• Yes it should be, for the same reason that Algebra2 is required of students who may never use that kind of math outside of school.

    Many people say that art should not be required, because many students will never use that kind of thing in the real world. But most of the things we learn in math will become useless to us. A lot of it is not very practical in terms of real-life situations, unless someone plans to become a scientist or engineer. But that's not why I take math classes. It's about gaining a certain perspective. Math is utterly, brutally logical. It always will be. Even if it seems confusing, the numbers and variables can really only add up to a certain result, even if you find different ways of adding them. Math classes are helpful because they help you to develop a logical mind set. This is why I think art should be required. Because no, not every student will grow up to become a visual artist, or a musician, but art can help you to develop not only your drawing skills, but a new perspective. While math can help you to think logically, art can help to develop your imagination and creativity, which is something that is necessary in most jobs, including many math-based occupations. Art should not be shoved aside as it is now. I believe it would be extremely beneficial to many students if art was made into a 'core class' along with math, science, and spelling.

  • Yes, art education should be required.

    Taking art classes--learning how to create, and also learning about the masters who created before us--should be required in schools. However, this type of subject is not as necessary as others and is not likely to lead to promising jobs in the future, so art education should be limited to basics, in favor of courses like science and mathematics.

  • Yes it should be.

    In a world where computers and machines are learning to do much, there should be education for everyone. You can not compete economically unless you have an education. You need to know how to read and write of you can not find a job. I do believe that more education should be about job training than liberal arts subjects.

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