• Yes, it is good for them.

    I think they should be a source of entertainment because it provides them with a home and they are also provided with food. This also protects them against the wild and against many predators.
    It can also be used as a source of entertainment as they will feel safe and secure in the circus.

  • We should understand.

    No. It is exploitation. Even though some circuses claim that animals enjoy performing and that animals are treated well, overall, the practice just exploits animals that are typically meant to live in the wild or at least in a zoo habitat that resembles the wild. Being trained to do tricks for other people's entertainment is a form of slavery.

  • Animals are awesome

    We need animals in the circus as they are so much fun and they entertain you so much more than what a circus with no animals would. I agree that some circus's may treat their animals badly, but most do not, so why ban all circus's with animals when only a few circus's do the wrong thing. A solution would be to ban the circus's that treat their animals badly, but not all.

  • Yes, let animals perform!

    Everyone loves the circus. And what child doesn't love elephants? Ringling Bros. Seeks to preserve elephants with their Center for Elephant conservation and circus elephants have on average, longer life spans than even zoo elephants. It is good for them to be enriched with performing. The animals are well taken care of and animal rights groups seek to exploit these issues to stir up trouble and fundraising. 4

  • We should understand!

    Yes, it is good for them. I think they should be a source of entertainment because it provides them with a home and they are also provided with food. This also protects them against the wild and against many predators. It can also be used as a source of entertainment as they will feel safe and secure in the circus.

  • Yes it's brill in the citrus

    Because they are protected and the circus is very funny and entertaining they have nice owners If they are endangered it might save them! I think that animals have fun in the citrus and enjoy parading around I think that small animals probably have a better life in the circus. I think it's unfair on our country that want to see them perform because some countries allow it

  • Animals are treated well

    The circus animals are well fed, and they have friends and owners who look after them. They are happy and they have a home. When they are trained, that are given a break between tricks. When they perform, there is a different crowd very night and they are treated with respect.

  • Yes, first off....

    Instead of banning zoo’s we should ensure the relevant safety measures are taking care of. To make sure that none of the animals are to escape or hurt anyone or anything.
    Secondly.....To keep animals from being beaten and being treated badly the zoo owner should do background checks on all of his employees.
    Shall I go on?!?!

  • Animals are treated well!

    Although the animals may not be in their natural habitats they are fed well and are treated with a load of respect, also it can be a chance for children to see wild animals that they may never see again. I say that it is perfectly fine for the animals to perform!

  • Animals are not being hurt

    Animals are having a fun time. Unless the circus owners are beating and abusing their animals then there should be no problem. No animals are being down right mistreated and abused in the circus. The animals themselves seem to enjoy performing in the circus and it makes children happy. Like little old sue.

  • This is physically abusing the animal.

    The animal need a lot of training and it isn't easy, what is the animal attacks someone who is responsible for the animals action?

    Also you are not keeping them in free space its to crowded for them to move. You are whipping them because of them not listening to you and that's hurting them and no one likes getting hurt physically

  • This is wrong so wrong no way

    Animals were meant to live I the wild not circus tents. All I can say is how would you feel if you we're taken out of your home and put in a cage to learn party tricks? No you wouldn't would you you'd be taken away from your family, your home, your life, your everything.
    Animals should no way be used in circuses!


    From 1994 to 2005 at least 31 elephants have died. I think that seeing people perform their tricks is just fine.

    #1. Animals born in circuses are NEVER released back into the wild.
    #2. Trainers use whips, bull hooks,clubs,and electric prods on the animal would you like to be treated that way?
    #3. Animals spend about 11 months a year traveling almost half a year. They spend thousands of countless hours traveling over long distances, being forced to lie or stand in their own waste
    #4. In the wild animals live freely and walk or run many miles for food, in the circus they are given unfresh food instead of being able to hunt and are being forced to spend hours being trapped in limited space instead of being able to roam freely.
    #5. If an animal is endangered, you want to protect it, so having these animals here cant help it grow of reproduce.

  • Animals are Innocent

    We should not take their freedom, they have life they have to choose how they want to live. We should not force any animals to do something because in the process we humans torture them which is against the nature. We should not entertain people by torturing speechless animals. Please please do not encourage CIRCUS.

  • Animals are not clowns!

    I personally believe, that animals are meant to be wild and free. I do not agree with animals being in Circuses, because that is not their nature nor their habitat, so it is like having them in prison.

    I am pretty sure that they are abused physical and emotionally, I truly believe that animals do feel more than we actually want to recognize.

    Allowing animals to perform in circuses, commonly cause that those animals act against their own trainers, in other cases, hurting innocent people around them.

    This is something we can avoid, letting the animals to be at their own habitat, and having people with specials skills who can entertain us at circuses.

  • Circus Animals Suffer Their Entire Lives

    This is 2013 for crying out loud. Have we as a society not yet evolved? We know better, yet we continue to allow this horrific form of "entertainment" by enslaving animals in a circus. The humans in a circus are willing participants; the animals are NOT. There is NOTHING entertaining or educational about seeing wild animals in a circus doing ridiculous and unnatural tricks. If you want to see animals up close, rent a DVD or watch Nat Geo Wild, or visit an animal sanctuary and donate your money to their cause. Animals in circuses is outdated and NOT cool. Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Austria, Costa Rica, Finland, Greece, Israel, Singapore, Paraguay and Bolivia are just some of the countries that have banned animals in circuses. When will the USA wake up and become as civilized as these countries?

  • They could turn on their trainer

    I do agree that circuses are good but with out animals. How dangerous is it to have a wild animal in an arena with people in it doing tricks. This selfish move will untimately risk the lives of innocet poeple and the animal. Has the trainer got a death wish.

  • Cruelty towards the animals

    Animals do not have the ability of freedom of speech like humans and therefore shouldn't have to perform purely for man's selfish greed. The performers in the circus have chosen that lifestyle, but these animals have no choice in the matter. They spend most of their time in cages or chains and face a lot of cruelty when trainng like bbeing prodded with electric probes and being whipped. Wgat possible argument is there for thinking that animals should perform in circuses. In today's society we have gone P.C mad e.G. Banning throwing sweets in the theatre, yet nothing is being done about more important problems like yhe banning of animals in circuses.

  • Animals being tortured is never the answer

    The way they live in the cages and the way they are treated in harmful to their health. They only perform such tasks because they are scared what will happen to them if they do not perform. They start off very young being tortured and taken away from their mother to learn "tricks"

  • Stop ANIMAL Abuse

    We shouldn't use elephants in circuses, actually we should respect all animals It doesn't matter if that animal is small or big When we take elephants away from the wild and into captivity we are taking them away from their actual home and their families. If we are taking elephants away from the wild saying that we are protecting them from predators but we are actually putting them in more danger. Because it takes a lot of energy and time for the predators to kill one elephant and normally elephants move in herds so no predator can kill a herd of elephants together.

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