Should American women be required to sign up for the draft?

Asked by: AbbyM123
  • It would be about time!

    Now that the combat roles are open to women. It only stands to reason that they should be drafted as well as men ... Equality right? Being a retiree, the whole issue was raised by mainly female officers that wanted to break the glass ceiling for advancing their military careers. Regrettably, they had to throw all females enlist and officers under the bus to do so.
    You won't find enough enlisted females to warrant a majority policy change. Example: When the Army has a non-combat MOS that is over strength, and offer females in that MOS that their only option is to switch to 11B infantry .... The protests will be heard or they will claim that they were forced out of the Army for not taking a Combat MOS.
    I seen the "surveys" given to the female soldiers if they support females in combat roles, which most agree they should ... As long it is no them that has to fill the MOS.

  • Why shouldn't they?

    The only reason women previously weren't required was because they weren't allowed in combat. Now that they are, who's to say they're not subject to the draft as well? Logically, it would make no sense. Less than half the American population may fight in active combat; the same eligible population is subject to being recruited as the need be. Now, most of the American population may fight. To deny a random (in that sense) half the draft would be self-defeating and arbitrary.

  • They have kids at home!

    A women should defining not be required but they should be allowed also they should be Ned if they have kids. For men I think that they are definitely stronger (I'm not feminist or antifeminist) ad more capable of war and we have to have a strong army for war. If women were forced into army labor it would not be in combat but instead I. Planning or nursing the wounded.

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