• Of coarse It should be illegal

    I know this for a fact: Many owners think that abusing their pets will make them learn but it only makes the animal more aggressive. This explains why we have so many aggressive pit bulls because their owners beat them and make them fight. People beat these creatures because they thought it will train them but it is only making a vicious animal that does not trust anyone.

  • Abusing animals is cruel

    Animals are NOT just property. Just because you can buy a pet at a store doesn't mean that you can abuse it. Animals are living creatures. They have feelings and deserve to be well cared for. How would humans feel if another species abused us? Animal Abuse is very wrong.

  • What! Is this a question?

    Of course not! God created us to love animals and care for them. Yes, we do have power over them; however, that doesn't mean we must mistreat them and abuse them. Animals have basic rights and feelings too. I don't believe in "animal rights" necessarily. (If I did I would be a vegan :) ) However, as I stated earlier I believe in basic animal rights such as the right to not be abused, etc.

  • Should Animal Abuse Be Illegal? Yes.

    God has given human beings the power over the animal kingdom and they should not misuse this divinely ordained power. God has also made man responsible for the well being of planet earth of which animals are an intrinsic part. When God sent the men to this world he gave specific instruction so as to lord over the animal kingdom but also take additional responsibility. Hence nobody should be allowed to mistreat their pets and this act should be made illegal.

  • Animals Have Rights Too

    Just because a being isn't as smart as a human does not make it's right to life any less prevalent. Animal abusers put animals through hell, and they need to be put in prison for their actions.

    Saying "Animals are stupid, why should we care about them?" Is no different than when pro choicers say "Babies are stupid, why should we care about them?"

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  • Animals are beautiful. It is now illegal, in my world.

    Animals are the most delicate life form there can possibly be. They are innocent and deserve chances needed to be risk taken by the ones in the world that don't care for them, don't love them, and think they should executed from this world. They are special gifts from God, and don't deserve a treatment of kicking, stabbing, hatred, and don't deserve a life of abuse. They are beautiful and need to be treated as such as they are from the maker and lover of the world, God.

  • Animals are innocent. Love the living.

    Animals are very precious to this world and we need to save the living ones, not take and destroy something that has not even done anything at all to us. They deserve chances that need to be risk taken by people that have no pets, by people that just want to hurt and abuse them, because they don't care for them, they want to get rid of beautiful things. Any animal is the most delicate life form that has no right to be treated like this. People that abuse them are monsters.

  • This is the dumbest question that was put out to the American public

    Absolutely why should poor animals suffer at the hands of idiots and internet YouTube everything it should be taken down there is so much abuse being there it's horrific and you let it happen and then you wonder why we have this world that's the reason why please help and put an end to this suffering by these poor animals that hurt innocent innocent little animals and kids if they hurt animals that go into her kids it's not right I'm sorry

  • Yes it should be illegal

    Animals are living animals you hurt one u pay the price there all the same don't abuse them they should not be hurt they feel every thing some one does to them and that should be illegal people should not be doing this to them that's mean and cruel no pet or animal should live like that.

  • Oh, another tumblr reject

    Animals may be freely abused, if the people who own them choose to do so. Animals are property; you wouldn't want someone telling you exactly what you could write on a piece of paper that will go into a notebook that will then be lit on fire, why should you be forbidden from abusing animals?

  • Don't understand the whole "animal abuse" thing

    It matters what you define as animal abuse. Animals such as monkeys are used for experimentation. These experiments are used to develop drugs that will better human health. Since many animal rights activists label this "animal abuse", I am confused about this whole issue.

    Also, don't we technically "abuse" cows and horses and pigs and chickens? We use them for our own personal gain. That should not be illegal. Why is it correct to eat a cow but incorrect to eat a dog?

    Kicking a dog or beating an animal for no reason is inhumane, so I understand that being classified as animal abuse. I don't know if this should be illegal, as animals are not on the same social level as humans.

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I thought it already was......