• Should there be anise

    Anime is a grate type of dasine tech and invalves grate skill for drawing and thats what anime's for great/skilled pepol in and sum time bad pepol but still as long as u try u will sicksed at it if u do u can make alot of money wen u grow upand goog bye

  • I have an idea for a new type of anime

    So I came up with this thingo and it is called aniharambe nasd it is acutalyll raelly cool cuz if o8i check it out then you will see tat many harambes are animes so yea also gorillas come from pluto so this idea would be out fo this world! Hahaa haha aI am cool

  • Anime shouldn't be banned from the world.

    Anime is kind of like a cartoon. So banning anime would be like banning cartoons. Yes there are some anime that are not appropriate for kids, but arnt there also adult cartoons. Also if you ban anime won't you need to ban manga as well, because there are a lot of animes based of of mangas. If your gonna ban manga, ban graphic novels aswell, and comic books, because they are all similar in the fact that they may have content not suitable for all ages.

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milktulds says2017-08-09T21:43:39.603
Alex like anime