• Yes, they should.

    Americans Samoans should be granted citizenship, there is no reason as to why they should be denied if people of other nationalities are being granted the same. The American Samoans contribute to the economy of this nation just like anybody else. If one qualifies to be a citizen, his nationality should not be an issue.

  • Yes, American Samoans should be granted citizenship.

    American Samoans should be granted American citizenship because they belong to a territory of the United States. This scenario is very similar to Puerto Rico's status as an American territory, in that Puerto Rican citizens are granted American citizenship. Therefore, since Puerto Ricans are granted citizenship, so should American Samoas.

  • Yes, they should be granted citizenship.

    American Samoans should be granted citizenship. The Samoan Islands are a territory of the United States. Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, and its residence are U.S. citizens. Therefore, residents of the American Samoan Islands should be U.S. citizens as well. Actually, these territories should become states so their residence can participate in U.S. elections, and have a louder voice in their government.

  • Citizenship should be allowed for everyone

    The unfortunate news came out recently that American Samoans have been denied U.S. citizenship. I believe that they should actually be allowed to be citizens because Native American tribes were here first, so they should be given the same rights as everyone else has to live and work here freely.

  • Referendum on independence

    Samoans should have a referendum on independence. The Philippines decided to be their own country, we should let Samoa do that as well. If they vote to remain, they should be granted full citizenship and all that goes with that (income tax). If they vote for independence, then they may stay independent or ask to join the other Samoa.

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