is one of America's strongest allies, and they have helped us out with different foreign turmoils over the years including wars. America is better off with a strong alliance with Britain when it comes to international affairs.

  • Yes, we should strengthen our alliance with Britain.

    We already have a very strong alliance with Britain, but it is important to have it as strong as possible. We are in so much danger of a war with North Korea and we have to stand strong and try and have as many countries as possible on our side.

  • Allies since WW1

    Britain, firstly is Americas 2nd biggest trading parter, after Canada and America is Britains 2nd biggest trading parter, after the European Union.

    Britain and America are both militarily involved in Afghanistan and share a unique training alliance and have two of the best armed forces on the world and are committed to working together.

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