• There are too many animals without homes.

    When I looked at this topic, I knew I was going to pick "yes," but after reading some of the responses, I understand the other side's point. Animals naturally reproduce. But I think that animals need to be spayed/neutered because there are already too many unwanted animals that live on the streets. There are possibilities that the animals could be hit by cars or abused by someone. It is partially our fault that it came down to spaying and neutering. We built houses over where they could live, and we domesticated them, so we have to take care of them. It is hard for animals shelters to keep up with all of the homeless animals. Spaying and neutering can also reduce chances of animals getting certain diseases. Yes, they could become extinct, but there are still pet breeders out there. I just think a regular pet owner that doesn't want to have more puppies, kitties, etc., should get their pet spayed/neutered. I love animals so much, and I want them to be safe. If it comes down to spaying and neutering them, then so be it. I don't want to endanger any species, I just don't like the idea of an animal living their whole life in pain. Alone, hungry, cold, and sad. But for pet owners who are willing to take care of more pets, I would recommend adopting an animal from an animal shelter rather than breeding your pets. Once there aren't any more homeless animals, I think that spaying and neutering would not be necessary.

  • Yes most animals should be spayed or neutered.

    Most animals should be spayed or neutered at some point in their lives. Spaying and Neutering is especially necessary for stray cats and dogs. This practice helps to control the pet population, and helps avoid having massive amounts of uncared for stray animals. These stray animals tend to live short horrible lives on the street, or end up in shelters that half of the time put down the animal if they are not adopted. So instead of this it is best to control their population.

  • Yes!!

    For the most part, animals need to be spayed and neutered. I understand having some to continue to breed to have quality pets, but there are so many strays out there that have been bred and crossed with so many other breeds, one would never know what is in its line. It's healthier to have a pet spayed or neutered and would help cut down on over population of animals in this country.

  • If necessary for the desired function of the animal, yes.

    I cannot support the contention that all domestic animals ought be spayed or neutered. In particular there is no need to spay/neuter males, as they are not the bottleneck through which births happen. However, some applications of animals require behavior control attained through neutering or spaying. Hence they ought be spayed or neutered, else they will not be useful as domestic animals.

  • Let's Focus on People, Not Neglected Animals

    Neglected animals simply create an unnecessary burden on our society. Taking care of too many animals creates economic and emotional hardships. Instead of focusing on breeding animals, we need to focus on taking care of humans. Pets are nice to have, but when pet populations get out of control, it's time to do something different.

  • Humans before animals

    It makes me laugh when I hear people say that animals are just important as humans. Are you actually even saying that? Does that mean if some random person was infront of you and some random animal and you were being forced to kill one of them your very first thought wouldn't be to kill the animal? Humans have to come first. We have to control the over population of cats and dogs and stop the spread of disease and killings in pounds.

  • Control the population

    Humans should be spayed or neutered just like pets to control population. As soon as we get dog and cat population down we can taper off; we can also taper off human spaying and neutering when population gets under, let's say, 4 billion. We should also develop machinery that can do more of the manual labour so that the remaining population can work only 20 hours per week on average.

  • Animals are naturally made to reproduce

    All my cats are not altered and they are very happy and healthy and as I do not own any male cats I do not have problems with reproducing. If all animals were altered they would soon become extinct. Responsibilty in keeping your pets indoors if you cannot have any pregnancies is necessary.

  • No. Responsible ownership is key.

    Responsible ownership is all that is necessary in preventing unwanted litters. I do not believe in operating on an animal to correct or prevent behavioural problems. Animals need their sex hormones to mature naturally both physically and mentally. If you cant handle an animal in its natural state, dont own an animal.

  • It is not our place to do so.

    All medical research is inconclusive as to if neutering actually helps the health or well being of the dog. Neutering before 2 years harms the dogs full development (i.E. Puberty in humans). To neuter to stop behavioral issues is selfish. Just train your dog properly. Don't let them mark on things. Don't leave them outside without a proper fence or a leash. Don't have a male and female in the house that aren't spayed or neutered. Most of the overpopulation is humans' faults. We are not God, and animals were not created without their reproductive organs. Who are we to remove them?

  • Not intended by nature.

    The thing with many people who say yes is that their basis is a bit selfish. Who are you to decide whether another organism should be mutilated so they don't reproduce? That's trying to play God.
    A mirror should be held to society; if we are neutering and spaying pets to control their population then why don't we do the same for humans? Overpopulation would eventually become a problem for our species as well. Sure lots of pets are suffering out there, but in this aspect, I wonder--what about the humans that are suffering every day in impoverished countries? Many people are starving but we aren't willing to cut down on our population. So I'm thinking, why try to control animal populations? Humans aren't better than animals. Why don't we neuter and spay them with no respect for their regards on the matter to cut down overpopulation? As much as I'd love having animals as pets, they are LIVING BEINGS not objects for you to manipulate when they start to hinder you.

  • No

    I dont think animals should be spayed or neutered, they should live as they would live natural lives. If you're getting and bringing an animal in your life, they should bring the whole animal with them. Why deny one part of there life , one part from them? If you accept an animal, accept them with all that they come with, and not deny one part of there there existence.

  • Why? For your own Convenience?

    I have found little to no information saying that "fixing" a dog has any health benefits, but many articles saying that fixing them can cause higher incidents of cancer, etc....It is easier to have a fixed dog, but how selfish can a human be? If you don't want to take care of a dog, get it fixed, better yet, don't get a dog.

  • Why? For your own Convenience?

    I have found little to no information saying that "fixing" a dog has any health benefits, but many articles saying that fixing them can cause higher incidents of cancer, etc....It is easier to have a fixed dog, but how selfish can a human be? If you don't want to take care of a dog, get it fixed, better yet, don't get a dog.

  • Animal + Human = Population

    Do you ever feel like animals go before humans? Do you ever feel like humans go before animals? The answer is animals do not go before humans and humans don't go before animals. If you think about it we are all animals.The only difference is we are smarter than the average animal, and we rule the earth just like the dinosaurs a million years ago. But we need to not spay or neuter animals because they choose whether or not to breed, Just the same as us. Just as long as the earth does not get overpopulated.

  • It is wrong

    It is not ok for humans to be spayed/nuterd for any reason. If people were spayed we would have a lot of people pissed off cause they could not have kids. Women need to take birth control and guys need to wear a condom that's why there here to prevent pregnancy

  • No is no

    First off you are deforming the poor kitty or dog, also lots of beloved pets die from the procedure or afterwards because of an infection, no one keeps records of the number of cases where a pet dies do to spayed and neutered because it would shock pet lovers everywhere.

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