• Yes we need change.

    I didn't like either choice. I liked a third party. But if we can't hear what they have to say it's never going to change. President Trump should not be president but yet we do nothing. He's making the U.S go up in flames. And Hilary wouldn't have been any better. We need major changes. I think a third party president would be an awesome change.

  • YES! Its time for a change.

    I'm tired of the talked about two choices acting like babies and doing and saying what I teach my children not to do! I want to see and here about all my choices, what they will do for us! We need to here from them now! Let them be heard

  • YES! Tired of grown people acting like big old babies.

    I'm tired of grown people doing and saying what I teach my children not to do! I want to know about all my choices! Who they are! What they want for us! We should here about them! If you have the power tell us now only 15 days left hurry!

  • Yes, because right no we are between a rock and a hard place

    Trump is a hot mess. Clinton is not popular with many voters. Sanders is sort of a crack pot, but all the GOP candidates were either insane, douche-bags or unsuccessful. We should have more viable options, but the political process is a giant mess, and the primary system is in chaos and many of the candidates Trump included don't get how it actually works. I'm not sure having more crappy options would be better, either, but right now we're in a hole.

  • Change the entire system

    The two party system is broken and leads to nothing but divisiveness and corruption. Winnowing the field to two candidates almost immediately makes the process about money, limiting the true electorate to a very small number of citizens with very large piles of cash. The current system simply ensure a third party candidate pulls votes from one of the 'leading' candidates without accomplishing anything.

  • Yes, the two party system is broken.

    The last few elections have made it clear that the two party system is broken. Not all Democrats or Repbulicans agree on major party issues, and it would make sense for their to be more candidates. If more Canidates were running we might have a better chance of electing someone we are happy with.

  • Choices may not be good.

    Every four years, we have very little options regarding who we want as our next president of the United States. This year, our options aren't very good. Simply stated, the options are bad or worse. Which one is the lesser of the two evils? It doesn't really matter. We should have more choices regarding who should be president. Sure, we have third party candidates, but we don't hear of them too much.

  • I think it is fine just the way it is.

    American Politics and the system of presidential election it follows has always been the same and doesn't really need a change. It's been the same for a while and it is going to remain the same for a while. I think Americans have enough of a say and enough of a voice.

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