Should animal abusers be registered like sex offenders?

  • All criminals should be treated the same.

    Absolutely! Anyone who harms another living thing deserves to be punished to the fullest extent. All Gods creatures deserve love and respect. No living thing should be made to suffer and people who inflict suffering on others should be punished for their actions. Pet owners have the right to know if someone in their neighborhood could possibly harm their babies.

  • Yes they should!

    Just because animal abusers aren't harming a human in any way doesn't mean they shouldn't treat these animal abusers like they're off the hook. Our law enforcement needs to do more or our judges need harsher punishments and keep animal abusers and offenders alike on record. Animal abuse leads to human abuse then the killing of both.


    These animals of every species have no voice and thats what we are here for. I don't know what this world is coming to but I a have a few ideas on how to take care of these abusers. We should do like in the old western days and string them up and do to them what they have done to these innocent souls in front of a huge crowd. Now that would be entertainment and getting rid of societys worst.

  • Yes.

    I think that would stop the animal abusers from abusing other animals. It would also help if someone is looking for more information on someone that is going to take care of their pet. I also think it would make some people think twice about abusing animals if they know that everyone will know what they did.

  • Yes!

    Yes they should! Sex offenders are terrible people, and so are animal abusers. What would stop an animal abuser from abusing a human? Some may argue that animals and humans are completely different, but that is not completely true. Animals still have souls, hearts, and feelings. They feel abuse and hurt. They get upset and cry and whine, they bleed..just like we do. Want to know what the only real difference is? Animals can't scream. Animals can't tell you what has been done to them or ask for help. Animal abusers should absolutely go thorough what sex offenders do.

  • Yes

    In a way I think that animal abusers SHOULD be registered in a similar fashion to sex offenders. I am not saying that what they do is nearly as bad as a child molester, but we still have a duty as humans to try and keep other living things safe as well. I can understand killing an animal for food or if it is a threat to one's well being, but the senseless torture and killing of an animal is just cruel. Besides, killing animals is a small step below killing humans, and even for our own safety these people should be reported and others surrounding them should be aware of these crimes.

  • Absolutely

    Animal abusers, especially ones that sexually abuse animals, are let off with much lighter sentences than individuals who commit crimes against humanity. The reasoning may be biased towards our species, but it ought not to be. Placing individuals like Michael Vick on nationwide shame lists can only lead to social stigmatization which is far stronger than any prison term.

  • Way to serious, Humans are more important than animals

    A very natural idea is that, yes, while it is important for animal abusers to be punished, they need not be treated like sex offenders. A budge that would be set up for animal abusers registration would be money wasted, and perhaps your next door neighbor would be a sex offender unannounced because of the stupid animal abuse budget.

  • No

    While animal abuse is clearly wrong and immoral, there is a finite difference in society between people and animals. Most importantly, our government is set up to follow the concept of the social contract, where people provide their services to the nation in order to receive fair protection. Animals do not partake in this contract, and therefore cannot be extended the equal rights that people receive for their protection. Animals live independently of the government, under full subjection of their owners. I know it sounds bad that way, but if you don't agree with it, don't own pets. On the other hand, in the domestic animal community, animal abusers can be labeled similarly to how sex offenders are labeled in society, for the protection of animals.

  • NO they should not

    While animal abusers are most definitely bad people, this does not necessarily mean that they are a threat to people. I personally feel that there is already enough fear in our current society and having every animal abuser listed would only increase that fear of each other. Another problem is that not all animal abusers are what you probably think of like “a man kicking a wounded dog”. The abuser could just be a crazy cat lady. This list would create more fear than any positive result.

  • Good concept, execution would be costly and ineffective.

    It's a nice sentiment, no one should ever abuse a living creature. We can all agree that's wrong.

    However, registering wouldn't pack much of a punch or even prevent future crimes. With sex offenders they are required to undergo inspections, get addresses approved, report new relationships so the law can check for children, computer access restrictions, and other measures to ensure safety to the community. An animal abuse registry would merely be a wall of shame. I'm not sure what making records public would do aside from create hostility from neighbors.

    We already have criminal background checks that an animal abuse charge would show up on. In all reality, we don't have the resources to enforce registration, we don't even have enough resources to track down people with warrants and bring them in.

    A better and more cost effective idea would be to give shelters grants to do background checks for free on potential adopters so all dogs go into the right hands.

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