Should Americans be required to buy health insurance?

  • Everyone should carry their own weight.

    Anyone who expects to be treated at the hospital, emergency room or doctor's office should be required to pay a portion of their income toward an insurance policy. If you do not pay for and keep up with paying your premium, you should not be allowed treatment. If you have children, it should be a law to keep coverage on them or face losing custody of them. If you are on disability, you are automatically covered by Medicaid, but if you are not on disability, you should have to work and supply the funds to provide coverage for yourself. Again, it should only be a portion of your income; if you only make $10 thousand a year, you would have to pay 10 percent of that amount for coverage. The same for all amounts of income. We can't keep expecting the government to let people live for free and tax the working class for their incompetence.

  • All Americans should be required to buy health insurance.

    Americans who don't have health insurance put a financial drain on those who do have it, and therefore are irresponsible citizens. The "no-have" patients visit emergency rooms (ER's) more frequently and this cost is passed on to the "have" patients in hospitals in the form of miscellaneous charges on their hospital invoices. Of course their insurance companies pick up the tab, and as a result everyone's premiums are increased. Before you go out and buy that 90" wide-screen TV, before you buy an i-phone with a $200 a month user plan, before you buy a brand new BMW, and before you get multiple tattoos -- get some health insurance. If you absolutely can't afford it, and can prove it, the government should provide a basic policy. This is not socialized medicine -- it is merely requiring everybody to have health insurance. I'll go one step further and say that it's being patriotic.

  • Who pays for the people who don't have it?

    If someone doesn't have health insurance, and they get sick, who pays for their medical care? We're not going to just let someone die, so someone's got to pick up the tab-- and that's probably going to be society as a whole. Just like it's a requirement to have auto insurance if you want to drive on the road, it should be required to have health insurance if you want to live in society and get medical care.

  • Yes we should all buy it

    Under Obamacare it's going to be the law of the land, the right win may whine about this but it's going to be a fact before to long.

    Everyone buying health insurance is a step in the right direction here at home, it will help reduce costs, keep people living longer and happier lives.

    Change is something that is hard for many to cope with but in the long run this will help save many lives it's a great thing that's happening in the U.S.

  • I'm sick of paying for people who don't have insurance.

    It's simple, really - if you can afford health insurance and you decide not to carry it for whatever reason and you incur a major medical bill, those of us who do have insurance are subsidizing your existence. This is obviously wrong. Stop being a freeloader and pay up. If you're too dumb or too selfish to do so, the government needs to force you to pay up.

  • This is a joke right?

    How ignorant can you be to think that there will always be some "other" way to pay for services rendered to you? FACT: People will get sick, hurt, and need medical services. FACT: People will die. So why not do the right thing, as an American, and contribute TO society? The American way is to help each other grow and to have pride and be the best. That requires every, single, person to CONTRIBUTE. Those of you who think it's hinging on a violation of your freedom rights should think about the people administering those services. Do you like doing a job and not getting paid? That's what will happen if we continue to attempt to drain the system of every last bit of life and money. It's your DUTY as an American to contribute. Freedom....It's not free. Our men and women fight for it day after day for us to be able to argue like this. As one person said before....Before you go and buy X, Y, or Z, make sure you're covered. Doesn't have to be a million dollar plan...But I'll be damned if you think I'm paying for your services just because you want your "freedom of choice".

  • Buying into something not used = $5000 / year

    Car insurance is required for your right to drive. Is health insurance required for your right to live? Maybe it should be required to have children, I can accept that. I don't use it but am forced to pay $350/month for something not used? That's $5000 a year for an insurance plan with a $6500 deductible. That means my hospital bill without insurance would have to be over $12,000 in one year in order to be worth the investment. I think my total lifetime doctor costs is about $1200.

    Say I pay for insurance for 5 years and something happens to me. I've paid over $25,000 because every year the costs will go up, likely my deductible will increase to $10,000 and for what? Seems to me I am being forced to pay for insurance that other people abuse, esp the pharmaceutical industry or the fact that insurance companies get billed 5x or more the actual cost of the office visit. Maybe that should be fixed instead.

  • How is this freedom?

    I am veing forced to buy health insurance. I then try to use said insurance and find out that not only do i have to come up with my monthly payment i also have to pay the first 6000 dollars. I am a healthy person and inly used it for the eye doctor. I still ended up paying for the visit our of my pocket. Why am i paying for something i cant use? Was the point of the obama care for the insurance company to get richer. Now i have to pay a monthly payment and a 6000 dollar deductable to use it. I will pay the fine from now on.

  • Might makes right! Right!

    It appears as fact that the 1% have the might which makes them right...It is no longer relevant that as i write that 79 percent say no... So majority rule is also irrelevant and a sad joke.... We can vote all we want and waste our time and energy in debate but the bottom line is we are being told what to do and what is best for us by people that lie,cheat,steal and worse and that has been going on since the beginning of time.... I do not see any change in business as usual by an an elite group of sociopaths.... As long as they have the might..We will always be told what to do and voting becomes irrelevant......

  • No one should be forced to buy health insurance

    The people of the United States have always lived without insurance and suddenly we should not be forced into buying this health insurance, this reform isnt even good! I cant believe it, we have come to the point where we are forced to pay another bill we don't need. Not to mention there are millions and millions that cant afford it and dont need it! Many of us are just starting out lives and we should be able to put the money in other more important things.

  • Freedom to Choose

    I think people should have the choice if they want health insurance or not. They don't need people telling them to buy it. As individuals, we are responsible for making our choices, and if one chooses to not have health insurance, they need to understand possible consequences that can come with not having it. I do not think the government should tell someone to buy something, if they truly feel they do not need it.

  • Think of the poor people!

    What about people who can't afford healthcare? What if they are on Work Comp. And can't provide 4 their family? Think about the people, man! Sure, it'd contribute to society, but what if you can't pay for insurance, and your child gets ebola? What if you get a heart attack? If you can't buy healthcare, you can't do anything! Government should provide healthcare. At least take a census so you know who to/ who not to provide for.

  • America has the right to choose

    This country was founded on the belief that man/women should have a say in the laws that are made that will effect his/her family and life. People should have a say in whether or not they even need health care. This country has become more of a dictatorship and less and less of a republic, it has become the very thing that we separated from when we fled from England.

  • Americans should have the right to choose

    These days America is more of a dictatorship and is getting less and less of a republic. Americans should be able to choose whether or not the need health insurance, this country was founded on that belief that man should have a say in what becomes of him/her. The world has changed so much.

  • Unconstitutional forced healthcare

    We should not be forced to have a health care plan we don't want. It is over priced and NOT affordable. I pay my own way and now have to pay a penalty for that. Now I cannot afford to go to the doctor or dentist, because I have to save and put that money aside to pay the penalty for not having insurance. Having insurance would cost more than the penalty, so I opted for the penalty. I now receive no health care at all because I have to use that money to pay the penalty.

  • Forcing citizens to buy products from Commercial Companies is unconstitutional

    The government should not force citizens to purchase services and products from commercial companies. If the government thinks that this is a requirement, it should make healthcare universal assuring everyone receives the same base care. Those citizens who want to buy private insurance will then do so at their own will.

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