• It is a 100% necessity!

    I respect everybody's input and opinions in this situation, however you need to look at the statistics. We can all agree that Mexico is the country that dominates Spanish speaking. But what is number two? I hope you did not say Spain, because it is our country, America. Yes, we have more Spanish-speaking CITIZENS than Spain, where the language originated from. So next time before you start disrespecting Spanish, try and remember the facts.

  • It is a 100% necessity!

    I respect everybody's input and opinions in this situation, however you need to look at the statistics. We can all agree that Mexico is the country that dominates Spanish speaking. But what is number two? I hope you did not say Spain, because it is our country, America. Yes, we have more Spanish-speaking CITIZENS than Spain, where the language originated from. So next time before you start disrespecting Spanish, try and remember the facts.

  • I believe it would be good for Americans to learn some type of language besides there own.

    This language doesn't necessarily have to be Spanish, but Spanish is still a very good choice. Let me specify that we shouldn't force people to learn Spanish which would be wrong, but I do believe it's a good skill to have. I also want to say that this doesn't mean Spanish speakers shouldn't learn English. If your an immigrant who wants a better life in the US then it's only polite that you learn the language. Thank you and God bless.

  • We shouldn't be forced, but what are we to do when Spanish over rides English

    I believe that the Spanish speaking population is growing quickly. We already have %12 Spanish speaking families (If 3 to a family, that would be 12,000,000 families speaking Spanish, and growing.)

    I work at a Nursery in Oklahoma, and not long ago was it when some man and two kids came up to the place and said "Hello." I asked them "How are y'all doing today?" They looked at me weird so I said "Cómo Estas hoy?" Suddenly the mans face brightened with a smile and I sold him some over $200 worth of flowers through simple things I've took time to learn, like quantity of flowers he wanted. He seemed like a very sweet guy and I really wished I could've made simple small talk with the guy and get to know his story, why he's here. Because after all no one is here voluntarily.

    On top of that not all countries have an education system like America. We can learn almost ANY language just by writing down that you want to learn it. Or simply going on the internet. We can't take out luxuries for granted.

    One last thing. Think about the southern states here. In Texas, if you can't speak Spanish, have fun getting a good job. I'm not saying you're obligated to learn Spanish, I'm saying that it's always best you do and it's also so simple to do (especially in this country) to learn another language. Because who knows, over years of time, the English language may be completely forgotten about like Latin was.

  • Be proud of our languages

    I believe every american should learn English and Spanish. I do not believe it should be enforced by the government but each state should promote a second language that has some history or value in their area(like Spanish). We have an opportunity to embrace Spanish, therefore I support learning Espanol.

  • As the hispanic population of the United States grows, it becomes increasingly beneficial for Americans to learn to speak Spanish.

    A significant portion of the American population now lists Spanish as its first language. This population is expected to grow. As the number of Spanish speakers continues to grow, it becomes more mutually beneficial for Americans to learn Spanish. Although many Americans resist this notion under the assumption that English is the official language of the United States, the fact is that the United States does not have an official language.

  • This is a hard question to answer...

    I think that bilingualism should be required when graduating High School, just to educate teenagers on the importance, or at least the knowledge of how another country works, speaks, etc. BUT forcing them to learn Spanish, not having a choice in what language or culture they're interested in isn't right. Yeah, the Spanish minority is big in the United States... Meaning they should speak ENGLISH, as it is a dominant language (they can keep their traditions, culture and what not, but it's helpful to learn English), just as you would learn German if you were going to Germany, or learn Faroese if you were going to the Faroe Islands, or learn Hiw if you were going to wherever Hiw is the dominant language. The people shouldn't conform to a minority's language, the minority should conform to the dominant language.

    But yeah, bilingualism should be required. Just the ability to talk to a native speaker is the ability needed to pass. It encourages teenagers to learn about the world they live in (That's for another debate, though). Just sayin...

  • It is not necessary.

    How many jobs can Spanish speaking countries offer Americans? These countries have poor economies and cannot take in more refugees from Central America. At the end of the day, their survival depends on the US. They are the ones that have to learn our language, not the other way around.

  • No, US citizens should not be compelled to speak a specific language other than English.

    This is a difficult question to answer, because I believe people in the United States should all try to learn one language spoken internationally, whatever it may be. Unlike a lot of other countries, we don't typically learn more than one language. That being said, I don't think anyone should be forced to learn a specific language. Rather, it should be required in school to follow a track to learning at least one foreign language of choice. Spanish would certainly be a wise choice to make, because it could potentially expand one's job opportunities (such as teaching, etc.) in the U.S.

  • All Immigrants need to learn english

    I feel everyone who immigrates to this country needs to learn English. I also feel that English should become the official language of The United States and those immigrating here needs to have a good understanding of English before they are allowed to enter our country as immigrants or new citizens. This will allow them to have similar opportunities to advance in our society and become second class citizens because they do not speak English.

  • Why do American's need to learn Spanish?

    I wanna start of by saying I love the Hispanic/Latino culture, by far beautiful people. But my argument, is that I'm in America where I'm from. Why is that were required as American's to learn Spanish to get jobs. They're leaving from home to come to American, they should be required by the government to learn the English language of American people. We didn't ask them to come here! Thank God for them, but we shouldn't be limited of anything as American citizens.

  • Why would we cater to Mexico?!

    FREAK No! Mexico is their own country. Why the heck should we cater to them?! Canada speaks French, but we aren't required to learn French. The world language is ENGLISH. In all honestly, Mexicans should be learning English. What is the benefit of Spanish? Honestly? What have Spanish speaking countries done, that if we learn it, it will make us more successful? The only thing Spanish is good for in America, is so we can get more business from all the immigrants. Out of any second language, I would say Chinese is the most useful second language. There is so much business you can benefit from by working with China. I get so annoyed when Spanish speakers come into my store asking me if I know Spanish like I should or something? No?! Why don't you speak English as a second language, like the rest of the world?? Don't get me wrong, I don't expect people to know "my language", I am bilingual myself, because I loved in another country, I learned their language out of respect.

  • It makes no sense emigrating to a country and keeping your language

    Immigrants should not come to a foreign country and except everyone to know their language. It's honestly a bit disrespectful to force your language in where it was spoken from a country that you fled. I would not go to Germany and except everyone to know English, it just logical.

  • My great grandparents learned to speak English.

    I have lived here all my life. I am 57 years old. The majority of Americans speak English. All the road signs are in English. English is the language of the financial arena. I should NOT have to drive down the street and see signs in Spanish that I can't read!

  • It's not fair.

    There are Italians, Poles, Russians, Germans, and Chinese who broke their backs, so to speak, to come to this country. They learned English. Why should we have to make an exception for all these "legal" immigrants from Latin America? Besides, Spanish is nowhere near as cool as Polish or Russian. Speaking Polish is more impressive, and the Poles were in this country before all these Latinos came out of nowhere. So we should learn Polish if anything. And just because you speak a language at home doesn't mean you speak only that language.

  • Bilingualism fractures countries

    Just look at Canada, Only 8 million French speakers and many would like to be independent and preserve their French heritage. Language is a unifying force; have two and you end up like the Dutch. Assimilation is the key. Sorry, if you immigrate you must adapt to the host country, not the other way round.

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