• Animals are living creatures.

    Animals are living creatures, just like humans. They feel, they think, and they have emotions. Just because they can't talk, or express how they feel like humans can doesn't matter. No living creatures deserves to spend their life in fear of being hit or kicked. It's inhumane. Research says that every 10 seconds an animal is abused. How wrong is that? Living beings, just like us, that rely on us for almost everything. They put that trust in us, and we go and betray it like it's nothing. If you could hurt an animal, then you could easily hurt a person.

  • Animal cruelty is inhumane

    Would you like to be tortured forced to do something or in so much pain you cant move well this is what we humans are doing to animals constantly and with low laws against animal cruelty people keep on doing it over over and over again we need to stop animal cruelty.

  • Animal cruelty is practically legal in the united states.

    You can get just a year for killing an animal, and killing animals is LEGAL in many situations without a consequence. You can also get life in prison for killing a person, and life in prison for medicinal marijuana. There are people who continue to do horrible things to animals, and get away with it. So yes, animal cruelty laws do need to be stricter. Humans are not in any way less or more important than animals. We feel pain, just like they do. Today in the US, every law is either unnecessary, too harsh, or too lax.

  • No, they are just animals.

    Animals are NOT people. The fact that you can get charged and locked up at all for killing an animal that doesn't belong to someone else is idiocy. If killing a dog is so bad to us, but not the Chinese, and if killing a cow is evil to the Indians but not to us, then there is no reason to criminalize animal cruelty. If you kill someone else's dog then it should be criminalized as you are tampering with someone's property, but a random animal is just that-an animal. If you want it as a pet or if you want to kill it it isn't important to the government

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