Should animals be treated with equal rights as humans?

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  • Humans are not the central species

    It is very condescending to assert that humans are superior to all other species on this planet. If we wish to live up to our moral expectations, it is imperative to include animals in our realm of moral consideration. That includes taking animal welfare into account in situations such as animal testing and orcas in captivity.

  • Yes they should.

    We think that we are the supior race but of course WE would think that. Look at it from the animal perspective. They probably think we're silly in what we do and THEY are the supior race. It just seems so unfair that we treat them as less. It's the same as racism or sexism or whatever only with animals.

  • Earth wasn't just made for human beings, it was made for all beings.

    Animals should 100% be treated with the same rights as humans. An animal doesn't want to die and it will never give its consent to be killed which means that humans have no right in killing them! Animals, like humans, have feelings, friends and families. Imagine the pain they must feel when you rip this away from then with the cut of a knife for a mere 5 minutes of 'pleasure' of a beef burger. When you can be equally, if not healthier on a plant based diet. Earth wasn't just made for human beings, it was made for all beings.

  • Animals may not be as smart as us but should still be treated nicely

    Sure some will kill you. And yes we still need to eat but if you have a pet treat it like your child they feel... Don't abandon, abuse, kill, or hurt your pet they feel too... Same with animals. So don't hurt animals treat them as your child so if you see a hurt cat thats abandoned or dying help them...

  • They are individuals and entitled to rights.

    We shouldn't biased towards animals. They are not born for our needs. They have a right to live. It is not for us to decide that we are superior and that they are inferior. It is our moral duty to acknowledge the worth of their life. The following rights at the very at-least has to be given.
    1)They have a right to live their life to the fullest right from birth.
    2)They should not be exploited in any way for any human needs (Including food).
    3)They should get respect .They are in no way beneath us.
    We should give animals love ,kindness and value their life. It is important to understand the worth of every life.

  • Healthy not harming

    We can survive in ways that decrease the harm animals go through and live longer and healthier. So, YES. Don't forget that Animals have feelings and a purpose. We can have a healthy diet with out killing and eating animals so it is in the best interest of everyone. It will even decrease sickness, like cancer and heart disease.

  • Animals are just as good as humans, even better than most.

    People should realize that we are no better than animals. We should stop building out on their habitats and poaching the endangered species. Humans have decided that they are the dominant species and that we are worthy of being this because of many meaningless reasons. There should not even be a dominant species, and by thinking that there should, humans have disrupted and ruined the perfect balance of nature.

  • Humans are Animals!

    Humans (scientific term: homo sapiens) are animals! We are primates and mammals. Yes, we were originally omnivores, but we have evolved to the point in which we don't need to consume meat, especially after seeing how the world treats farm animals today. And yes, animals do have feelings dumb fucks!

  • It's our responsibility

    The most dangerous species on this planet is humans we are responsible for more deaths than any other animal. Other species only kill to survive. It is disgusting how people can hurt or kill a defenceless animal. As there "superiors" it should be our responsibility to look after them and defended them. I think if the same laws were in place of hurting/killing an animal as of hurting/killing a human it would drop the numbers of abused animals.

  • I love animals

    They should be treated fairly
    they are cute lovable, and they are living creatures just like us
    My favorite animals are pigs but I love all animals Why would people think that they shouldn't be treated fairly? THey are creatures like us who live and breath and supply with/for us and we should take care of them

  • Why the hell should they

    Who cares about animals really? They taste good and are amazing to have sex with, but shouldn't have equal rights, their only animals. Oh, and goats are goat for my sacrificing to, they seem to work the best. So animals should just be locked up in cages and stuff, who care about them, well, i do when it comes to mating season, cause that's when my fun begins

  • No we should not .

    First of all most animal species are simply inferior to us in intelligence , we are not morally obligated to protect other species. It is not natural for us to protect other species , we always have to come first . Morality is in big part simply an evolutionary construct and don't get wrong im against animal cruelty but when it comes to giving them the same rights as humans , I believe that is too far .

  • No not even if we are equal

    Even if we are equal it is natural for a species to support itself first. Morality is primarily a function to promote species survival. Caring for other species is good because it encourages those attitudes towards fellow humans, but humans and human needs must be put first. For instance many people are alive today who would not have been if not for animal testing of drugs.

    Similarly your family may be equal to other families but in deciding between your own family's interests and the other ones who do you side with? Of course you side with your own family. A little kin and species selfishness is natural and OK. We do have a moral obligation to consider other species but we have an even higher moral obligation to consider our own.

  • Animals should be protected from Violence and NEGLECT

    Animals are living creatures just like you and I. However, when we look at the term Equal Rights, it is not possible for the same rights that is applied to humans to be applied to an animal.

    Humans don't even have equal rights. Perfect example, Same sex couples don't have equal rights in many states, and it's only starting to change. There's still a huge inequality between men and women, between different nations all around the world, and there are in fact still 27 million Slaves in various countries around the world even though every single country has made it illegal.

    In order for rights to change, the party who wants those rights needs to be able to present their case, and acknowledge the rights they have and want to have. Cat's, Dogs, birds; while I do believe they all have their own distinct personalities, and are all capable of feeling emotions, they do not posses the intelligence to use mathematics, debate laws, social issues, which are required in order to utilize what we deem as equal rights.

    I do believe, however, that we as humans need to protect animals from Humans. We place ourselves above all other species with a narcissistic view. We fail to realize the implications of the effects on eco systems around the world for our own selfish wants that have nothing to do with necessity. And if we continue on our path of destruction, we will face the consequences one day.

  • The right to live

    The main human right is the right to live, so if animals followed this right, we couldn't kill them. Though it would take awhile to adjust our lives to this, it is still possible. But what isn't, is getting the animals to follow this right. Carnivores simply wouldn't follow this, unless we force them too, and if we do then we would be not be giving them the healthy diet they deserve. If an animal eats another, they should be imprisoned,even though it is simply their nature, and they are not intelligent enough to think otherwise.

  • Are you stupid?

    Has America seriously come to the point where we are even contemplating on giving animals, ANIMALS, the same exacts rights as a HUMAN BEING. To me, that is just sad and shows me that people are just getting stupider and stupider as the years go on. I feel bad for future generations.

  • Goodness.. But why?

    LoL, what's the point? Don't get wrong me wrong, I love animals and think they're great, but they shouldn't be treated on the same level as us humans because we are simply smarter than them. What will be gain by giving rights anyway? Just don't disrespect animals and we're cool.

  • In an extreme sense, no.

    I'm sure the creator of this poll didn't mean it like that, but I will treat it as such. It is literally impossible to give animals and humans equal rights anyways, like the right to vote. We haven't even accomplished equal rights for humans yet anyways, so I think we should just protect animals from abuse and neglect, and that's it. I love animals, but they only need basic rights such as those.

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