Should American families have a two child max rule to limit population growth?

Asked by: savannahbhang
  • The Earth is overpopulated.

    With more people, the Earth will crumble. We do not want the Earth to crumble. If you already had 3 or more kids before the law, this wouldn't apply to you. It would only effect the people starting to have kids. It just wouldn't be fair if people who had 3 kids before the law was made had to kill or leave one or more kid.

  • I agree 100%

    The united states is overpopulated. We will be running out of natural resources if we do not change the way people are breeding. Even the few who are unable to breed are making babies artificially with the help of science. If we continue we will be living off GMO food with nature only being a memory we view on our smartphone. We are pretty close to that already. Two children is plenty, anymore is foolish and selfish.

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes yes yes Should American families have a two child max rule to limit population growth?Should American families have a two child max rule to limit population growth?Should American families have a two child max rule to limit population growth?Should American families have a two child max rule to limit population growth?

  • To everybody stating that this is horrible, consider the following.

    Nobody said anything about killing children, mass genocide? Not really our style if you haven't noticed. Simply putting a cap on future generations, because if you haven't realized we are expanding exponentially. This would be better for the economy, consumption of resources, number of orphaned children, number of families in poverty. It would increase success rates by limiting possibilities of failure, and decrease the over all population of the Earth. Another point, why would you want more than two children? Just to express your rights and freedom? Think about all of the issues that can occur in childbirth, and all of the children that are given to orphanages every week because the families can't support them, or just flat out don't want them. Mayne instead of whining about not wanting limits on childbirth try adopting how many kids you'll think you'll have, and then provide them with everything they need. Come to your senses people, there are greater things on the horizon.

  • People just don't think anymore.

    Space is becoming very limited and it should be thought upon that there should be a max rule. If you have only two children there would be enough food, work, space and opportunities. Just think how much the population will drop. It shouldn't just be Americans. It should be the whole world thinking about this, but all the world thinks about is money. Well most of the world anyway. China only has a problem because they handled it wrong. Two children or max three, but why more?

  • There are too many people

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  • There are too many people

    I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I want the world to not need to live off planet.

  • Overpopulation is here

    Yes, America should have a 2 child policy- but first let me explain why. The Earth is overpopulated, soon there will be overcrowding, lack of food/water/resources. Already the earth wont be able to support what the population is growing to be. We shouldnt kill kids but we should strongly encourage a two child policy. Overpopulation is already taking away your freedoms, freedom to choose what you eat, where you travel, and your government, I am all for a free America and I am a pro-life advocate but we also should be reasonable. How can we all survive on this planet with no space to live, no food and no water. Already 1 billion people lack clean drinking water and that will only increase. Something must be changed. But let me be clear, I am NOT talking about abortion or depopulation, but I am talking about strong encouraging and giving the public knowledge about our population crisis. Especially in 3rd world countries, women have 5-15 children because many do not survive. These kids end up in a cycle of poverty. By giving these women equal opportunities, they will have less kids and end the poverty cycle.

  • Overpopulation is taking over

    Do you know how much food and electricity and water cost? It costs a lot. Imagine 4,5 and even 6 people using water. The bills add up there is a lot of money being spent. For those of you say " America is a free country" then it won't be so free when so much people are there argue if and spreading diseases. When it's you with disease and fighting then you will relize how selfish you are. There is so much poverty in the world that you don't take notice do you know how much money will be left over if we do the 2 child rule? Enough to end poverty. You are basically saying that you want a huge bunch of children. STOP BEING SELFISH. Do you even hear yourselves? Well you should. When you suffer then you will see.

  • Way over populated planet.

    There are too many people on this planet. Why do you need more than two children anyway? We don't even have the food or natural resources to ho arund as it is now, that is why we have genetically engineered food that is much less healthy than naturally grown food. People with more than 2 children are selfish assholes!

  • No, there is no purpose to that.

    Why should families only have two children? If there are more than two, what difference does it make? It will not erode on the 'environment', because there is no such thing separate from humans, we are a part of it. It may enroach on other 'species', whatever that means, but if we don't allow more children, then they are also enroaching on us as well. Either way it doesn't matter, have as many children or not as you want.

  • NO!! Think of all the kids that would die or all the moms who had the kids! And WE ARE A FREE COUNTRY!!!!!!

    People, we have may have gotten over populated but that is no reason to ruthlessly kill children. That would make us the bad guys and that is not what we are. Besides, those kids could grow up to invent something new or they may become famous! Those kids could have lives and we could take those away. Not to mention all those devastated mothers and fathers who would see their children leave.

  • I think it is nonsense to people who say yes!

    Lal lal lal ala lalallalalallalal alla l al la l a l la l al al la l al a ll a la l a la l al l al a l a l al l a l al a l al a a a ! Like this nonsense right here!

  • We are a Free Nation

    We are a free Nation we can have as many kids as we want don't listen to what other people say when they say having two kids is the best because when their kids get kidnapped or if one dies the other one will be sad and might commit suicide so do you really want two kids or more don't listen too what other people say when they tell you to only have one kid or two because they just might be wrong

  • We are a free nation we can have as many kids as we want

    We are a free nation we can have as many kids as we want we don't have to listen to other people who say having two kids is the best because when their kids get kidnapped or if one dies then the other kid will get sad and may commit suicide so do you really want two kids or do you want more don't listen to other peoples opinions because they may just be wrong you can do what ever you want you are you not them follow your heart

  • Honestly no. Its a free country.

    Its a FREE country. Women should be able to have as much kids as they would like. We might have so many that population Is to big, and animal habitats and animals are being well, killed off but there Is no need to have a restriction on who many kids you have.

  • I think that it's communism.

    It's communism and communism is just straight up weird. Do you want to end up like China? I didn't think so. America is free and you can have as many kids as you want. America is America not China. Poor China gets a lot of crap for being communist but it's true. No offense to China buts that' just creepy. China reminds me of the Giver because there's no light and you have no freedom. America#1

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