• Yes, they should have lifted the lockdown.

    While it is nice to know that military bases have quick response times in the event of an emergency, there was no threat. However, they should have immidiately known that it was not a threat. It is worrisome that the next overreaction might lead to something more serious than delayed flights and other inconviences.

  • Andrews AFB was right to lift the lockdown.

    According to CNN, the call to police about an active shooter on Andrews Air Force Base was a miscommunication. An airman who was not aware there was going to be active shooter training called the police about men with weapons walking around on their base, which turned out to be the actors for the simulation training.

  • Andrews Air Force Base isn't safe yet

    Maryland's Joint Base Andrews was put on lockdown after reports were released indicating that there was an active shooter at the base. This lockdown was lifted much too quickly - threats of an active shooter must be taken seriously, which means that the process to find and capture these criminals should take a longer time.

  • No, Andrews Air Force Base should not have lifted the lockdown.

    No, Andrews Air Force Base should not have lifted the lockdown. There was confusion about whether this lockdown was real since there was an active shooter exercise the same morning. However, the Air Force spokesman later confirmed that the "active shooter" lockdown was real. For this reason, they should not have lifted the lockdown that same day.

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