• Yes I think that pets should be allowed in class

    I think pets should be allowed in class because they want to be love and they need love because everyone desires love and everyone want to be loved no one must be alone not being loved if our pets want to be loved then let them love us because they thirst for it

  • Yes they should

    It teaches kids responsibility and it is fun to play with in free time they can have turns on taking care of it. It will teach kids to like animals and to want to explore more of the world. And some animals need to be taken care of and that will teach students

  • Classrooms should have pets

    I think students should get the chance to take care of a pet because maybe there parents don't want a pet in the house. Students will also learn about the circle of life and they will be able to study the pets in class. Maybe if the parents see if the kids are good with the class pet the parents will think about getting a pet for the house.

  • I think some animals should be keep as class pets

    Some animals such as dogs or cats are im sad to say killed because there is to many and they are some times given away to bad homes
    so i think some animals should be kept as class pets so they can have a home and they wont be starving or scared.Also it doesn't have to be a cat or dog it can be any thing.Thats why i think some animals should be kept as class pets oh and also shelters for animals wouldn't be so full

  • Animals should be kept as class pets!

    Animals should be kept as class pets because they can company you in the class as well as play with you. Examples are dogs, cats and hamsters. I think dogs are the best pets because they are cute, companies you and fun to play with. Therefore, I think animals should be kept as class pets.

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  • But who will care for them?

    In the wild they are not safe by other prey, If their kept in homes fed and taken care of their good that way. Theirs animals dying out their and if their in a good home that would keep them safe from getting killed. . . . . . . .

  • I love animals, thats why I don't have any pets.

    If you truly love animals, you should let them be free, happy, and in the wild where they belong. Don't chain them, cage them, neuter or spayed them. OK OK OK... So your argument is that you love them? Well...... I know that your parents love you too. However, you wouldn't want to be living with them for the rest of your life, no matter how much you love them or they loved you. All animal deserves to live free, reproduce, and find their own path whether good or bad.

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