Should Americans fear the American government?

Asked by: Specialist
  • Of course we should!

    Judging by the recent news of the NSA we should fear the government because if they really did do the things that Edward Snowden released, who knows what else they have done and who knows what else they are capable of. So I say we should be afraid of our government.

  • Maintaining Controll in America.

    If people do not fear the government, how can the government hope to keep control of the people? The governments job is to govern the people, and today's society requires people to be in fear for te government to run properly. If people these days weren't so stupid they wouldn't have to have a government that scares them.

  • Of course, every American should be obligated to vote and get involved.

    Power corrupts and its not just a cliche. Americans need to be engaged in the active control of the government. In my opinion the govt. Needs a house cleaning. All incumbents out! Lower Terms limits on all elected govt officials. Eradicate the "career politician". Remove all pensions and lifelong benefits from the governments elected positions.

  • They are greedy.

    There are far too many politicians who do not give a crap what happens to us. They only care about themselves. The love of money is the root of all evil. And it's true. They have the capability to do horrible things, so what's holding them back? Or have they already started horrible things? Population control? They can do that. There's too much their hiding from us, nd to me that's terrifying. And for those reasons and more, I am scared of our government.

  • Police Brutality is Rampant Government refuses to go hard on them.

    Police Brutality is rampant is California, there have been raids as well where the police has even threatened to bring military force. There is also the nuclear bombs that the U.S. houses as well as white phosphorus etc. It's crazy how we have this government and military with insane weapons at their disposal yet we act like it's normal. It's crazy how our government has tried to shut us up in the past by doing things like creating the NSA whereas they can see what we search online etc and even going out and trying to ban songs like "F*ck The Police". There is also things like Area 51 and etc. where the government refuses to give us information. I feel like the government will only get worse in time.

  • They are sick

    They need to be stopped ,the childeran need a place to grow.Life is important ,clean air and food are needed not rich crazy Nazi Americans getting more.There is enough resources if people stopped trying to live like kings who are power happy.Stop feeding us fear and stop dumbing us down.Give peace a chance

  • Democracy is a fancy synonym for mob rule mentality.

    Democracy is a fancy synonym for mob rule mentality. History has shown that those in power will always prey on those singled out. Democracy forces there to always be a majority(those in power) that will prey on the minority(those singled out) Therefore it is inevitable that the majority will eventually hurt the minority. You must always fear what the mob says for it looks out only for the good of the majority, and if you live long enough eventually you will join the mob or be a minority.

  • Corrupt Government Agencies

    When government agencies can provide falsified data against you and errors so large as to basically be false data, and no-one in government holds them accountable or makes them fix the false claims, but they are free to use this information to ruin your life anyway, it is terrifying. Your life can be turned upside down for no reason. And any time you call for help, it will be used against you. It is happening to me, which is why I now fear the government.

  • This question can go either way. We shouldn't have to fear our Government but now a days we do.

    Little by little the government has distorted or corrupted our constitutional rights. Distorted in the fact that they try and tell us it is for our own safety as we hand over our rights out of fear and corrupting them in that they say our constitution is old fashioned and doesn't apply to todays situations. They have intruded into our education system, our jobs, and our way of life. If that is nothing to be afraid of then I don't know what is.

  • Be very afraid

    Some say democracy yet America has turned to communism, the American government is forcing Americans to do what they want us to do, you have no win when it comes to the government. Your life is on public display as the government see fit yet the government is confidential. Voting is a farce the elites already know who they want to win and there is nothing anyone can say or do to change this so called democracy/communistic country, they tell us what to eat whether it is cloned or not, how to eat hey that's to much salt delete salt altogether. To fat Americans need to be on a diet, to skinny they are sick get Dr.Phil take these shots or your child can not go to school. Over charging for cable after they took away our regular channels now it is part of a package deal. FACE FACTS REGULAR AMERICANS OUR CHOICES ARE LIMITED THE ELITE HAS THE FINAL SAY YOU SHOULD BE VERY AFRAID YOU SHOULD OPEN YOUR EYES AND EARS

  • We live in a democratic republic !

    We live in the best democratic republic in the world and no american should fear the American government because we are the American government. We should have courage to increase our belief in our democratic idealism toward a more perfect union to achieve a utopian ideal healthy way of life

  • Americans are their own government!

    Literally. The people of America ARE their own government. Ever hear the phrase "democratic-republic"? Democratic means that of a Democracy, and the definition of a Democracy is government by a majority rule. Meaning that say, if, a guy is arrested, the jury votes if he goes to jail. The majority of the votes declare if he is innocent or guilty. This is a property of Democracy. The definition of Republic is a government which is ruled by law. Normally, Republic would suggest that the arrested man would be forced into jail for breaking the law, because Republic is rule by the law. Therefore, since America is a mix of a Democracy and a Republic, for example, the man who is arrested gets a rightful trial by law (Republic) before the jurors vote on majority of what should be done with him (Democracy).

    Since Democracy is majority rule, it is compiled directly from the people and is the people. Such from Abraham Lincoln's "That this government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth." Thus, by previously explained means and this expressed quotation, it is shown that the American people are indeed their own government.

    Are those who voted "yes" suggesting that we should be afraid of ourselves? They may not know it, but they truly are.

  • No, it's supposed to be the other way around

    When we were founded, the people were put in charge of the government, and those in power, from the mayors all the way up to the president, were supposed to respect and to fear the people. They were simply put into power to represent what the people wanted, and to assure their rights were protected. Now, the government has turned into this large, out of control entity that has put its citizens into fear. It was not supposed to be this way, and it should not be this way. The power is in the people, they own and control the government. People need to realize this and start to retake what is rightfully theirs. The people, the citizens, own this country, not the government. The people are in charge, not the government. The government is the servent, not the people. The government should be in fear, not the people.

  • Not unless you're is enemy

    America was founded on the principles of freedom and justice for every man, and with that said, we can get involved in our own government. Anyone can be a politician and a leader. That is an encouraging thought, and we should have no fear of ourselves...That is, unless you know you are a terrible politician.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • They "Should" not fear the government.

    The word "should" is important when answering this question. In a perfect state the American people should fear an invasive government, but they should not fear their own government. If we fear our government then we change our government, or rather we should. We should be our government, so why fear ourselves.

  • The Government should FEAR the PEOPLE!

    Slowly we are turning into the same situation in what caused the French Revolution....The people are slowly turning angry at the "Freedom" that they are given...Minimum wage, Corrupt Voting System, Media controlled by Oil Companies and the list goes on...
    To be honest, the Government is now controlled by Weapons Companies, Oil Companies, and the rich and famous.

  • Like a Great Dane fearing a Chihuahua.

    There are millions of Americans in the country.. And only a handful of congressmen. If you submit and fear them then of course they're going to have power like they do now! No power, No control, No options, and no say-so from the people. Don't fear it, it only amuses them. We are bigger; we shouldn't fear them.

  • Yes and No

    Government can be a force for good. Look at countries like Canada, and look at the countries of the EU. The U.S. has a "give me liberty or give me death" mentality, and I think, in some ways, that is dangerous. Listen, no one is more opposed to government overreach than me, but government can help people. Look at Canada: their middle class is the wealthiest in the world. Meanwhile, America's middle class is shrinking. A minimum wage job in the U.S. is a good paying job in Canada. Now, civil liberties are very important. I oppose overreach by the NSA and other government branches, but to have an irrational fear of government is wrong. Government can be a force for good in people's lives, but keeping it in check is crucial. Therefore, participation in government by citizens and getting money out of politics are crucial. But, beyond that, I think fear of government is paranoid and irrational.

  • The government understand the people and works on it behalf Eg.

    In US American people as well as other people must completely destroy other nations such as China, India, Russia and betray Europe into transforming it into United States of the World. Because their knew their going to have problems of other countries such as war and trade corruption. Remove people way of life (culture) in american so people can think their ancestors where Americans and gov will change and lie on history as people always do their best to not smart.

  • The people should not fear our government.

    The people founded this country. The people built our government. It is in the founding of our country that we have the right to set straight our government if it is one that is off track.He American people should not fear our government, but our government should fear The People.

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