Should an independent Kurdish state be established?

  • An Independent Kurdish State Should Be Established

    An independent Kurdish state should be established. At this time, this group is one of the only ones in the region that is not impacted by religious extremism. It would also hopefully save Kurdish lives if they had an independent state. The Kurdish people are not trying to run anyone out of their own homes, but searching for a place they can peacefully live.

  • Keeping the Kurds in Iraq,Syria and Turkey is like keeping Americans in Britain

    The Kurdish people are an ethnic group like the Jews in Israel they deserve their own country to call their own. It states in the treaty of Versailles that a Kurdish state could be established but the other ethnic groups like the Turkish and Syrian parliaments that were set up after ww1 wanted more land to control and less opposition to deal with so they oppressed the Kurds to keep the majority Kurd ares of their countries under their control

  • There's no doubt about it.

    The world has to move out of the ancient imperialistic model.
    In both the Fourteen Points of president Woodrow Wilson and the Atlantic Charter of president Franklin D. Roosevelt, self-determination was up-held as one of the major principles U.S. has been pursuing. The country of U.S. itself was established based on the principle of self-determination. Only by continuing to support the principle of self-determination, the world peace and the prosperity of mankind are guaranteed.

  • They should get it.

    They have their religious land when they get their country, and if Israel can get their religious land, why can't the Kurds have theirs. They make up more than 10% of the Population in all of the countries they inhabit. If they inhabit 4 countries, they inhabit more than 40%, and they have over 25 million followers, more than enough to start a country.

  • Lets Kurdish nation determine its own destiny!

    Iraq can never bee stabilized. Chaos, destruction and terrorism will never come to an end. The ethnic and sectarian conflict will persist forever. Successive Iraqi Government have never adopted Kurds as equal partners in the political process. Iraq is an artificial state. Different peoples are coerced to co-exist together. It is a botched strategy. It has not worked for the last century. Baghdad did not honor article 140 of its constitution which would determine the status of Kurdish historical city of Kirkuk and disputed regions till Kurdish Peshmarga Forces had to liberate them. Let there be a referendum and let Iraqi decide thier own destiny. Decentralization and democratization of Middle East is the only viable solution that would protect minorities rights.

    Kurdistan Independence Movement ( K.I.M.)

  • Yet another conflict, more problems

    Kurdistan should not gain independence due to the fact that a regional war could start in the Middle Eastern region. Kurdistan encompasses territories of four countries: Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. With an independent Kurdish state, the chaos in Iraq and Syria will be even worse, more people will die, and as a result, the United States will be dragged into the conflict. The governments of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria will not be happy with Kurdish independence, and surely they will not hesitate to send in their armed forces to ensure that there is no Kurdish state. Even if Kurdistan does gain independence, and they do repel attacks from surrounding countries, they will be at a bad position, geographically speaking. Kurdistan, if made independent, will be land-locked, since all four countries that oppose Kurdish independence surround the region. Those countries will ensure that no supplies, food, or cargo enters or leaves the Kurdish state, thus leaving the people of Kurdistan in a very terrible position. Sure, they may have oil, which they could profit from and then buy supplies with that money, but no one would want to buy that oil since that would mean antagonizing Turkey and sparking yet more conflicts with Iran and Syria, which is something that very few countries want, especially the major western powers. Due to this, the Kurds will be left in a hopeless situation, and they would have to dissolve their state anyway. Basically, Kurdish independence will pose a problem not only to the Arabs, Persians, and Turks, but also to the very people of Kurdistan in the long run.

  • Negative Effects on Middle Eastern Countries

    With an independent Kurdish state, much of northern Iraq, southern Turkey, western Iran, and some of northern Syria would be taken away from these countries, in which this region is important to each of these four countries. A regional war could also arise since most Arabs go against Kurdish independence.

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