Should Americans care about current events in other countries?

  • Yes, we should care about other countries.

    United States citizens should definitely care about foreign events. In fact, I often feel guilty for not caring as much, or not paying as much attention, as I think I should. The reason I feel this way is that World War II really showed us that we had to be involved and concerned as a nation. There are atrocities happening in other countries, and we can't turn a blind eye and let people suffer.

  • Current events in other countries can affect the US

    Yes, Americans should care about the current events in other countries. Some events that occur in other countries can drastically affect the conditions of the United States. Many of our commodities and other items are purchased from foreign entities. Not to mention there are Americans found all over the world and one should be aware of things that might take place during travel to or through other countries.

  • America should care about the worlds events.

    I believe that every country on the planet should be interested and aware of the foreign affairs of other countries, America included. I think that having an awareness of the world around us is very important, it leads to a more open minded and educated type of person in the world.

  • Current Events Dictate Foreign Aid Furnished by Taxpayers

    Our elected officials in Washington D.C. use taxpayer money to fund foreign aid to places like Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Japan, Egypt, and more. For this reason alone, Americans should be less distracted by reality television and super-mega buffets and should pay more attention to current events in other countries. Instead of taxpayer dollars going towards domestic programs, foreign aid goes to places that may not be solid. At election time, Americans need to know how congressmen voted for foreign aid to various countries.

  • Americans Should Care About Current World Events

    Yes, Americans should care about current events in other countries. The United States of America is affected and influenced by events happening all over the world. So, it only makes sense that its citizens should try and keep up with current world events. To not do so puts those citizens at a disadvantage in the global marketplace.

  • No, we should not care about some other countries

    The united states should not care about the events or effects that happen around the only because the truth is told at least and we are barely cared for in other countries and im saying this from being born in a diffrent country. But after all the wars that have happened the US has the least of rivals but the number is going up and the population is going down

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