• Pets Are Great For Comforting kids with ASD!

    Im an ASD child,and when the rest of the world rejects me,where do i go? I go into my room with my dogs and cat,and play and snuggle with them for a long time. It is relaxing for me,enough to forget my troubles and go and have some fun with the outside world again. In short terms,they help me.

  • Yes they should be!

    Why not ? Animals should be kept as pets. All they need is a little attention, our love and care. Who says to keep wild animals. We can keep tamed animals, like cats, dogs, fishes, rabbits etc.
    Keeping animals as pets can be a source of cheering up our mood when we dull or depressed. Its good having them around as they are very lively!

  • Yes For Animals

    Wild animals should be kept as pets. But if the owner of they wild animal can not take care of the animal it should be took for the owner and put some where safe. Like a zoo or put back in the wild. That is my choice on this subject.

  • Yes, why not?

    I feel that as long as the pet isn't dangerous or harmful it is fine, i understand that they can cost allot to look after, but if you live alone a pet is an ideal companion, i would train my pets not to wreck the house :) and then they're absolutely fine!

  • Yes why not

    Sometimes animals also need care and affection. They too have there own life; they have a right to live it in peace. They too have feelings and emotions. Animals love to stay with humans it makes them feel happy. We also need company sometimes and animals can fill that gap.

  • Should they be kept as pets? Of course, they can!!!

    Pets may guard your house especially dogs and they help you if you have some problems by not speaking but by calming you!! It is because they have brains too and they like just copying what are you doing and if they saw you being kind to them they'll be also kind to you!!! You should treat them the way you want to be treated!!!If you don't have any friends or someone in your house but you only had yourself and your pet, your pet can give you unconditional love. It is llike they even love their owner than their selves!!!

  • Yes, animals should be kept as pets.

    Animals like to be pets. I have two dogs and neither of them would run away if we left the door open all day. Dogs are pack animals and they want to be with their pack. They will stay with their people because that is what they want to do. They are happy to be a pet.

  • Yes they should! :)

    Pets give you unconditional love and affection. It is said that dogs are the only animals that love someone else more than they love themselves, but the love doesn't stop there. Any pet can give you happiness and mental relief. Pets don"t judge you on the basis of your looks, race, gender or age, but just for who you are. Keeping pets and expecting them to make a difference in your life in not enough. They have to be well taken care of and given the love and companionship that you expect from them. You must treat them the way that you like to be treated. They must receive proper medication and food. Pets are mere domesticated animals, for most people, but are considered family to ones that posses them. Pets give you a sense of responsibility, that you may have never had before. They can prove to be good companion when you're lonely, and will surely be by your side no matter what. Pets, such as dogs, can help blind people walk and can guard houses too.

  • Animals as pet

    As animals are friends of humans.They are not even harmful to human generation. They help us always as they are very kind. But if we keep them as pets then we should take care of them as if they are a part of our family.Pets are kind to human generation.

  • We both need each other

    Keeping pets gives many people companionship and great happiness. And it provides many animals with a loving home and an apparently happy life.Adopting an animal that has no home and might otherwise be destroyed is clearly a morally good thing to do. Most companion animals could not survive in the wild anyway. There is not a single reason to stop the keeping of pets

  • No, we don't need them.

    No, because they only bring problems and irritation with their stinky appearance and they don't bring anything good, just a waste of time and money. They are terrible creatures and all they deserve is torture. And yes, I do want animals to be used in experiments for OUR benefits, not theirs.

  • Well mainly no... But also yes... Here's why...

    Do domestic pets such as dogs and cats really show us personal affection? Or do we just take their signs and facial expressions, their natural instinctive behaviours as what we perceive to be signs of affection? Yes, they may actually show some affection towards us but only because we have trained them to and the reason we have trained them is for our own pleasure. We believe we can do this because they are not as intelligent as us and that's true but we shouldn't be taking advantage of that fact. I totally believe in animals that help people: dogs that help the blind, deaf, had a stroke, police dogs, rescue dogs and general illnesses but that's as far as I believe animals, manly modern domesticated ones should be influenced by human beings.

  • This is why

    Wild or exotic animals are found in nature. They have lived for thousands of years without the influence of humans. Wild animals have evolved behaviors and adaptions to make them successful in surviving in their own complex environments and are not well adapted to living in homes in Connecticut. Some wild animals are monkeys, tigers, parrots, crocodiles, bobcats, raccoons, squirrels, and chipmunks. People have selectively bred domestic animals and have made species that thrive in human care. Domestic animals are bred for traits like friendliness and lack of aggression and in living really closely with other animals and people. This results in domestic animals growing bonds with humans and being used to them. Pets are domesticated animals that are kept mainly for pleasure and companionship. Some examples of pets are dogs, cats, hamsters, parakeets, horses, and domestic ferrets. Owners cannot meet the behavioral, social, nutritional, and psychological needs of the wild animals while they are kept as pets. As wild animals get older, they become more aggressive toward humans, which is very dangerous. They can also carry a disease that could seriously threaten the lives of humans. Increasingly, it is against the law for people to have certain animals/species as pets.

  • It is not good for us

    Wild animals can carry diseases dangerous or fatal to humans. Diseases include rabies, distemper, herpes viruses, salmonella, polio, tuberculosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and bubonic plague. Wild animals also harbor parasites, such as intestinal worms and protozoa. That could really hurt you and you cannot stop it from happening, “better be safe than sorry”. That is why we should not take care of wild animals ourselves.

  • No they shouldn't be kept as pets - they can kill you and bring diseases.

    Some diseases that you can get from pets are rabies, roundworms, tapeworms and fluke. Also, if you have a pet as powerful as a lion or a snake, it can kill you. A snake can poison you, and you can die. That is why I believe that animals shouldn't be kept as pets.

  • Stop Domination of animals

    What gives one species; Human Beings, a right to dominate and enslave another species!! Who would enjoy having all the luxuries but no freedom of movement. Yes animals are faithful, well most of them at least, but so were the slaves in the 16th and 17th centuries. Today we are appalled to think of human slavery and yet we support slavery of animals!!

  • Stop enslaving animals

    Animals lovers go on how animals are humans or humanlike, yet they enslave them for their own pleasure. Would you enslave a human? If not, let your animals go. It's ignorant, selfish and self serving to think animals are better off stuck in your home, living on your schedule and not living free. Do the right thing, let them go

  • It is not natural to keep animals always indoors

    Domestic animals should be around the house and not in it. The humans domesticated them for a purpose that is useful to them depending on their respective unique qualities. Cats catch mice, dogs protect the home and the master, the horse brings you places. Their natural being and instincts are serving to the humans and that makes them fulfill a purpose in their life.
    They are not domesticated for becoming babies to humans who have psychological issues and fear emotional attachment to other humans or fear rejection. Don't forget, humans choose each other, and a person may choose to love you or not. Love from a human is much harder to achieve because humans can actually feel and give love whereas animals don’t. They get attached to humans because of instinct and because they have no choice sometimes. A pet has no choice but to choose the one who imprisoned it in his house.
    What did we become? Neutering animals to serve our hideous need to pet a cat or have dog running to us? “Their unconditional love” I hear, I read everywhere. What love? How do animals know what we call love? Love is a human instinct and feeling. Animals are instinct driven. That is why cats are different from dogs, who are different from horses, who are different from parrots, etc. Neutering, imprisoning cats and dogs in the house has become accepted standard practice. A dog runs to you because of his pack instinct tells him you are the pack leader, the provider and he has to be nice to you or he will not be fed. Cats are not affectionate and they allow you to pet them so they get their food, because they know his is what you want and they just put up with it. The war on feral cats has started. Why? They control the rodent population from the sewers. If we capture them we will be invaded by rodents, or birds. Cats don’t hunt colorful birds. Their first line of food is dumpsters then rodents, and birds are their last resort because obviously they are harder to catch. Leave feral cats alone! They are part of the city ecosystem and they fulfill a purpose that is needed by our community.

    Cats kept prisoners in the house are a disaster! They destroy furniture because they follow their instinct of scratching every surface they use. If you like having nasty ugly furniture go ahead bring in the offenders. They run around, climb on your kitchen table and counters, get inside cabinets because they like to live in large spaces with trees and houses and like to know and recognize every corner by marking it. That is not hygienic. Cats have dirty paws and butts and they put them on your place where you prepare your food.

    Cats are stalkers! They stalk objects in your house, like plants, wires, your feet, your hair and then attack because they are following their hunting instinct.

  • No Wild Animals Should Not Be Kept As Pets!!!

    Heres the reason why we should not keep wild animals as pets they can kill you as well as bring diseases such as rabies, salmonella and Herpes B virus. These are dangerous diseases so I would rather not have a wild animal as A pet and never will no matter what.

  • Exotic animials inlife

    IMAGINE the panic and terror experienced by the monkeys, bears, lions and leopards that ran loose in Ohio earlier this week as they were chased and then killed by the police. Imagine the heartbreak of the police officers who were obliged to destroy the rambling menagerie. Officers are not trained to stalk big game and bring them in alive with tranquilizer darts.

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