• Yes, the more we learn about other nations' achievements the more we respect other people.

    Space exploration started as a competition, but it's high time we considered it a unifying project to bring all nations together. Unfortunately, it seems that educational systems in both Russia and US are getting more biased. It's crucial for any student to realize, that if you aren't taught something important, you should simply learn it yourself.

  • American students need a global education as well as a local one

    Yes, American students should be taught more about Gagarin. He was the first human in space and many Americans probably don't know that. It's important to learn our history, but we also need to know world history, since none of us live in isolation. I'd bet most European and Asian students know more about our history than we do about theirs.

  • Yes, Yuri Gagarin is an important person for American students to learn about.

    Yes, American students should be taught more about Yuri Gagarin. While Gagarin is not an American, his accomplishments should be known by all. He was the first person in space and completed an orbit of the earth. Without this accomplishment, America would not have advanced as much as they did with space travel.

  • Yes, historical education should be well-rounded.

    Yes, American students should be taught about Yuri Gagarin. In my opinion, history classes in American schools do a disservice to students by only presenting the basic information. When such classes delve into the history of space travel, they seldom venture further than the major highlights that have some relation to the United States, such as the 1969 moon landing. I think it would be wonderful if more classes briefly touched upon Yuri Gagarin so that students can receive a more thorough background on spaceflight.

  • No, American students should not be taught more about Yuri Gagarin.

    No, American students should not be taught more about Yuri Gagarin. Although Gagarin did some amazing things, students do not need to learn about him. It would be great if they knew about him, but students should spend their time in school learning about really important things like math and science.

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