• There's no reason for them

    There's no proof that antibacterials actually have any effect at all, therefore they shouldn't be in soaps to begin with. Although I'm not a huge fan of the government stepping in and ordering a massive change like this, I can't complain too much here because the soap companies were misleading customers.

  • Yes, antibacterials should be removed from consumer soap.

    Antibacterials should be removed from consumer soap. Antibacterials can actually create a super bug that is resistant to any antibacterial treatment. This puts humans at risk of getting sicker from using antibacterials in soap. Therefore, soaps should not contain anything that can build a resistance to treatments; thus creating a super bug.

  • No proof that antibacterials in soaps work

    For most applications, normal soaps without the additional antibacterial ingredients work just as well as the more costly antibacterial soaps. The FDA took the proper steps to ban 19 certain ingredients from soaps that give consumers the impression these soaps are more effective at protecting them from diseases and germs.

  • Yes, antibacterials should be removed from consumer soaps.

    Antibacterial soaps are one of the causes of bacterial resistant to antibiotics. When we use these soaps when we are not sick, we are killing the bacteria that is susceptible to antibiotics, while leaving the resistant bacteria to flourish. In most cases, regular soap is perfectly adequate to keep yourself and your home clean. We as consumers have been fed the idea that we must kill all bacteria or we are going to get sick, however doing so is actually making us more prone to disease.

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