Should animals be used for sports and entertainment?

  • Animals should be entertaining

    Animals should be used for sport and entertainment, as that is one of their chief purposes here on this Earth. We should not bemoan this, but rather celebrate and embrace it. Animals are here for human's amusement, it's what God himself said, and it's nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever.

  • Yes it doesn't heart the animals

    Yes people should use animals for there entertainment, but there should be limits on how and how long you use them. They are still alive but should get brakes like people after a workout. It might hurt them but they cant tell us so how would we know for shore.

  • It is what they do!

    Many of the animals that used for sport are doing what they are designed to do. For example the greyhound is designed to run (look it up) they are not just another dog bread. As long as the animals being used are looked after I think it is cruel not to let dogs run!

  • No Animals should NOT be used as srorts and entertainment.

    As human beings we do not like being forced by someone else do we, so that is the same with animals. At least we get to choose what type of sports we want to do to entertain others, but animals do not. They get forced and even get whipped by the owner who is using it, until the animals do it properly. I believe that humans are more superior than animals but humans and animals were created from the hands of God, so we need to treat the animals also with respect.

  • No way should animals be used for sports and entertainment.

    Besides for only using the animals as profit, the training that they put the animals through are not always the best type. Animals are just being show cased off so that some scumbag can make money. It's sickening that people actually thing that animals in entertainment is ok. They were not put on Earth to make money, they are God's creatures, just as we are.

  • They don't deserve it...

    Look, I understand that it is cool to see animals do flips at seaworld, swim with dolphins, go to a circus, and have a zoo with exotic animals, but at what cost. There is no way to have a complete win-win situation here, but to get as close as possible, we should not allow animals to be used as acts and in shows. It isn't fair when we look at all the parks that aren't abused on "purpose", but we have to look at those places that do abuse the animals. There's too many of those awful places, so we need to put an end to all of the outlets that showcase animals to save the tortured.

  • No, animals should not be used for entertainment.

    Animals deserve to live in the wild where they are supposed to be. It does no good for them to be forced to entertain people. It only hurts the animals because they do not receive anything from entertaining. They do not make money, the people do and it only wears the animals down. The animals deserve to be living in the wild where they belong and not used in entertainment.

  • No, animals should not be used for sports and entertainment.

    Animals should not be used for sports and entertainment because the end goal for those activities is profit. Anytime animals and money have been involved has been bad for animals. You don't have to look any further than at all the greyhounds murdered at dog tracks over the year. Also inbreeding of lions have lead to many medical problems for white lions. It is clear we cannot handle the responsibility of animals for sports and entertainment.

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