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  • Americans should vote.

    There is a big enough gap in voting to where it could change the outcome of an election. If a senator or Representative it changes the outcome of what will happen in two years. There might be less education funds, less impact on the nation, put states in dept. Not to mention that the President, the most powerful person in the country, depends on people's vote.

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  • We should vote

    What's the point of not voting? Are you stupid? Voting should be required because jury duty is forced upon us, we are forced to pay taxes, we are forced to follow the laws that the government decides, so we should have to help decide on elected officials. It is no different.

  • Americans should want and be required to vote!!!

    Americans should want to vote and be required to. I think that because were the people of the country we get to choose what we want to vote and who we want to vote for. We are the voice of America we get to say what goes all we need to do is stick together and vote for the right things to make our country better.

  • Yes it does

    We need to get donald trump outta election he will ruin america. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . All the lower case will be homeless. . . .

  • As a citizen of a country, one should be required to vote for government officials.

    I'm a strong conservative, so i hate excessive government control, but i do feel that voting should be mandatory. Around 25 to 30% of americans actually vote, which might give one party an advantage over the other parties. If everyone voted, the presidential election winners would actually win fair. Also, jury duty is forced upon us, we are forced to pay taxes, we are forced to follow the laws that the government decides, so we should have to help decide on elected officials. It is no different.

  • Why be forced to do something you don't want to do?

    If all Americans were forced to vote, many would be unmotivated and would do what their friends told them to do. That doesn't seem like a good way to pick someone to lead the country.Their not voting because they can their voting to vote based on who their friends tells them to vote for.

  • Americans should vote!

    Compulsory voting, which means mandatory, has worked in over half of the countries in the world. With consequences that are reasonible for not voting. You should vote if you want to be considered a citizen who is apart of this country because it is a right that you have earned and you should use it to your best ability. If voting right were taken away, people would be outrageous. Some people actually care about voting, and others treat it as a regular day.

  • I am open to the idea that all Americans should be required to vote.

    A democracy is one that depends on the participation of its citizens. Voting in a democracy is not a right, or, a privilege. I see it as a responsibility. One that is more likely to keep the democracy healthy and functional. An electorate, involving large numbers who do not show up to vote, is more likely to be corrupt, taken over by those who will use it for their own advantage. I would add that there is also a responsibility to be at least minimally conversant of the issues. An ill-informed electorate is subject to the same dangers as one that fails to vote.

  • No – It is a privilege, not a right

    No, Americans should not be required to vote. We, as Americans, get to partake in one of the greatest political systems ever. One of the bases of this political system is individual freedom. This freedom extends to the process of voting. To attempt to force a person to vote, who has no vested interest in the outcome of the election, would lead to calamity. While you may not like the person who won the election, could you imagine what would happen if people who do not care, cast a vote. We could hear the news on election night that write-in candidate Mickey Mouse has won the presidential election. It is because of that, that I think there should be no requirement to vote.

  • No, Americans should not be required to vote

    Voting is a privilege that Americans should take advantage of. This is the biggest opportunity for a citizen to voice their opinion. Unfortunately, too many Americans are lazy, uneducated with the process or apathetic to their country to vote. To force them to vote when they don't know or care of the outcome can only have bad results. I would much prefer a smaller, intelligent and knowledgeable electorate, than an environment where 60% are just pulling a lever. Requiring a vote would also lead to fraud - people who don't care would "sell" their vote and create an untenable situation for our country.

  • Choices.

    No, Americans should not be required to vote. Yes, many people are too lazy to vote or simply don't want jury duty but there are also good reasons not to vote. If a person does not feel that they are informed enough to vote then why would they vote? It would have a negative impact.

  • No no no

    America is a place to be and if we were required to vote than that would definitely ruin the concept. If you had irresponsible people vote than they'd just put down a random name. Id rather have a low turnout rather than getting a president people just randomly put down on a paper.

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  • No no no

    Compulsory voting would run rampant. Far too many people would not become educated on the candidates due to their lack of morals and an education. If people do not want to vote or learn about candidates they should not be allowed to. In fact I believe we should have tests at the voting sites to prove that the person voting actually knows something about the candidate they are voting for.

  • Lies, Lies, Lies

    Some politicians will do anything these days to get votes. If votes were made mandatory, they would vie for them by any means possible, including telling blatant lies. Is that what this country needs? I don't think so! We can't have any more liars in charge. We're in enough trouble as it is.

  • No, voting no

    No, nobody should be forced to vote. Especially if there isn't some they want to vote for or feel comfortable voting for. Nobody wants trump nobody wants hillary this whole presidency thing is just ruining the world and the countries... People should just vote if they want to not be forced to

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