• We should use them

    If we don't use animals to research about new products humans have a great chance of getting a sickness. This is also a less expensive way to test products. If we didn't use animals we would have to use senthetic skin and hair to see if it reacts to the skin but if we need to see full body effects we have to do a lot more. In conclusion it is cheaper and safer to use animals for research.

  • Animals are gods creatures

    Animals should not be used in drug development medical research because like humans they also have feelings. Just like humans animals are gods creatures.We should not hurt them in any way. In my opinion hurting animals is a crime. We should not kill animals in order to save human lives .

  • This was put together by 3 11 year olds

    Humans are a superior species therefore until we develop a more effecient way of testing medecines animals must be used. Household cats kill approximately 5 million animals every week – more than the total number of animals used in medical research every year. So wooohooo go humans. :) :) :)

  • This was put together by 3 11 year olds

    Humans are a superior species therefore until we develop a more effecient way of testing medecines animals must be used. Household cats kill approximately 5 million animals every week – more than the total number of animals used in medical research every year. So wooohooo go humans. :) :) :)

  • Until we have a better way to test medicine

    It's not fair to lab animals, but until we have a better way to safely test medicines on humans, we need to use animals in medical research. Scientists have found different animals which are physiologically similar to humans and this has allowed them to find medicines which can be safely used on humans. It may not be morally correct, but it is medically necessary.

  • Animals should be used in medical research

    Even though it may seem cruel, animal should be used in medical research, but only as a last resort and with the means of improving their conditions. If they are used, animals more appropriate such as rats should be used in the research instead of larger animals. The research also has to be focused solely on medical and not on other experiments.

  • Only if it doesn't harm them

    I don't mind medical research on animals as long as the animals are not put in any physical harm. We do get a lot of brain information from animals and doing studies on dogs and monkeys and other animals. However, if we are testing things on them where they are put in harms way, then it is wrong.

  • Yes, Animal Testing is an Unfortunate Neccessity

    Animals are sometimes the best available option for medical research.
    To fail to use animals could mean releasing deadly medications, or failing to
    release medications that could save lives. If a medication or treatment is
    dangerous, it is better to find that out on a lab rat than on a human, who may
    leave his work unfinished and his family in mourning. No one likes using
    animals for research, not even the people who do it. Yet, for now, it spares
    human lives.

  • Who would you use?

    Something medicine can only be tested on a living creature... We need to pick who gets tested... Human's or Animals? If you say it should be legal to do those kinds of test on Humans, you set a terrible precedent for the future...

    Testing on Animals isn't nearly as bad as you portray it.

  • Animals better then humans.

    Well the sad truth is we value human lives more then animal lives. It's rarely that a person would give up his body for medical research, but for animals we don't need consent. There is no guarantee that when every experiment is made that the animal will die. If it does die, it's less psychological pain for the scientists if its a animals life loss over a humans life loss. It's harsh but that's the general opinion.

  • Animals are not toys

    If animals are used in researchs than humans should also be used and how govt have given permission to use them even a mosquito should not be used in experiments and if u are making mosquitos die then you are a hunter so stop using animals and have some feelings to cute and beautiful natural animals

  • I think not.

    I think that animals should have some sort of right in the world. I'm sure if you were a rabbit you wouldn't want some creepy medical doctor trapping you to do a bunch of tests on you that might result in death. I mean, yeah it's better to do tests and medical research on humans than on animals, but a different solution would be better.

  • I am against this

    I actually believe that animals should not be tested because they are not the same as humans and won’t have a chance to even live. It would be unfair and I think that the people who want animals to be tested with medicine should be tested. I support the animals.

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  • No, they should not

    You can think if you are the mouse that is used in medical research, how will u feel? Animals are also a life, they feel pain. Why do we have the right to take away the life of others? If anyone take away your life for medical research, how will you think? So, if the doctor said that they want to have medical research, just use their own body to do the horrible and terrible medical research. Then they can feel how much pain it is.

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  • I think no

    Because we were infect animals, so when you used the animals you cd think that you are killing yourkind. The animals help us live and have joy, and have more food. So they should have respect from us. Don't you know that the animals is very helpless when we hold on them? Well they could not do anything. So NO!

  • Animals need respect

    They are living breathing animals like us we need to notice that and stop testing and killing them.... And they have rights don't they deserve to live a full life and live other than being trapped in a cage and possibly never come out even if we think they are disgusting we need to cherish all of them

  • What UK has done..

    The UK has gone further than any other country to implement through ethical frameworks when it comes to animals in research. And over 4 million animal procedures are currently carried out each year for UK biomedical research. Animals feel pain and fear just as we do. Humans and animals don’t always react in the same way to a drug. The reason that some medicines do not make it to market is that despite passing tests in animals they then fail in humans.

  • Its cruel and unethical.

    If experimenting on one intellectually disabled person could benefit 1,000 children, would we do it? Of course not! Ethics dictate that the value of each life in and of itself cannot be superseded by its potential value to anyone else. Additionally, money wasted on experiments on animals is money that could instead be helping people, through the use of modern, human-relevant non-animal tests.

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