• Yes. It's morally wrong.

    Abuse is wrong. I thought this was a simple thing to understand. We are all animals, so technically this means, should abusers be killed? Yes, totally. I still need twenty three words so... Yea. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero. Overall, abuse is just immoral.

  • Yes they should

    Those dogs are just as important as every single person in their family and they should get put in death row the poor defenseless animals dont deserve this mean treating they were put on this earth for a reason and thats not why!!!! Kill all of the animal abusers on earth!

  • Yes they should

    Those dogs are just as important as every single person in their family and they should get put in death row the poor defenseless animals dont deserve this mean treating they were put on this earth for a reason and thats not why!!!! Kill all of the animal abusers on earth!

  • Animals have lives also!

    The death penalty is given to people who pose a threat to society, animals are becoming more integrated to our society and it could be argued that they deserve citizenship (it's a long shot though). A person who goes on a murderous rampage will get the death penalty in just about everywhere. A person who goes on a murderous rampage, exclusive to animals, gets probably a little over a decade. This is seriously unjust. It's been proven that most animals have emotions, and this is clear in domesticated animals. Many dogs are visibly sad when they are separated from their owners. If they have emotions such as love, they can certainly feel a very primitive emotion like fear. So if animals are pretty close to people in that sense, why don't they get equal treatment? If people can get the death penalty for killing people, they should for killing animals.

  • Animal Cruelty is Torture

    People throw dogs off roofs, burn dogs and cats alive, and do other horrible things...For fun. FOR FUN!
    I don't care who it is. If you burned a dog alive, you should be burned alive. The abuser should go throug the same suffering the animal did. This is the only way to stop it.

  • Yes it should

    Animals should not be abuse in any way shape or form, they have a life they have families and people go around abusing and killing animals like its a sport. It is disgusting. People should be punished by death, see how they like it. Believe it or not animals have feelings just like humans, it sickens me to think that people can get away with animal abuse.

  • Torture is Worse than Murder!!!

    People burning cats, throwing puppies off of their roofs, flamethrowing pigs alive, putting salt on snails and starving dogs to death, all for their own fun! I say there should be a death penalty for those who kill animals by torturous means! Putting them to sleep is another thing but that should also be done with some verification and a legitimate reason.

    imagine someone burning a child, dehydrating him/her, throwing him/her off of a roof and starving them to death.
    People get paranoid when animals attack them and kill them on the spot but, sometimes people kill animals when they try to lick them and show their love! These people are idiots and don't deserve to live.
    Even if my closest friend burns a dog alive for fun or just getting views on Youtube, I would report him and hope that he dies.

    Obviously, one cannot look before taking every step to see if they are stepping on ants, but don't kill them intentionally

  • I agree 100%

    Anyone who abuses any innocence animal or child does not deserve a spot in this world. Animals have been through enough already and it's time we start charging our ways. Treat them with kindness and a gentle hand. Not with violence and cruelty. NOT all lives are precious also anyone who says that is clearly dead wrong and probably hates animals anyways.

  • People abusing animals deserves capital punishment.

    Yes people abusing animals must be killed. I don't know why people thing they are above everything!! We destroyed our land, air and water and yet we balm animals for lack of their sensitivity. These animals are most humble species on earth and its these pervert men/women who should be killed. No mercy to be shown what so ever.. As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, you can know “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

  • What is done to the animal, should be done to them.

    I agree to the same punishment.
    WHAT IS DONE/ OR WAS DONE TO THE ANIMAL, SHOULD BE DONE TO THEM. Note: an animal cannot talk , but cry in pain. We as Human entities do not know what paid they are in and how they are feeling, hence the is a vet to check them. We do not know if the leg is broken, is there head paining, ETC. So once an examination is done, the PERSON(S) responsible should be changed for all account and injuries found on the animal and they should be put through the same pain. I promise you, they will never harm a animal again in their life. Personally, I would put them down if they did it to my animals or if I must ever see them and disappear.

  • Seriously? No... No.

    First of all, I love animals of all kinds. The simple truth, however, is that animals are not as important to our society as humans. We should not set a precedent establishing that an animal's life is a precious as a human's. I think animal abuse SHOULD be punished. But it's not murder to kill an animal.

  • Animal abuse is not ok.. But murdering the abuser is equally as wrong.

    Animal abuse is wrong and should have a punishment enforced if it happenes but the punishment for abuse should not be equal to or more severe than the punishment given for killing a human(meaning the death penalty). It is generally believed that an animal is not on the same level as a human.

  • Yes, in some cases.

    There is something wrong with some of those who would hurt animals; they are clearly bad people and can't be fixed. Animals may well feel fear for their lives just as much as a person, assuming they understand the situation. They have no I'll intent and do not deserve such treatment.

  • No not at all

    First of all, 'animal' abuse occurs everywhere, especially within animals themselves. It depends on what you mean or perceive by 'abuse'. Do I think it's wrong for a human being to use their power to hurt another animal, yes torture should not be tolerated but the meaning of 'torture' can be fluctuating, especially with the fact that there is no clearcut view to what is 'animal abuse'. For example, in Spain it is widely accepted and celebrated to perform lacerations on a bull as a cultural phenomenon, whether in the United States it might seem as cruel and unacceptable. I don't personally think you should degrade, hurt or torture an animal and I do think you deserve a sentence for doing so but death is a little bit too strong.

  • Against capital punishment anyway

    This highlights the emotional vengeance component of capital punishment.

    I'm a big fan of animals. Hate the idea of animal abuse, but the idea that I would exact vengeance like this is just as disgusting as the act of animal abuse.

    Purely an emotional appeal with little to no social benefit.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Of course they have to!!!

    Even they are animals, they are the same living things us. If a person took away an animal's life, they have to have have they're lives equally.
    I don't even understand why they could kill cute animals like that. Also, if they don't stop it immediately, this thing will go on forever.

  • No death for animal abuse

    Yes animal should not be abuse but that's to harsh.People should not go to death for animal abuse maybe jail but not death.Can we just have another way to make people stop animal abuse.Yes its very very very bad for animal abuse maybe more then a fin but less then death.

  • No one deserves to die.

    Even if they are hurtful pieces of trash, they still don´t deserve to die. And no, animals don´t deserve to be treated that way. Aren´t we avenging them enough by putting the abusers in jail_ They´re safe now from the soullless pieces of shit that hurt them, but when we kill people, thats a crime, in itself.. Plus, if you kill the abuser, you are just as bad as they are. Nobody deserves to die. Plus, God is supposed to choose when you die, not some öfficial¨ Plus, you ruin the abusers life anyway by throwing them in jail, you don´t need to ruin the abusers family’s lives just because that one person did a stupid, idiotic thing that sucks af and because that person is soulless. It’s not the family´s fault.

  • No, that's going too far

    Animal abuse is a horrible, disgusting, inhuman thing and everyone who supports it is a complete and utter @55hole but death sentence? It's not THAT bad. It definitely shouldn't go unnoticed and maybe people who abuse animals should get more than charges but not execution! I'm thinking maybe like 1-5 years in prison.

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