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  • Yes they should.

    Most experiments do not harm animals. Animals matter but would you rather have a human die instead of another animal? Animal experiments help medical researchers find ways to help humanity and many times find ways to help animals also. Animal experiments save human lives and will usually help prepare animals.

  • Yes they should

    Animals should be experimented on. While they do have some basic right, most, if not all of the animals that get experimented on would not be alive today if not for the breeding of them for medical testing. We find a ton of medical breakthroughs with animal testing that we would have never found otherwise.

  • This Is A Helpful Practice

    Don't get me wrong, I love animals, but one thing that is very important for our own safety and healthy is experimentation and testing on animals. This is very important for the pharmaceutical companies, as well as many other products. It is far better for us to test on animals first, rather than humans.

  • Only If...

    If the experiment is productive. For example: my son is autistic. There are expirments out there that test the effects of different evoirmental conditions on mice with autistic characteristics. Of course my son is a 3 year old human and not a mouse, but the experiment provides proof of theroy. At the very least. Experiments done just for the sake of find out what happens isn't ok by me.

  • Yes, animals should be allowed to be experimented on

    In our society, our conditions, environment, and interactions create new and sometimes dangerous conditions for health. Cures for these conditions must be developed, but during that period, it is necessary for testing to be done prior to exposing humans to a potential medical solution. Using animals for this purpose is not only logical and practical, it would seem quite necessary for the benefit of mankind.

  • Animals need help

    Animals are in enough danger because of us. We have harmed them, killed them, caged them, taken away their homes and now we are experimenting on them with them having no chance of survival. We need to improve our ways, beginning with stopping the experiments. Did you know that the Vacanti Mouse (ear mouse) is a real mouse with a human ear on its back! AND IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF US!!!!!

  • Just wrong way too wrong

    It's just wrong. So wrong. I mean... Would you like it if you were taken from your home to be used in an experiment? Then they test stuff on you with a chance of you not surviving without your approval. Like I said, just wrong. Just so so wrong. It's honestly just sad.

  • They should not

    They can carry the disease to ohter animals and they have a chance to contract the disease. Also animals could go extinct and all of them die. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • No animal should get tested on it's just wrong.

    I think animals should not get tested on the animals need to live a long healthy live instead of us just coming along to just ruin the little life they are trying to live it's just like other people you letting somebody complete an experiment on you, you might not know if you will get to live your life to the fullest.

  • Depends on what types of experiments.

    I think it really depends on what types of experiments you are talking about. If you are using cosmetics to see if there is any sort of reaction, there is one thing. However, if the animal is put in a position where it can experience serious physical or psychological damage then it shouldn't.

  • Experiments should not be performed on animals

    Experimenting on animals is morally wrong and inhumane. Animals cannot provide informed consent and have no understanding of the pain they are being forced to endure. People have a responsibility to care for animals and treat them as best they can, even if they are raising them for food. Animals should be treated with kindness and not be forced to take the pain for a human.

  • Animal Experiments Unjust

    We shouldn't experiment on animals for any reason. Mice and monkeys are commonly used by scientists, but any animal use in experiments is unethical to say the least. Therefore, we need to move our experiments away from animals and away from human beings, too. Otherwise, we'll start doing more and more perverse experiments.

  • Animals should not be experimented on.

    Animals should not be experimented on for several important reasons.First of all we don't know how much pain animals really feel so we don't know how much pain we are inflicting.Another reason is that many times the anatomy of an animal does not directly translate to a person's similar anatomy.

  • They have a right too.

    Animals should never be tested on. To begin with, animals could possibly face death. If too many species die then they might go endangered or even extinct. Why not test them on prisoners who were
    sentenced to life or death. Animals are just as equal as we are and they feel pain as well. I think people should speak up so the government can ban using animals for experiments.

  • Animal experiments: an evil joke

    Unethical for using animals in an innatural and cruel way, I think animal testing is very dangerous for humans. With animal testing the pharmaceutical factory can ask more public money saying that they have to pay for the animals they have (animal experimentation is expensive!).
    And using animals the researchers can select the species of animals on the basis of the results they want obtain. Ex. Some animals die with diossine, other don't.
    And when their drugs on the market will begin to kill people or to cause horrible diseases and reactions, the researchers will say that with animals the result was different, so it's not their fault. They want be paid! They don't care about human or animal welfare, rights etc. They are horrible people.

    Read more at http://myanimelist.Net/forum/?Topicid=324749&show=200#FkwawPP6joFR2k5q.99

    documents about the atrocities http://www.Xenodiaries.Org

    interesting discussion: http://www.Speakerscornertrust.Org/6342/animal-experimentation-indispensable-or-indefensible/

    scientific opposition and alternatives:

    mistakes of animals experiments:

    progresses in European Union:

    information on vivisection:
    Read more at http://myanimelist.Net/forum/?Topicid=324749&show=200#FkwawPP6joFR2k5q.99

    I found very elucidative a discussion on the speakerscorner trust org between Tom Holder founder of Speaking for Research, and Michelle Thew chief Executive of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV).
    Holder tries to hide the reality and he denies that animals have equal moral status to humans. He compares animals used for research to animals used for food: that's a crazy comparison.

    Read more at http://myanimelist.Net/forum/?Topicid=324749&show=200#FkwawPP6joFR2k5q.99

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